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【Free shipping】new・admission-admission and the required 防災頭巾 usually cushions to be used as♪防災頭巾 infant-Elementary School 2 grades in the subject♪
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Seller position Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi City Muku Town

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About item description
★In the event of an earthquake, fire, natural disaster supplies, disaster preparedness training when necessary 防災頭巾
●Target age:3 years old~elementary school 2nd grade
★Size is approximately 25cm x 30cm
★Material front and back fabric 100% cotton finish did you know..... ★Contents core material=flame retardant felt (polyester) 100% finish did you know....
★Thickness is about 2cm. ☆Machine wash it.. ☆Washing even the core material of flame retardant performance will not fall. ※ Please avoid using the dryer. ☆ It is also suitable for backrests and cushions of chairs. ☆防災頭巾 body of rubber with the chair about it.. ☆Ear pieces into the hole inside the core material=flame retardant felt in a hole all of it
Outside hear the sound of it.. ◆And children (for some,not even)form and
From Garden for(Park name, location, telephone, you, the, can't, blood type)form there.. ☆ Made in JapanFree Shipping!!
※Okinawa Prefecture and remote Islands and some areas are shipping, but please note that you may. Shipping charges of the goods included in the case of purchases of 10,000 yen less than shipping it.. Please acknowledge it beforehand
※ There are cases where you may be back in stock in March, April of admission, graduation, enrollment. We recommend purchasing before entering March. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.[Remarks]
Even if you purchase more than one, we are in a plastic bag one by one.Navy, red, and discontinued it.. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
防災頭巾 3 colors to choose from♪
Infant~Elementary School 2 grades in the subject
And affordable price!!
Admissions, preparatory to schoolchildren
One of the items
About delivery method
Seino Transportation · Sagawa Express · Yu Pack [Remarks] Mail service is not handled. ■ Delivery date: Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts and cash on delivery, will be delivered within 1 to 4 days after confirming your order. In the case of bank transfer, Japan Post Bank transfer, cash by registered mail, it will be delivered within 1 to 5 days after transfer confirmation.
About payment method
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts / Yahoo! Money / deposit payment / credit card / can be used. Japan Post Bank / Toyokawa Shinkin Bank / Internet banking / convenience store Payment / cash on delivery
about shipping cost
[Remarks]※ For equipment of sports bell chambers, due to manufacturer order,
We have received your time within 7 days from the order date.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Seino Transportation
【Time zone service】
in the morning
Afternoon (12 - 17 o'clock) (17 - 20 o'clock)
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● Sagawa Express
【Time zone service】
in the morning
Afternoon (12 to 14 o'clock) (14 to 16 o'clock) (16 to 18 o'clock) (18 to 20 o'clock) (19 to 21 o'clock)
● Depending on traffic conditions, it may take time to deliver the item. ● There are restrictions on time zone service depending on packing size and delivery destination. ● It is not possible to designate a merchant of a parcel delivery service.

【Shipping rate list】
Hokkaido Northeast North South northeast Kanto Koshinetsu Central part Hokuriku Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Region details Hokkaido Aomori prefecture Iwate prefecture Akita prefecture Miyagi ken Yamagata prefecture Fukushima prefecture Ibaraki Prefecture Tochigi prefecture Gunma prefecture Saitama prefecture Chiba prefecture Tokyo Kanagawa prefecture Yamanashi-ken Nagano Gifu Prefecture Shizuoka prefecture Aichi prefecture Mie prefecture Niigata Prefecture Toyama prefecture Ishikawa prefecture Fukui prefecture Shiga ken Kyoto Osaka prefecture Hyogo ken Nara prefecture Wakayama prefecture Tottori ken Shimane ken Okayama prefecture Hiroshima ken Yamaguchi prefecture Tokushima ken Kagawa prefecture Ehime prefecture Kochi prefecture Fukuoka prefecture Saga prefecture Nagasaki prefecture Kumamoto prefecture Oita prefecture Miyazaki prefecture Kagoshima prefecture Okinawa Prefecture
Shipping cost 1340 yen ¥ 1040 ¥ 1040 840 yen 840 yen ¥ 740 840 yen 840 yen 840 yen 840 yen ¥ 1040 2400 yen
High purchase discount benefits 1 If you order more than 10000 yen in total for each destination, the shipping fee will be free. Handling at Bulk Purchase 1 If you order multiple items for each shipping cost per shipping cost, the shipping fee will be shipping fee for the above price list. Please also refer to the handling of the free shipping items below if you order items with different shipping costs and free shipping items at the same time. Handling of free shipping items If you order one shipping charge and items with different shipping costs at the same time, shipping fee will be calculated from the above price list and handling at the time of bulk purchase. If there is a product for which shipping fee is individually set on the product page, the shipping fee will be shipping fee + shipping fee × number of minutes calculated from the above price list and handling at the time of bulk purchase. Shipping fee Consumption tax This rate includes consumption tax. Remote island Other handling Remote island · Some areas may require additional shipping fee. Remarks sale of goods, etc., including tax 10,000 yen or more purchase even in the case of Okinawa Prefecture and remote Islands and some areas are shipping, but please note that you may.
About consumption tax
Consumption tax (8%) is included in the winning bid price
About the return of goods, exchange
● As soon as the item arrives at your hand, please check if anything different from the order has been sent. ● We are trying everything about the quality of the product, but if the item was damaged / stained or if it is different from the order, please contact within 7 days after delivery. We will return and exchange immediately. (In this case the shipping fee will be borne by our shop. )
● Returned goods by customer's convenience will receive returned goods if you can contact us with return request within 7 days, but the return shipping fee in this case will be borne by the customer. ● Return / refund method
Packing of goods · Arrangement by a delivery company, please bear the return fare at customer's expense. Free shipping items, shipping fee will also be borne.Refund will be refunded after the product arrives and the product is confirmed. If there is evidence of assembly, those that are markedly bad in packaging after opening,
We will give you back as soon as payment will be accepted Thank you in advance for your understanding. In the case of refund by transfer, the transfer fee will be canceled.
[When you can not accept return, exchange or order cancellation]
· For products that have passed more than 8 days from delivery,
· For products that customers have used once,
· For customers who have been damaged or damaged,
· For custom-made request processing products,
● Please note that we can not consult about returned goods after 8 days or more from delivery. ● If there are accidents such as breakage in the middle of delivery, please contact our shop. In that case, we will bear both the shipping fee and the commission at our shop, and we will send you a new item as soon as possible. Please note that we may contact you from the person in charge of the shipping company to deal with that situation. For inquiries about returns, please contact us as below. Contact
Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture 牟呂町-shaped Furuta 3-2
Sanyo sewing
TEL:0532-46-0371 FAX:0532-46-0371
Total product price + shipping fee + COD fee
COD fee: Please refer to the table below. ● Please pay the price to the delivery agent when delivering the item. ● Hokkaido, Okinawa Prefecture, remote islands - some areas can not be used for cash on delivery. ● Cancellation after shipment at the time of cash on delivery · Refuse receiving, long-term absence (customers who can not contact you)
If it is done, or it has not been received, the expiration date of the shipping company has passed
We will charge shipping fee for round-trip when product returns to us.
Store introduction comments
Disaster prevention hood from long cushion, mail order handling a wide variety of cushions
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