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Ring Basket Iron Coco Fiber White White W34 × H 9.5 cm
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Current price ¥2,160 $22
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Seller fkokwyl +343
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-29T23:26:20+09:00
End time 2019-06-05T23:26:20+09:00
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Lot number n314824544
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture Miyama City Setomachi Oe

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Ring basket (Riesling) for easy implantation. We designed exquisite width and depth and laid coco fiber in iron frame. It is a ring that has been acclaimed for its ease of use by professional gardeners. Because it has an S-shaped hook, it may be hung on a door or wall, or it may be hung directly on a garden or eaves. Let's plant the flowers and plants every season and color the space.
■ Size: Outer diameter 34cm, inner circle 20cm, height 9.5cm, depth 8.5cm ■ Material: Iron + coco fiber (ladder fiber) ■ Color: White ■ With S-shaped hook
【Request to customer ・ Attention】
This product is a single item or a limited number of over-the-counter products. Therefore, there is a possibility of shortage due to sudden stock fluctuation, so please be sure to check the stock before making a successful bid. There is also a case that the successful bidder without stock check has to delete the highest bidder, so please be forewarned in advance. Since the product is a plant, in addition to defoliation and discoloration of some parts, it may grow large, and its shape may differ slightly from the time of product image shooting. If it is extremely different, we will contact you in advance.
・ Because this product is sold at the store, it may be out of stock due to sudden stock fluctuation, please understand. Sorry for your inconvenience but please check the stock before ordering. ・ 【If it is a single point item】 Since this product is a plant, the appearance may differ slightly when it is posted and when it arrives. However, if the product image is far apart, such as when it is extremely discolored, we will not ship in advance. ・ [Standard products and limited quantities] The product images posted are not extremely different, but they are samples only. Each time(pot)We select and ship suitable plant individuals.
!!Life eco!!Flower pot and plant specialty store
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The plants are alive, so please do watering care regularly,
If you are busyWatering helper "Recommended to reduce the number of watering.
Please click the link below!
Since plants are alive, it is like my daughter's going to a bride.
Please take care with love.
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