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New article ☆ SPOON [spoon] Rici color 1 piece set Lexus GS F (URL 10) 2WD
Auction ends over
Current price ¥36,000 $350
Start price ¥36,000 $350
Buy-now ¥36,000 $350
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller livesite1 +1197
Condition New
Start time 2018-04-26T12:41:42+09:00
End time 2018-04-28T12:41:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m250232104
Seller position Chiba ken

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☆ ━ We will deliver genuine articles / new items with a selection of unique original super-discount car accessories dealers. ━ ☆Car Supplies Distribution Center
About the product
Maker SPOON 【Spoon】
Product name One set for Ricinara
Corresponding model Lexus GS F (URL 10) 2 WD
List price 40,000 yen (excluding tax)
State New article · unused
Description Advanced parts that realize ideal running by "rigidifying" the car.By firmly tightening the rigidity by sandwiching it in the gap between the body of the car and the subframe, the rigidity of the car that it originally has is pulled out. The torsional rigidity value is improved by about 5 to 6,000 Nm / deg with the installation of a rigid color. ■ Model: GS F
■ Model: URL 10
■ Driving method: 2WD
■ Site: Set for one car
# Product number: front: 50261-184-000, rear: 50300-AWL - 000
■ Remarks: -
※ Product image is an image.
Delivery date About one week (If it becomes your order, it may take time depending on the inventory situation of the manufacturer. Please confirm before hiring in the direction of hurry).
Maker HP SPOON 【Spoon】
About payment price you get
price The highest bid + postage + (cash-on-delivery charge 600 jpy)
※ Honshu 1,000 yen (tax excluded), Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu 1,500 yen (tax excluded), Okinawa cash on delivery. Extra charges may be required for remote islands and some areas. * There is no need for a successful bid commission. * Consumption tax is required separately.
Flow from successful bid to product arrival
About dealings We are preparing order form to make dealings after a successful bid smoother. After you make a successful bid, please view the successful bid notification e-mail, please input to the order form along the procedure.
Payment method 1. Bank transfer · · will be arranged after payment is confirmed from the customer. 2. Cash on delivery · · · COD fee will be charged JPY 600 (extra tax) separately. 3. か ん た ん settlement of accounts · · · will be arranged after customer confirmation of processing.
Shipping method It will be delivered from our designated courier. Please understand beforehand that the delivery trader can not specify you. In addition, we do not ship by mail service other than courier or non-standard-size mail etc.
Cancel Even if seven days have elapsed from the end date, even if "successful bid information" does not arrive at our company or even after 7 days have elapsed since "successful bid information" has arrived, if you can not complete the settlement "cancellation treatment" I will assume it. Only those who can agree will be asked to bid.
Evaluation Only when you receive evaluation from the highest bidder in advance, please acknowledge that we have returned the evaluation. Furthermore, after the end of the auction, when canceling by successful bidder Mr. convenience, "bad evaluation" is automatically attached to the successful bidder.
receipt Receipts are not issued from us in principle. It is as follows according to each payment method. ■ Bank transfer: I will exchange it with a receipt with a transfer request and payment receipt to a financial institution. ■ Price substitution: We will exchange receipts with payment receipts issued by shipping companies attached to the invoice slip. ■ か ん た ん settlement-of-accounts: We will exchange receipt with the usage statement issued by the customer's contract credit card company.
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