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Oh, I was in trouble! Swift! Basic release of release key in 1 hour PX-504A Waste ink error release (waste ink absorption pad limit error)
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,000 $11
Start price ¥1,000 $11
Buy-now ¥1,000 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller erjiebao +2336
Condition New
Start time 2019-06-26T19:45:25+09:00
End time 2019-07-01T20:18:04+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m327574189
Seller position Kyoto

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Error display / rapid response
Error display / rapid response

Error display / rapid response

Please wait in front of your computer We will deliver the release key within 1 hour of basic (It may take more than 1 hour for various reasons)PX-504A
Waste ink error cancel tool

One paid release key
& Release manual that even elementary school students can understand
And with release video that even kindergarteners can understandIf you are unfamiliar with computers, phone support will be provided

Manufacturer repairs will be returned after 1 week to 10 days
This exhibition is shipped on the same day and can be repaired immediately.
What is a waste ink error?
Did you knowPrintera time bombThat you have Epson printers"The amount of waste ink absorption pad has reached its limit"
Is displayed,You will not be able to operate anything
(^^ ;;.In order to prevent the waste ink from leaking from the waste ink absorption pad, this error is automatically displayed when the limit value is exceeded by installing a unique counter inside..This error always appears when using the printer for a long time.The display panel repeatedly flashes, and the printer that was so active will be in iron scrap state. This tick is reallyIrritatedMoreover
"The waste ink absorption pad cannot be replaced by the customer.. If you use Epson's door to door service, it will cost a high repair fee.. (5,940 yen (tax included)
What happens if there are Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in between?ActuallyHow to fixThere is
And the error cancellation below! If you read carefully, you can easily find out how much you can afford
Error cancellation! (Download from designated site)
Free cancellation
If you operate according to the video at the beginning of the following site, the usage status of the waste ink pad is immediately displayed in%. Download sitehttp://supportweb0709.main.jp/If you enter trial (TRIAL) as the release key, it will be reset to 10% usable (only once).
This trial may not be canceled depending on the model.
Paid cancellation
Wic Reset Utility(New version)Can be canceled via wifi or wired LAN connection
No traditional USB cable required
(However, models with only USB connection are required.)
(Description of release software)
2 Free software provided by MANUALS.COM (Epson cancellation software compliant))
The program requires one paid release key for each reset
Once reset, the release key cannot be used twice* 1 actual release key for 9.99 $ (1,250 yen) included !!No expiration date)
Includes instructional videos and instruction manuals that can be understood by preschoolers

Support (video & phone support& Manual)
Video support There is a YouTube video explaining the installation and release procedures at the designated site
Download sitehttp://supportweb0709.main.jp/

Phone supportTo support by phone is honest, it takes time and effort
However, as a seller, overlooking the fact that the successful bidder is in trouble because of selling
IrresponsibleI think. If you can't cancel it easily, you will want to cancel it
I forget time
Burn(^^ ;;.If you are in trouble, please call the telephone number specified in the seller information after a successful bid
If you cannot cancelSupport to the endIf you still can't cancel it, we will refund you.. (Only when there is no usage history for the release key)
Successfully supported with seniors in Osaka over 4 phone calls.
Beginning with a USB cable purchase consultation for beginner women, successful cancellation
For those in their 70s, starting with an explanation of copy and paste, it was successfully canceled in 1 hour by phone (^^ ;;.
Send the release key to the person in a hurry before 2 o'clock in the middle of the night(I just stayed up late)
Those who supported the phone (of course, women and beginners) succeeded in releasing. I could n’t cancel some of the money,
Commentary supportA Includes illustrations and illustrations that can be read with an acrobat reader
Explained where to click the mouse so that it can be operated intuitively
Feedback from buyers
I was able to unlock it! ! Response is quick and very satisfying or impressed. The printer that gave up was resurrected-Yata! I'm really thankful to you. Thank you! eng *** hclubdl (2)
Printer doctor. All work was completed within 30 minutes after making a successful bid. Proceeding with the video commentary, the work was completed without any hesitation. It was an exhibitor like a doctor who really cared about the patient. This is the real service outl ** 1900 (505)
It was a very easy-to-understand manual and was released without anxiety from start to finish.. The waste ink pad was replaced and it worked safely.. Thank you for including the generous follow-up. * _i_sta * _japan (47)
We were able to proceed with transactions with peace of mind and quick response.. It ’s the opposite of unsold, and it ’s a great seller that you can follow to the end.. *** 8110 (292)
Even if I was able to ask questions quickly, I was able to get a quick answer and make a very good deal. If there is another opportunity, thank you. *** ms983 (7)
Sorry for the late evaluation due to PC trouble. Easy to understand, quick response, good product, very satisfied. If you are dealing with this person, it will be no doubt. * miiro_2001 (16)
Great seller. I received a quick and very careful response and helped me. It ’s also a phenomenon that happens, so I think it ’s going to be taken care of again.. I'm really thankful to you. * uchas_23y (154)
Dealings navi
I didn't know about the PC, but it was ready. Thank you very much. Printer revitalized. It was back like a lie *** u14toshi27 (12)
Dealings navi
I received an impression. Well,You who are irritated by this tick LieHeals like.
Download contents
Sending from internet line ・ Wic reset Utility (Waste ink error reset software)
・ Soft release key
・ Wic reset Utility installation manual
・ Wic reset Utility usage manual
Use of waste ink bud removal software is at your own risk. Even for printers that are subject to release, depending on the successful bidder's skill, computer installation history, registry, and computer environment, it may not be possible to release it in rare cases.. We are not responsible for the results. The release key can only be used once..If you reset the error and continue to use it, the waste ink will eventually overflow. Please solve this problem yourself.
PC environment that can be released
Windows PC with USB terminal
Operation confirmed after Windows Xp
Mac and Linux are not supported because there is no environment, but the release software can be downloaded from the following. (Cancellation key can be used in common.)(Mac) http://www.2manuals.com/WIC/iWIC/iWIC.dmg(Linux) http://www.2manuals.com/WIC/linux/
Request at the time of a successful bid
Please contact the bulletin board within 3 days if you make a successful bid. Also, please make payment within 5 days (excluding weekends) from the date of successful bid..If any of the above deadlines are exceededWe will proceed to Yahoo at "Cancellation for the convenience of the highest bidder". At that time, YAHOO's system automatically evaluates the customer's evaluation.Bad evaluation
About sending
Attach one release key,Wic Reset UtilityAlong with the internet line
(Not mail or home delivery)
From past, successful bid to delivery1 minuteThere is the shortest record. (By the way, the next record is2 minutes)
Contacted from the workplace and revived, saying “Now!”. I reply to dealings Navi within 1 hour basically.Prompt shipment as work at home.Immediately after payment is confirmed, we will contact the designated download site and notify you of the release key.. In the case of yahoo easy settlement, we will provide cancellation support at the time of payment procedure completion, in the case of bank transfer at the time of payment confirmation.
Notification of release key and transaction contact will be made within 1 hour basically.
(Except midnight and early morning),
YAHOO notification delay, personal circumstances may take more than an hourPlease refrain from bad evaluation due to delay.
method of payment
■ Yahoo! Simple settlement
Please select your preferred payment method from Yahoo! easy settlement credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, etc
Antique dealer license Kyoto Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 612351630005
Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
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