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[B: MING LIFE STORE by BEAMS] goat leather goat leather single Riders EXCELLA Zip L size ★ lizard best lounge
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Current price ¥15,800 $158
Start price ¥15,800 $158
Buy-now ¥15,800 $158
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller blackout_unfold_paragraph +166
Condition Used
Start time 2019-08-04T21:29:45+09:00
End time 2019-08-11T21:29:45+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n340612419
Seller position Aichi prefecture or Gifu Prefecture

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Thank you very much for seeing it. ◆ product details ◆
Popular brands, B: MING will be an exhibition of LIFE STORE by BEAMS goat leather single Riders. The popular jacket type, delicate making and the silhouette of this brand unique is has become a very parenthesis good one. Other classic style, wore Remove the front zip and buttons, and you can enjoy a variety of styles. Beautiful silhouette of SLIM FIT model has been put out the presence of the best. Is a YKK Corporation of the highest grade has adopted the "EXCELLA (Ekusera)" double zipper, I think it is worth a few thousand yen even these only. It asks the specifications carefully attention to detail. I think that it is an item that can be longer patronize. High thermal insulation effect, you are using a smooth, silky goat leather (goat leather), is a profound and robust while also feeling of luxury finish. It will be one point things of goods on our side of the hand-held. ※ The color I think that if it is possible to check the image, please understand that there may be reflected how the color changes depending on the environment for viewing the screen. ◆ state ◆
Use is the number of times less used goods. Conspicuous damage and dirt without any, I think it can be said that the good condition. ◎ wrinkles and, leather distinctive smell and texture, please understand. ◆ size ◆
Size notation is L. Measurement values ​​are (Length: 63cm, Width: 46cm, shoulder width: 40cm, sleeve length: 63cm) is. ◎ as a reference, it was the stylish comfort in the forms of the Height: 172cm Weight 67kg. ※ Since it is amateur measurement, please understand that there may be some errors. ◆ delivery method ◆
I will be allowed to ship only in the Yu-pack of cash on delivery. ※ so that the fee is cheap, we strive as much as possible the size becomes smaller. Deliver there is hope date and time we Once please contact. ★ Since the product is a direct carry-on, available at 120 yen OFF than usual ★
◆ payment method ◆
〇 Yahoo! simple settlement
◆ Notes ◆ ※ Please tenders from I am convinced carefully read here.. I'm going examined not bear for ○ state, but little damage not notice even pay attention, there is a fear that there is such a small dirt. I need your help by a no claim no return because the last will be used goods. Please refrain from the tender likely to be canceled after the 〇 bid is even a little. After 〇 a successful bid, it is always the first contact you within 48 hours, and later also contact only quickly as possible toward a bid, please successful bid. 〇 dispatch methods other than here specified skilled in the art that has been described in the legend does not correspond. The bid of the more nervous one that the 〇 used goods will refuse. If you are a large number of negative to 〇 evaluation might cancel the tender Please note. In the case of dispatch without 〇 guarantee, we can not assume the responsibility of a mail accident etc.. Such as that there is no, you although there is also a chance of it served here even enough. Please be forewarned. 〇 new one is sorry to trouble you, but, please contact us from the question column before tenders. It may cancel the tender and will be bid without being a question, please understand. 〇 overseas shipment does not correspond. 〇 scratches that are not described in the legend, If there is to be a something care since there may be dirt there, such as please ask a question before a bid. ★ product, change without notice price, there is a thing that the end of early. Please consider as soon as possible when you look for. In good faith to try the quick dealings, but thank you enough for your understanding because there is a corresponding delay it because of the busy. Please note we can not accept the cancellation, the returned goods, the claim, question, etc. after a successful bid. Those who bid is regarded as a person who had you your understanding and consent of the above-mentioned contents so thank you. Since a large number have otherwise sent to be, please have a look!
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