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[New] C-FLAP (C flap) batter face protector adult black (black) right batter
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Current price ¥2,392 $24
Start price ¥2,392 $24
Buy-now ¥2,392 $24
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller ymhk1736 +1222
Condition New
Start time 2019-08-22T23:03:42+09:00
End time 2019-08-24T23:03:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m352312438
Seller position Kyoto

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C-FLAP (C flap) batter face protector black (black) right batter
Product Details
Thank you for seeing. It is a brand new unopened item. - is designed to prevent injury of cheek and chin. - it can easily attached to the side ear flap of the batting helmet that covers the face. - it can be attached to most of the batter's helmet. - It is more powerful than most of the blow helmet. - mounting bracket, it comes with a paper. · Boy baseball and junior and senior high school students, can be installed even in the helmet of softball.
Payment details
○ after a successful bid, your Yahoo! from our shop I will send the successful bid confirmation email to your registered e-mail address. After your return on your input the necessary information in the order form, thank you for your payment. ※ After a successful bid will be your guide by e-mail. "Dealings Navi" Please note that not available.
Shipment details
◎ We will deliver anywhere in Japan 780 yen. After confirming the payment, it will generally be shipped within 24 hours. Japan mail, Yamato Transport, will be delivered in other delivery company. ● it will be sent as soon as shipping completion mail. ● availability date (Saturday, Sunday, including holidays) will deliver in the shortest time from. (※ date and time, you can not specify your delivery company. )
※ If delivered by courier, if it was your absence at the time of delivery, "your absence contact table" will be mailed. To "your absence contact table" is the shipper of contact described in, thank you for your indication of re-delivery.
For imports ※, your use of the official game, please check with your organization. ※ during transport, some dents in the package, but there are times when there is a flaw, there is no problem with the contents. Product warranty in Japan for the parallel import goods There is no. Producing countries, product specifications, description of the trademark has been written in a foreign language, Japanese manual is not included. For obtaining commodity from abroad regular store, there is no difference in the contents of goods.
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