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Missed Neno Takahiro sandwich case Lunch box Blue Unused Rare Not for sale Dog goods Wanko retro mister Donut novelty
Auction ends 20 hours
Current price ¥300 $3
Start price ¥300 $3
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller archine1 +1809
Condition Other (※ It is unopened unused item.)
Start time 2019-01-18T23:10:12+09:00
End time 2019-01-19T21:10:12+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n210297248
Seller position Hokkaido

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【Miss Nagano Takenaka sandwich case 1 piece】 ! ! Please be sure to read the explanation until the last and bid it! ! *:*:* 【 Description of item 】 *:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:It is unopened unused item. Polypropylene made - Heat resistant 120 degrees. It is an assembled sandwich case. Especially problem is not found and it is a beautiful state. Although I check the scratches and dirt on the product at the time of exhibition,
Since there is a possibility of a detailed oversight, please forgive it if it is put on that point. I hope in a no claim no return.■ New ID person, I am sorry but I will cancel the bid / successful bid. Moreover, we may cancel the bid according to the contents of the evaluation for those with many bad evaluations. *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *:· Click post (185 yen) ← Because of thickness restriction, it becomes simple packing of thin cushioning material 1 turn + craft envelope only. - Simple packing Outside the fixed form (205 yen) ← Because of the weight limitation, it becomes simple packing only to put the commodity into the craft envelope
· Non-standard-size (340 yen)
· Letter pack (510 yen)
· Yu-Pack 60 size
The weight of the product itself is about 120 g.*: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *:* Amateur measurement, please forgive some errors. ■ Size ... About 11 × 16 cm (measure the lid side). )*: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: ※ We are sending out the shipment on weekends and national holidays. If you transfer to Friday (and the day before the holiday) ~ Sunday (and holidays), it will be shipped after the following Monday (and the next weekday of the public holiday), so please be sure to bid on that point after acknowledging that point Thank you.* In addition to Yu Pack, if you lost or damaged by any chance, compensation can not be done here, so please choose after consent. ※ Multiple bidding is possible when bidding successfully. After we make a successful bid we will guide the shipping fee etc in the transaction message. ※ The Yu-Pack fee is set at 1,400 yen uniformly, but the price drops depending on the district. For those who use it, please check the fee with Hokkaido → Area of ​​residence · Post office brought in charge or ask from the question column · transaction message.※ The payment method will be only simple settlement.When the payment due date of easy settlement is passed, I will consider it as deletion by successful bidder Mr. convenience. (Since we can not respond to bank transfer etc., please understand in advance. ) ※ After a successful bid, please do not leave a greeting message etc, so please proceed to deal as it is. (Except when there is a necessary confirmation item, Since we do not basically send a message from here, please only bid those who can understand that point.)
※ Since we will consider the evaluation as a return evaluation, if you place an evaluation on us, we will also put it here. In the case of hope of evaluation unnecessary, please do not put an evaluation here also for mistake prevention.

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