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3UPJ=31070580]Central(MQP)TV tuner genuine brand new
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥2,200 $22
Start price ¥2,200 $22
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller upjpn06 +12982
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-19T21:35:55+09:00
End time 2019-05-26T21:35:53+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o178895533
Seller position Aichi-ken

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From Japan
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For other images click on the exhibition table 【All Images Link】
For other images click on the exhibition table 【All Images Link】

For other images click on the exhibition table 【All Images Link】

ユーズドパーツジャパンSearch for other vehicle parts from our website
Product Details
2005 years, 4 months, registration of the Maserati Quattro Porte (MQP) and remove it from your TV tuner can. Operation has not been tested. There are usability, scratches, and dirt for second - hand goods. Originally, even if there are parts that can not be properly used and attached unless they are attached, they will not be included if there is no image.(There might be cases that were originally not attached to the vehicle at the time of stock)Please understand beforehand that it differs from the content at the time of new item sale.
TV tuner
All product images
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* Please be sure to take a look at the above link, please check the item status, please bid. Please do not see it from mobile so please see from PC. Under the notes vehicle details and flow of transactions are. * Since it will be all convinced at the time of bidding please be sure to confirm. About definition It will be an explanation about the state of the product, the test method, and the notation method About return It will be explanation about returned goods ■ Shipping fee
· The shipping address is corporate, business owner, individual
· In either case of Seino Transportation Designated Branch
1200 yenWill be.
The transfer amount will be 【【the highest bid + consumption tax + shipping cost】】. Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido are handled in Honshu. If the shipping destination is Honshu, shipping by COD will not be possible.※ Okinawa Prefecture · Remote Island (Awaji Island will be treated as a detached island) will be cash on delivery shipping.Regarding the shipping fee for cash on arrival, we can not investigate on us. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • As for the way to catch scratches and tolerance, since the difference in the sense of the individual becomes large
    Please be sure to offer a bid after consent.
  • We do not do part selling roses etc of the product shown in the image.
  • For expendable items, please bear with the customer side on the exchange premise.
  • We do not measure products.
  • For simplicity, cleaning and disassembly are not carried out. Although it may be difficult to respond to questions, please pardon it.
  • In regard to fitting to the vehicle, conformity (___ a) Please be sure to check with yourself, at your own risk.
  • We do not accept price negotiations so we will refrain from responding.
  • We will refuse unauthorized diversion of all images posted on the exhibition list, and the link destination strictly.
Vehicle Details
Model designation number None Classification division number None
Full model unknown Model MQP
grade Base grade Mission classification 6 FAT
Engine model M139 Engine classification Natural inspiration
Displacement 4244 cc Fuel classification gasoline
Drive section Two wheel drive Handle division right
Mileage 70598 Km Model year April 2005
Trim No unknown Color No unknown
Absence of ABS Present Chassis number ZAMCD39C000017***
Vehicle remarks
* Please understand that it is information on the vehicle from which this product was removed, and it is not a thing to confirm the information on this item.
About dealings
■ After a successful bid
After the auction ends, we will guide the order form from our company. After that, the guide from us will be after payment is confirmed (including cash on delivery).After a successful bid, within 20 minutes after notice of a successful bid from us
Since "e-mail about the situation of transaction and about request of order form input" will be sent
Please input from there to order form.

«We have not arrived unwanted frequently! »

Customers who do not receive e-mail at PC addressThe mail from us may be automatically sorted into the spam folder. Or Yahoo auction! Your registered address is
It may differ from the address you are currently using.● Customers whose mail does not arrive at the mobile device's addressPlease allow me to change the setting of the mobile terminal so that I can receive mail.
■ Deposit
After a successful bid,When payment can not be made within 5 days, cancellation treatmentPlease acknowledge it beforehand because it will be taken.※ However, excluding cases when we inform you of the purpose of late payment.If you can not receive money within 5 days,【Delete of highest bidder】I will do. With this, Yahoo! automatically evaluates to the highest bidder's side[Very bad] Evaluation is attachedSo please be forewarned.
Product shipment
We sent payment confirmation e-mail, cash on delivery receipt mail from our companyNext business day shippingWill be. Since payment confirmation is 3 o'clock in the afternoon, concerning payment after that, request for cash on delivery etcConfirm next business dayWill be.However, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are excluded from business days because they are not conducting shipping business. For more information,"About item shippingPlease look at. Carriage will be shipping by our company. Designation of a shipping company can not be accepted. As for the delivery, the driver will ask alone, so for loads such as engines, transmissions and hosing, cargo handling equipment such as unloading assistance by a consignee or lift is required. (For locations where trucks can not enter, it may not be possible to unload the specified location. )● After delivery of goodsOnce it is used it is second - hand goods,Be sure to confirm the provisional adjustment etc to the installation vehicle and perform work such as mounting, replacement and processing.※ Consider the product installation period etc, please bid with enough margin.● About accidents during transport After arrival of the goods, please check under the shipping company driver's witness whether there is damage.Please note that we can not accept any damages or complaints afterwards regardless of reason. In principle, when a shipping accident happens, we will return the item to our company. Regarding the refund at that time, it will be the amount of money you are paying.We can not accept any guarantee for the amount of money you have paid or morePlease be forewarned.
For more information,"Flow after it makes a successful bid"Please see. Please check from the PC environment.
About after-sales support
In the case of return / cancellation due to customer convenience, we will charge a fee charged by our company.For products handled as junk items, there is no after-sales support. Please acknowledge it beforehand because it becomes a no claim no return. Besides the junk items, we will accept returns according to the contents. For more information,"About returnPlease look at.※ When there is a bid, describe the contents of returned goods
   Please understand that we will trade as understanding, as you acknowledge it.
● Words used by the Company"About definitionPlease look at.
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