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3D black hole emblem base Daihatsu Blue L 130 × 89 mm
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This product is [Neko Poss impossible].
Part number 3D-DH-LBBlack hole emblem base Daihatsu vehicles
L size 130×89mm blue high intensity LED

3D illumination for Daihatsu genuine emblem Daihatsu L375 series Tanto Custom, LA 100 Series Move Emblem. Emblem base to shine around the genuine emblem from below. Remove genuine emblem and paste it with the vehicle. Easy to install with double sided tape. Utility model registered!
Fantastic black hole illumination will be clear in the dark night. ※ The emblem is not included. Corresponding voltage: 12 VDC, bright with bright LED SMD! Waterproof type, but after drilling please waterproof measures. Color: body Silver, LED Blue
Fits vehicle type: Daihatsu L375-based Internet custom,LA100-based movement such as
Size: L size: about 130 x 89mm
Materials, such as: acrylic resin, DC12V
Manufacturer: K & M
Material: translucent acrylic (exterior mirror Silver),
Emitting color: 3 kind (blue, red, white) ※before you buy, refer to the color. Size: 2 sizes (M, L) ※ Please choose according to the model. Emblem is not included. (Please use emblem of vehicle, required processing)
Separate double-sided tape is required to paste the emblem. Voltage: DC12V
【Daihatsu genuine emblem part number correspondence table】
Size M:genuine part number 75431-B2010,75431-B2040
L size: genuine part number 75331-B4010,75331-B4010
【How to install】
1. The genuine emblem by removing the back side of the PIN to cut the double sided tape and flatten them.. 2. Thick strong outdoor double-sided tape genuine emblem to paste. Cut out the blank area. 3. The emblem mounting holes with the car from the emblem on the base of the wire to draw it.. (The wiring through the for drilling may be required)
4. The vehicle side of the mounting surface of the oil, remove the emblem base of the double-sided tape, protective film peeling off fixed it.. 5. The emblem base to the front just ready for genuine emblem paste. ※ It will take about 24 hours for the adhesive strength to stabilize. Cold weather when the dryer, such as the adhesive surface to warm please. 6. The emblem of the wiring to the car's 12V wiring to the supplied electro Tap to connect. [Note]
●Mounting position, etc. use more inspection, in some cases, it may not be possible to do.. Dealers, etc. on the check,the road traffic act to comply with mounting and use please. Please check size ●, please purchase. ● Please read the instruction manual before use. ● We can not accept any complaints after use. ※ Please confirm the lighting immediately after opening. It can not be returned after installation. ※ Please do not do the installation on a private person as a specialist. ■ Other size link in progress.
M: 111 × 67 mm Blue L: 130 × 89 mm Blue
M: 111 × 67 mm red L: 130 × 89 mm red
M: 111 × 67 mm white L: 130 × 89 mm white
This product is【Negopos not allowed】is. Courier shipment only ※ The shipping details are also listed on the store information page.
About the receipt In the case of bank transfer, we will substitute a receipt with bank transfer receipt. In the case of cash on delivery Yamato Transport invoice is a receipt. Please separately in case we need receipt issued by our shop, please offer. I will mail it. (I am afraid that I can bundle the receipt with the product. Please note. )
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Handling of shipping fee items In the case of products with prepaid shipping fee will be free shipping even if bundled with it.
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Remote island and others treatment No additional charges will be incurred on remote islands. International shipping is not possible.
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[Important] About the flow after it makes a successful bid
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