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almost new! ZBook 15 G3 i7 - 6700 HQ 8 GB H / HB 500 GB 15.6 FHD M 1 000 M - 2 GB Win 10 + 7 Yuan Bin
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Seller mate_ppi +7920
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Start time 2018-05-01T15:58:54+09:00
End time 2018-05-03T23:21:53+09:00
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Lot number m246236540
Seller position Iwate Prefecture

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almost new! ZBook 15 G3 i7 - 6700 HQ 8 GB H / HB 500 GB 15.6 FHD M 1 000 M - 2 GB Win 10 + 7 Yuan Bin |Product / specificationManufacturer: HP
Model number / name: HP ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation (V8N11PA # ABJ)
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.60 Ghz (4 cores 8 thread / turbo boost 2.0 up to 3.50 Ghz)
Memory: 8 GB (maximum 64 GB / 4 slots available 3 slots available)
Hard disk: SATA SSHD 500 GB
Display: 15.6 inch wide full HD IPS display (non-glossy), LED backlight (1,920 x 1,080 / maximum of 16.7 million colors)
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro M1000M (dedicated video memory 2 GB)
Sound: Bang & Olufsen HD audio, built-in stereo speaker
Keyboard: Backlight keyboard
Wireless LAN: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 (IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, CCX compliant, Number of antennas: Transmit 2 Receive 2) + Bluetooth 4.0
Other: Fingerprint authentication, Thunderbolt 3 × 2 (USB-C, DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.1, PCI Gen 3 support), SD UHS-II compatible SD slot, VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0 x 3
OS: Windows10Pro - 64bit (with recovery)
Office software: Microsoft OneDrive (latest Excel · Word · PowerPoint)
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Windows Firewall
Dimension / mass: width: 386 mm / depth: 264 mm / height: 26 mm / weight: 2.6 kg
For further detailed information please check the following introduction page at the manufacturer site. ↓http://jp.ext.hp.com/workstations/zbook15g3/ http://jp.ext.hp.com/lib/products/workstations/personal_ws/zbook15/pdfs/zbook15_g3_datasheet.pdfAccessory: original box, Win10Pro - 64bit recovery DISK, Win7Pro - 64bit recovery DISK, manual, AC adapter
The manual can be downloaded from the following ↓http://support.hp.com/en-us/product/hp-zbook-15-mobile-workstation/5387800/manualsAsset management number: 8026149 / IT|State explanationIt is a PC that we used at each business office of our company, suppliers. It is a selling exhibition for replacement. Although it becomes a used article, I think that it can be used still more because it used it normally until the other day. Windows 10Pro, Recovery certification confirmed, Hard disk cleaned, Operation confirmed. I tested it with internet connection, Youtube viewing etc, but it was comfortable without problems. HP Mobile Workstation, "HP ZBook 15 G3". Current model, brand new construction price, very new and very expensive PC of 270,000 yen!
Although there is a bit of pain in the box, the PC itself is nearly unused, nearly new condition. It is the most suitable monster PC for mechanical CAD, video editing / rendering, 3D animation etc which require high load. As office mobile, it is possible to do business in various scenes, regardless of location. The display is full HD with resolution 1,920 x 1200, and the graphic is equipped with "Quadro M 1000 M (dedicated video memory 2 GB)". Spec is super crisp with 8G memory on 6th generation Corei 7-6700 HQ 2.60 Ghz, TB 3.50 Ghz, 4 core 8 thread super powerful CPU
Memory, all 4 slots, now 3 slots free, up to 64 GB can be expanded. In addition, the hard disk has a hybrid type incorporating flash memory into a large capacity SATA type!
Because cache is processed with flash memory, it is fast to start up, and it is one that really reacts well even in actual use. Although the current introduction OS is Win10Pro, since Win7Pro recovery DISK is also attached, it is possible to replace it any number of times. Office installs Microsoft OneDrive, so you can use Excel, Word, PowerPoint in online Office!
