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Source Kanamei The Edo era era with a worn body was a body width A rust pattern was a valuable thing with a depressed central part, a pattern edge aligned
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Current price ¥120,000 $1,139
Start price ¥10,000 $95
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Seller sukiya946 +480
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Condition Used
Start time 2018-09-29T08:00:09+09:00
End time 2018-10-06T08:00:09+09:00
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Lot number n287709971
Seller position Shimane Prefecture

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Masami This is a grand inversion with a bow in the Edo period.
It seems that an amateur has sharpened a thing that was a rust of a blade, but it has no big scratches, no spill of the blade, no cutting edge. I think that it will not become thinner even if you abruse because there is a width. Why do not you come out for grinding?
Blade width 3,0 cm Ahead width 2, 7 cm Original weight 0, 6 cm weighted 0,5 cm. (Please understand the detailed differences. )
The sheath is also Aokagaku dust, I think that when you grind with the deer horn powder well for the times, the brilliance will increase further.
The pattern is also unusual at that time, although the pattern thread is fraying but fraying, it is not cut, and the shape of the handle is shaped to be used for the recessed central part of the handle.
Eye consciousness is good, the pattern edge and the head are aligned.
There is a good taste of 鐔 also made of iron.
Although I think that it is a thing of value even if roses each one of 拵, since it is a corner, I will exhibit at the present condition.
Habaki is a copper polish.
There is no big drawbacks like this era warrior is very rare. Please consider this opportunity!
We will start at a low price, but we withdraw it if the valuation is too low.
For details, please see the photos and judge.
Since the image is all, please consider carefully.
Furthermore, Yahoo auc. System. Well understood person. Please tender..
Moreover, please refrain from the tender of those who do not understand Japanese and those who can not understand!
(Added 22:25 on September 4, 2018)The sheath is a Blue Scallion screw.
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