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Mister donut PON de Lion autumn Tea Party set
Auction ends over
Current price ¥500 $5
Start price ¥500 $5
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller jasmine3605 +6251
Condition New (House custody)
Start time 2018-05-29T21:51:16+09:00
End time 2018-06-05T21:51:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m173509189
Seller position Hokkaido

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Mister donut PON de Lion autumn Tea Party set
Product Details Mister donut in 2004 not for sale in Pont・de・Lion
Autumn Tea Party set. ● Dish: diameter of approximately 14cm
● Yunomi: a diameter of about 8㎝×height of about 6. 2㎝
● Lunch Mat: about 19. 5×29. 5㎝
※Conspicuous degree of the dirt and see.. Unused products can outer box somewhat dirt is there.. Since it is a home keeping item to the last, please refrain from the bidding of the more nervous one. I hope in a no claim and a no return.
Notes ◎ After bidding the auction, only those who can certainly contact within 48 hours bid-wish-do. In addition, please reply within 24 hours if you are new and those with a rating of 10 or less, those with a bad evaluation of 5 or more. ◎ Please note that the worse one of the evaluation may delete the bid. ◎ Since I can not accept any cancellation etc after bidding, please offer a bid after thinking well. ◎After a successful bid, direct transfer, etc., the offer of those who will direct transfer, please email us. ◎ After bidding on the auction, only those who can make a transfer within one week bid-wish-do. Furthermore, in case of reserve please contact us. ◎ Please understand beforehand that we can not accept responsibility when the product is damaged / lost by the delivery method of non-standard-size mail (no compensation). ◎ We will inform you of shipping fee by household weighing. I will not make refund / additional claim in case of error in shipping fee. ◎ Please understand that we will correspond with shipping fee without bringing in discount for uniform due to differ depending on the situation depending on the situation when shipping by Yu Pack. ◎ Please note that Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation will be shipped basically only on weekdays because the nearest post office is closed. Other State check will be amateur judgment. Please understand that it may be overlooked. Only those who can understand above bid-wish-do. Thank you ♪
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