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Mail 350 maintenance manuals Triumph 675 Daytona & Street Triple 2006 - 2016 service repair manual service repair Daytona and street
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,530 $54
Start price ¥5,530 $54
Buy-now ¥5,530 $54
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller lexussc4001991_77 +3317
Condition New (Cover, back cover, scratch there are a number of)
Start time 2018-10-22T08:07:57+09:00
End time 2018-10-29T08:07:57+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m278425251
Seller position Tokyo

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Product name - Be sure to look at "self-introduction column" before bidding. About temporary closure, etc. , we are announcing at "self-introduction column". - After it makes a successful bid, please be sure to look at "Message column of successful bid notification". At the end of the auction, it is an email sent automatically to the highest bidder from YAHOO!
· Information on the procedure after it makes a successful bid
1, I will send the input form from here on dealings Nabis. 2, Please fill out the form with necessary information and reply. 3, We will inform you of transaction requirements from here. * If there is no reply of warning 2, the bid will be canceled. Mail facilities 350 yen (there are cases where it is impossible in size specification), retoupe 510 yen, Yamato Transport 60size
Shipping fee may be revised, please refer to the self-introduction column. In Japan, after inspection, shipped from Japan
Triumph 675 Daytona & Street Triple (06 - 16)
Daytona 675cc 06 - 12
Daytona R 675cc 11 - 12
Street Triple 675cc 07 - 16
Street Triple R 675cc 09 - 16
Street Triple RX-675cc 2016
Does not cover the 2013-on 675 Daytona.
Haynes repair manual
Maintenance manuals(illustrated,in English) 1 books
"And I don't!" "Dangerous,don't buy!" "Copyright infringement"
Parts catalog of the illegal copy products(DVD, CDR, PDF, etc., parts catalog disguised as a virus,
Application note)sales is a crime. It will always be cleared.
Product status There are cases where there are new articles, nature, scratches, discoloration, breaks, etc.
Notes · Please bid it after carefully reading the item description. · Please inquire the manufacturer in advance about the car model to be posted, the grade, destination of the target car etc. · Chilton haynes, brochure maker may substitute for equivalent status depending on stock status,
Year of the maintenance manual, the beginning and the end period, inventory, for other reasons, before and after. Those with designation are required to confirm in advance. · Manufacturer abolished version, if it is not possible to procure new items due to other reasons may be offered with second-hand goods. · It is not a material that can solve everything. · We may not be able to offer products due to other reasons, such as retail price revision,
If we can not procure goods, we will settle all the items with the refund of the item price and deposit shipping fee. · The title may contain phrases unrelated to conformance. · How to use can not be supported at all. · We will refuse questions about conformity. · Images use the same things every time, including the presence or absence of packages, specs, contents of publication, conformity year,
The booklet maker, specification, etc may be different (it becomes substitute). · We will refuse questions about the content of the posting. · Cancellation by our judgment, there is a case of canceling the bid of the direction of the history etc of trouble etc. · The question of nervous person, I will refuse the bidding. · Please give me payment within 72 hours after a successful bid for any reason. ・The successful bidder for any cancellation, return, etc., can not be. · We may not be able to offer products due to other reasons, such as retail price revision,
If we can not procure goods, we will settle all the items with the refund of the item price and deposit shipping fee. - In any case the damage caused by the use or disablement of goods
(Personal injury, accident accident, social damage (money, time) etc)
The seller takes no responsibility for it. · Please tender only for those who can acknowledge the above remarks and still can strictly observe "no claim", "no return". Posted articles Others without permission are forbidden.

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