* It is available as soon as you open the icon on the desktop, but only for the first time you need to register an account with Microsoft (register e-mail address). Please refer to the right URL for usage.https://support.office.com/ja-jp/article/OneDriveInternet is also in a state that you can use it as soon as you connect to the network!
Exterior condition is nearly unused, nearly new condition. TOP (top board), there is no visible damage, there is almost no use feeling Good condition. Keyboard surface, no visible damage, good feeling with almost no feeling. The keyboard itself is not apt, not to mention the character disappearing, of course, it is a good condition that you can not feel at all. Liquid crystal is bright, without scratches, good coloring and no problem. (Although the image is reflected partly by light, the actual product is full of brightness)
The state of the battery is the indication of 7 hours 24 minutes available at 100% charged state. (As for availability time, it may differ depending on usage situation and test situation, so please do not warranty subject)
Windows comes with 10 PRO and 7 PRO Recovery DISK (Please note that recovery technical support and warranty is not possible). Moreover, it is restored to the shipping state from here at any time because it is saved in the current state by "restoration" function which returns to the original state when the condition got worse. It is in the above state. Thank you for your consideration. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us from "Questions to Sellers". I will reply as much as I can. * Since we can not answer real-time answers, public holidays and nighttime, please give us a question with time margin. * Please send to mate_ppi@yahoo.co.jp (Please give copies of the item page title and URL in the mail text).
|CarriageNationwide uniform: 1720 yen (Okinawa only: 3240 yen)
In case of multiple items successful bid, we will bundle as much as possible. Please see "Other auctions of the exhibitor" by all means.|Delivery on the same day next day delivery speed shippingIn case of hurry, we will ship on the same day with confirmation of settlement until 1:00 pm Please tell us (* 1). Please be sure to describe the transaction information such as remittance destination in the successful bid notification mail from Yahoo. Arrived on the next day of shipment (* 2.3), it is immediately available after arrival!
(* 1) Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays are not supported. (* 2) Except for some areas. Yamato Transport Please check HP. (* 3) It is the case of Takkyubin.
|Transaction method, settlement, shipping, other· Transaction is "Easy Transaction", Settlement is "Easy Settlement". First of all, please inform me of successful bidder's information in "dealings Navi". · Since the shipping fee is clearly stated on each exhibition page, please check. · Please select from the right when there is designation of the desired delivery time zone (Takkyubin only). Morning / 14-16 / 16-18 / 18-20 / 19-21
· The settlement amount is only [the highest bid + carriage]. Since it is not a shop, consumption tax is unnecessary. · After confirming payment, we will ship on the same day ~ 1 business day. After product shipment completes, we will inform you of slip number etc. · Although it is selfish, Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays, trading contacts, and shipping of goods can not be done. Please acknowledge it. · If a corporate customer needs a receipt, it will be issued under corporate name. However, individuals please refrain. · Please feel free to tell us if there are other requests. We will respond within the possible range.
|Please confirm before bidding (common to all exhibitions)·Please confirm "Please confirm before bidding" "guarantee" written matter, acceptance and please bid it. We will strictly refuse the bid when we can not acknowledge it.·Since it is an auction form deal, please refrain from the bidding of those who are misunderstood as shop purchase, those who assert consumer rights unilaterally.·We are refusing to bid for such persons who are different from their own condition, those who are appraised as soon as possible, "very bad".· Although there is no excuse for the bid of the one with many bad evaluations, those who can not receive payment promptly, please refrain from wanting pleasant dealings. · Please refrain from the tender of those who can not contact you within 48 hours after a successful bid, those who can not get the settlement within 3 days after it makes a successful bid. · If you can not contact us, it will be "cancellation with the highest bidder convenience", so automatically acknowledgment will be attached "very bad" from yahoo.
