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I took it out of the big "Tiger F" Tora Fuku of 2 kg of white matter of "Tora La Fugu". February 10 Cooking · About 175 g
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥4,900 $48
Start price ¥4,900 $48
Buy-now ¥5,000 $49
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller shukugawa3 +669
Condition New (Fetch song Shirako)
Start time 2018-08-15T21:02:14+09:00
End time 2018-08-22T21:02:14+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number l429889802
Seller position Hyogo Prefecture Other products and bundles can not be bundled

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Display fresh white matter g number on image I got plenty of Shirako.
Display fresh white matter g number on image

Display fresh white matter g number on image

Please check the taste different from one stage to Tiger / Tempo's Shirako · Shirako. (Bake, boil, steam, fry, tempura etc). Three months for frozen vacuum pack is fine. Those who do not have a purchase intention · Bad one. Those who are new and have a bad evaluation should withhold a bid for continuing troubles, cancel the bid as soon as it is confirmed.
【Fresh Tiger · Tempo's Shiraki February 10, 2018 Cooking】 It is a synonym for winter
Product Details
Fresh Tiger / Utopo Shirako February 10, 2018 I cooked it. Tora / It's OK also Shirako Shirako.
Shirako Tora cooked on February 10, 2018 / It is Mt. Shiratori. The number of grams is displayed in the image of Mako. Tiger / Utopo Shirako is fine and delicious
(In addition, it is a completely different thing with Shiraishi no Shirako, it is tastefully fine texture is a special taste creamy) Remove the tiger / grape bunko and tell the truth of Shirako I can not say that.. The number of grams is displayed. I ship by vacuum pack frozen. Designation other than Yamato Transport is not possible.
Whatever reason may be
I will refuse new / bad evaluation
I can not do business. I will cancel it when I offer a bid.
How about surrounding an pot on a pot?
Grilled Shirako, Tempura, Chawanmushi, Deep-fried Toji,
Shirako, Shirako Takara, soy sauce grill, butter roast
Payment details
· Japan Post Bank
· Resona Bank. · Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
· We also accept cash on delivery. (Ship promptly after confirming transfer)It is a charge of sending out by Cool flight from Hyogo prefecture (60 cm x 2 kg) size. The price on one size (80 cm x 5 kg) will be applied depending on the shipment item. YAMATO TRANSPORT, Hyogo prefecture departing → New price 60 size X 2 ㎏. Hokkaido. 1879 yen
Aomori, Akita, Iwate. 1447 yen
Miyagi. Yamagata. Fukushima. 1339 yen
Tokyo. Ibaraki. Tochigi. Gunma. Saitama. Chiba. Kanagawa. Yamanashi. 1231 yen
Nagano. Niigata. 1231 yen
Toyama Ishikawa. Fukui. Shizuoka. Aichi. Gifu. Mie.
Kyoto. Shiga. Nara Wakayama. Osaka. Hyogo.
Okayama: Hiroshima. Yamaguchi. Tottori. Shimane: 1123 yen
Kagawa. Tokushima. Kochi Ehime .1123 yen
Fukuoka. Saga. Nagasaki. Kumamoto. Oita. Miyazaki. Kagoshima. 1231 yen
Okinawa. 1555
The shipping fee is a new price from October 1, 2017, please note it beforehand.
The same packing is not possible for any product. ,
In case
Details of shipment
· Shipment in Yamato Transport
· Cash on delivery is OK
※ I will promptly ship.
Store for business use at -60 ° C freezer
(Shipped in a vacuum pack) freshness is outstanding. Delicious with heating, tempura (with ponzu) is also OK, delicious way to eat.
The number of vacuum pack grams is indicated
※ I ship by freezing.
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