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★ Opening ★ Goddess of love and romance ★ Love love up ★ Restoration ★ Love love ★ Remote attunement ★ Spiritual ★ Occult ★ Paranormal
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The three goddesses of love and romance! Love support power transfer! !
Description of item
It is strongly connected with the three goddesses of love and romance,
We will do remote transmission (attendance) to receive support. "Love Magic of goddess Ray,
Celtic goddess Isolt, goddess Ginevia, goddess Angus,
Support energy of love and romance sent from three people. At this attunement it connects with the three goddesses,
You will be able to receive support energy for love and romance. It is mainly support energy for romantic relationship. Healing with self and others,
You can also charge things and other energy. To this person ...
I want to meet my soul mate. I would like to meet someone who will be my partner in my life. I want to hold a fight in a relationship of love. I want to remove fear of love, love, or invisible block. I would like to make better friends with other people or partners. I want to heal painful past romance without pain. I want to relive with him who parted.. I want to send a life full of love. Etc ... "
(Extracted from manual)
It will be an attraction for that purpose. ※ Remote transmission (attitude) is called,
From a remote place,
It is to send power for invisible spiritual teaching. (By e-mail, pdf manual distribution. )
About how to receive attendance · · ·
First, here,
I will do the manners to send the power of the attraction. (Send power → power stands in space → Receive when convenient)
It will be a form. (Even after hours have passed, no matter how many months,
There is no such thing as power weakening. )
We have sent you attendance After contacting us,
Anytime, at a convenient time,
Lie down, please sit back and relax. Once you are ready,
"From now on, Mr. ○ ○ (from me) is sent,
I will receive ○○ attendance. "
Say it out several times, please remember it in the mind several times.. As a feeling,
be relaxed,
Something invisible energy comes in ...
Accept it ...
I think that the feeling like such is good,
Separately, without thinking anything, there is no particular problem. The necessary energy is automatically adjusted,
I will come in as much as you need. To summarize,
In an unencumbered environment, just relax,
I feel like I should lie down for a while. (This explanation will be rough.. For details, I will explain it to Navi after a successful bid)
By all means, please feel free. ※ During teaching and after teaching,
The sense that mysterious power comes and vision (image and color) can be seen,
There are also people who make magical experiences such as,
There are also people who do not feel so much special. There are individual differences in the sense during teaching. Even if you can not feel anything special, teaching is done. Sense and effect are not related. * What kind of feeling often happens during teaching?
Although it is not the same type of teaching about,
"Reiki · attendant" and "abandantier · attendant" under exhibition
Please take a look at your impressions of those who received such as. (It is not the same kind at all,
I would like to give a reference degree to the last. )
※ It is "support power" of the three goddesses to the last. Certain love fulfillment, others,
It does not guarantee the absolute effect. It seems that there are individual differences to the end. ※ For spiritual things (things not visible to the eyes)
Critical people, please refrain from bidding. ※ During pregnancy, serious illness, elderly people, etc.,
Just to be sure, please refrain from this attendant. ※ We will refuse any complaints, refunds after the teaching and the teaching. Moreover, we are not responsible at all. ※ We will distribute the manual,
Especially, because it is not difficult content and content that you have to study deeply,
Basically we do not accept questions. ※ necessary personal information · · ·
· Your name (also known as)
· Address (prefecture name only)
· For manual distribution, personal computer mail address
(You can also send copies to people with mobile phone only. )
· The transfer time will be about 15 minutes. ※ Other,
Various attendants, mysterious healing power · Reiki!
Healer design · power stone,
The wonderful goods such as the strongest power are also under super cheap exhibition! !
Please have a look!
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