|Please check before bidding (in case of second-hand and second-hand PC)- Although we are trying to express the state of the current condition in an easy-to-understand manner, there are also some parts that can not be expressed. The more nervous one should withhold a bid. · For second-hand goods, we will clean up as much as possible but we may have some dirty etc. for second-hand goods, but please acknowledge it. · For second-hand goods, images are "actual goods" as long as there is no special mention. Please confirm the state with the image. · As for the exterior, as there is a possibility that there may be omission of interpretation, criteria, or check for the statement of state, please make a decision on the image. · Please understand that we can not accept complaints of exterior and condition, including differences with notation (including the part not reflected in the image). - We inspect the operation which is generally required for Internet connection and Youtube viewing for exhibition. When any trouble can be seen, I will state it in "State explanation", please bid it with confidence. However, it is not an expert in comparison with a new product, so it is not completely confirming all the actions. Moreover, it does not guarantee the current operation confirmation about the operation after delivery. Please note. · As for the specifications at the time of shipment from manufacturers, please check with manufacturer's website etc. However, it does not guarantee the state at the time of shipment from the manufacturer. · Since it is not perfectly recognizing the brand new figure at that time, even if there is a difference with the time at that time it may not be recognized and it may not be described. Please note. · In the case of AC adapter attached, there is a possibility that it is not a new article at that time. Although actual use test and conformity verification is done, there are possibility of maker, model number, some voltage, current value, slight difference. Please acknowledge it. · In the case of second-hand PC, desktop PC with keyboard · mouse attached, no check, not covered, please think to the last about omake. · For PCs with second-hand PC and OS, some drivers do not apply such as model-specific functions. Please acknowledge it. · Since the accessories listed are all exhibited products, please check well and give me a bid. - Please understand that it is not possible to support fundamentally about product settings and usage.
|Second-hand PC warranty (For warranty other than second-hand PC, please refer to the description in the item column)- It is a used article to the last, from the vibration during transportation, the environment difference after arrival, etc, basically no claim no return thank you. Since it is "auction" please give me an understanding. Those who need operation guarantee, we recommend purchasing from a general shop. · Although it is basically no claim, we will guarantee about the state of the image, OS start (OS no manufacturer is the manufacturer logo), and description specification for 5 days from the shipping date. If it is not activated, the screen is not shown defective, or the description of basic specifications is wrong, we will correspond by return. However, please be advised that the defects that seem to be caused by the method of using the highest bidder are out of warranty. Please acknowledge that we can not accept guarantee etc in any case after 5 days elapse including warranty except for the above and shipping date. · For the stated specifications, we will guarantee only the main information, the scope that we can confirm. Except for the CPU type · current memory capacity · HD capacity · optical drive type · liquid crystal size & resolution, even if the description contents differ by any chance is not covered by the warranty. For parts that can not be confirmed, it will be a posting from the manufacturer site etc. For details, please confirm the manufacturer site etc. on your own
In addition, the description in the "product / specification" column will be priority, warranty. Please be sure to confirm the description in the "Product / Specification" column, such as specs. Please note that the description of other items is not a warranty target even in the case of the reference texts, the contents of the contents described by any chance Please acknowledge, thank you for your understanding. · For defects after installing and uninstalling, other changes, remodeling by yourself after goods arrival, thank you for warranty coverage. · For the PC with less than 10,000 yen in the highest bid, since it is mostly the case of low specifications and old PCs, thank you for warranty, no claim at all. · Because troubles that do not start are often restored by simple operation, please be sure to contact us before returning. In case of unilateral return, we may refuse return. Although there are people who are quickly evaluated as "very bad", but if you make a bad evaluation, mutual trust relationship will be gone, so we can not respond afterward. · Returned goods will be shipped by cash on arrival to us, will be correspondence after arrival of the actual item, confirmation of the defect of the declaration to us. In actual product confirmation, if you can not confirm the failure of the declaration, we will charge a COD return fee, so please confirm once more. · Please be advised that refund will be a refund only for the successful bid price + shipping fee. · Junk · Current condition · No warranty For items not subject to warranty, returned goods, or complaints under any circumstances (including the stated description in the unlikely event). · Furthermore, please understand that we do not reply when attached to complaint contact which "no claim no return" is ignored.
Thank you for keeping on till the end. Misprinted or misspelled, difference in conversion etc. Please understand that we thank you.
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