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♪ thin HID35W 3 years warranty ☆ Alfa Romeo 147 · 156 · 159
Auction ends over
Current price ¥21,000 $210
Start price ¥21,000 $210
Buy-now ¥21,000 $210
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller anyh2201 +6428
Condition New
Start time 2019-06-18T10:48:07+09:00
End time 2019-06-25T09:33:13+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number l530641738
Seller position Nerima-ku, Tokyo

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You can see various car installation examples from our blog ♪
Please check if it is good.GLOW custom blog

【Description of item】
Thank you for seeing. It will be our original HID kit of ultra-high performance thin ballast adoption that will be exhibited this time.The compatible model will be for Alfa Romeo 147, 156, 159. This product is a kit for vehicles equipped with a genuine halogen valve.If you do not know the fit, etc., ask questions from the question column, please contact us to see our self-introduction column.You can choose from 2 6000K · 8000 K after a successful bid ☆
We have stock of 12000 K-25000 K. If you wish, please check the stock before you make a successful bid.
This HID is what a manufacturer warranty 3 years attached ♪
Even the burner that is considered to be a consumable item is very safe with a 3-year warranty ☆
Not only is the visibility improved if you change from genuine dark halogen to HID
You will be assured that it will further tighten the front desk! !
Impression changes really completely when we attach ☆
If you wish, 55W type is also available! !
Please feel free to contact us ☆
This amount of money, performance, it is a product that can be provided with confidence
This item is a product, but we confirmed many results by over-the-counter sales and business sales
I am allowed to exhibit with confidence. The claim rate boasts 0.3% or less which overwhelms others! !
This number surpasses even the number of famous domestic manufacturers.. We are satisfied with three years of maker guarantee ☆

It is stock only of limited 2 units per advance arrival stock ☆! !☆ What is included in this kit ☆Burner x 2
Ultra-high performance thin ballast x 2
Complete set of mounting screws
Instruction (standard attached Japanese version)
Wiring system diagram (intelligible original Japanese version)
Warranty card (with date stamp)

A short burner type (44 mm type) equivalent to a genuine halogen bulb was also received. It is recommended for those who are troubled by the burner tip interfering and unable to install ☆

How about HID in fog lamp in conjunction with headlights ♪
If you purchase it as a set, it is usually \ 21,000x2 = \ 42,000, but for this time only \ 39,800 (excluding tax) is fine ☆
It is also possible to sell for fog only, so please request if you wish ☆

If you wish to make a successful bid after either "Set Purchase! ! Please tell me "] ☆
Please contact us directly if you have any questions. info@carshop-glow.com
Shipping is "A rank"Will be. Regarding the amount of money, please check the following "About Shipping Rank".

♪ we deal with related items at an affordable price even at the net shop ♪http://carshop-glow.com/

※ Because there is absolute confidence in the product3 years from the arrival date of the product warranty periodI will assume it. (Burner warranty also 3 years. )
Even if you attach it yourself or you are asked to SHOP
If there is a problem with the productExchange free to newI will do.Installation factories are also installed around the country.Please inquire separately regarding labor costs. If you say at the time of a successful bid, you can make a reservation ♪
It is useful for those who are not confident in the installation! !
As it is only a SHOP that deals with multiple American cars, domestic cars, and imported cars, it can be cheaper than a mass-market car shop at a lower price ☆※ In rare cases, stock may run out. In that case, you may have to wait for about a week
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