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2 points(Silver・Gold)S. T. Dupont DuPont 925 Silver Rotary ball pen・new!!!
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥14,800 $150
Start price ¥14,800 $150
Buy-now ¥14,800 $150
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller qynxx344 +8002
Start time 2019-08-17T20:20:19+09:00
End time 2019-08-24T20:20:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m320070119
Seller position Saitama

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From Japan
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★Please note:
★Body other than is not included(ink without it.). ★ There are old, dirty, small scratches, etc. ★Fountain pen body size: total length approx 132mm shaft diameter of about 7. 1mm(in the middle 番太 part of)it.. ★Total weight about 60 grams of it.. ★This product is usedJunkHandlingis. Thank you.

Saitama prefectural guardian antique license number 431030006001
(I am very sorry, I will evaluate immediately after sending out our shop and products, and for the prevention of problems, those who do not need evaluation should contact us at an early date. Thank you. )
Exhibition is all on the thing in the photograph. About the appearance There are also beautiful things, and there are things that are considerably dirty ( There is some dirt without cleaning because there is no cleaning before exhibition, thank you no claim no return. ).Please tender only for those who understand and understand above.
Although it is selfish, since it sells it on the net specialty We will withhold dealings directly waking up.

(It is not a shop stance, but a part-time employee brings it home and takes it in the form of internal employment and ship it, respectively. The item you bid successfully is not in the stated address already, but I feel sorry but I would like you to form it as shipping. )

About dealings
Although it is very rude by automatic mail,
At the end of the auction In the notice mail of the successful bid received from Yahoo In this contact, email address, etc. is described as its email address, shipping and payment methods, please contact us. If you can confirm the transfer,Within 2 daysI will ship to you. (If you transfer immediately after the end of the auction, the same day shipping is possible)
Sorry, including the successful bid dateWithin 3 days(Successful bidder restriction ID New person within 1 day)If you cannot contact us, orWithin 5 daysWhen transfer is impossible,Automatically"For convenience of highest bidder"CancelI will do.
Payment method
  • Yahoo payment (か ん た ん settlement of accounts)

shipping method
The product is post・packet・shaped outer flights, etc., to ship(planned). Please tell me the other shipping method you want (free shipping).Shipping fee for those who bid successfullyFit within one box within the limit size of Yu-pack, in case of same address / same packing
Among the items you bid successfully, the highest shipping cost is the amount of money for one. Regarding accessories, if you can not handle delivery guarantee and breakage, if you do not mind
Dispatch by non-standard-size mail is also possible. If you can contact us, we will contact you for return shipping fee.
Although dispatch uses a Yu-pack basically, it becomes Yamato Transport if necessary. In the case of the above shipping fee, please forgive the designation of the vendor.
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