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J★/HONDA INSPIRE/SABER GF-UA4 GF-UA5 Type Chassis Maintenance Service Manual Oct 1998
Auction ends 17 hours
Current price ¥400 $5
Start price ¥400 $5
Buy-now ¥400 $5
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller rsakatuki06 +2544
Start time 2019-08-21T12:03:32+09:00
End time 2019-08-22T22:03:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number l477560676
Seller position Okayama Prefecture

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HONDA INSPIRE/SABER GF-UA4 GF-UA5 Chassis Maintenance Service Manual Oct 1998
Product Details
-Only those who can understand second-hand goods please bid it
There are thread, twist, burn, spot, writing. ● There may be cases such as thread stains · stain · damage to the product. Please tender after carefully checking the image. Those that are not in the image are not attached
· From time to time,Price cutAs we will continue, if you are interested Watch listPlease register.
· If you wish for a shipping method that requires compensation, please tell us first. In case of shipping without compensation, we will not guarantee when lost.
· For items with bands, it may be damaged during storage. Please understand that it may be removed and shipped.
· Although the confirmation of writing is done easily, we do not check it one page at a time. There may be writing. Please check the description and images carefully for product status.
- Books for size comparison - writers - Major etc are not attached.
Payment details
・ Bank transfer (Rakuten Bank)
・ Postal transfer
(The transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder. )
· Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
Shipment details
* Yupack 60 size
・ Please confirm the delivery fee in the following price list. · Our products with the same selling ID are packed at the same time.Can not bundle with different exhibition IDs
Please be aware that it will be different accounting for each IDAuction 1HereAuction 2HereAuction 3HereAuction 4HereAuction 5Here
Depending on the screen settings and photo techniques of the computer, the color may be slightly different from the actual product. Thank you only for those who understand with the nookle, no return. Only those who can observe the following notes in order to carry out prompt transactions bid-wish-do.· Things you can contact within three days after a successful bid
· It is possible to do procedures until transfer within one week after a successful bid
When the above matters are not protected after a successful bid, I will cancel with the circumstances of a successful bidder.
● Yu-Pack Fare from Okayama Prefecture ●
Unit: yen (tax included)
Addressee 60 cm 80 cm 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 170 cm
Within prefecture Okayama Prefecture 800 1010 1260 1500 1750 1970 2300
Hokkaido Hokkaido 1510 1720 1960 2200 2450 2670 3040
Tohoku Aomori prefecture Iwate prefecture Miyagi prefecture Akita prefecture Yamagata prefecture Fukushima prefecture 1280 1500 1730 1980 2220 2440 2800
Kanto Ibaraki Prefecture Tochigi prefecture Gunma prefecture Saitama prefecture Chiba prefecture Kanagawa prefecture Yamanashi prefecture Tokyo 1080 1290 1530 1770 2020 2230 2590
Shinetsu Niigata Prefecture Nagano Prefecture 1080 1290 1530 1770 2020 2230 2590
Hokuriku Toyama Prefecture Ishikawa Prefecture Fukui Prefecture 950 1180 1410 1660 1910 2120 2480
Tokai Shizuoka prefecture Aichi prefecture Mie prefecture Gifu prefecture 950 1180 1410 1660 1910 2120 2480
Kinki Shiga ken Kyoto Osaka prefecture Hyogo ken Nara prefecture Wakayama prefecture 850 1080 1310 1560 1800 2020 2370
China Tottori ken Shimane ken Hiroshima ken Yamaguchi prefecture 850 1080 1310 1560 1800 2020 2370
Shikoku Kagawa prefecture Tokushima prefecture Ehime prefecture Kochi prefecture 850 1080 1310 1560 1800 2020 2370
Kyushu Fukuoka prefecture Saga prefecture Oita prefecture Kumamoto prefecture Nagasaki prefecture Miyazaki prefecture Kagoshima prefecture 850 1080 1310 1560 1800 2020 2370
Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture 1210 1480 1740 2010 2270 2490 2860
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