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1994 Triumph Tiger 885 Parts List (WEB Version)
Auction ends over
Current price ¥500 $5
Start price ¥500 $5
Buy-now ¥500 $5
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller webparts11 +575
Condition New
Start time 2019-03-17T21:16:09+09:00
End time 2019-03-19T20:55:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number o181509472
Seller position Oita Prefecture

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◆ 1994 Triumph Tiger 885 genuine parts WEB circulation.
◆ English version (WEB circulation)
* Contents common to all products *
◆ If you have heard that people who are familiar with maintenance can maintain if there is a parts list, I think it is convenient.
◆ We will inform you of a site where you can check parts development drawings, part names and number of parts. (Parts No. and price display seems to be site original. Please be careful when ordering in Japan. Please be careful when ordering in Japan, additionally, it is not the data version of the booklet).
※ On how to hand over the data
◆ We will inform you the URL in dealings Navi so please confirm the homepage. (Since it will be a transaction only within dealings Navi, it is unnecessary to contact your personal information. )
※ About payment
- I hope in Yahoo! easy settlement of accounts (Since I will confirm whether HP can circulate when you have awarded successfully please refrain from payment until we contact you from us. ※ Payment is simple settlement only We do not accept payment directly to bank account etc. ).
※please note
* No claim no return, please.
◆ Please use at your own risk on the judgment of the highest bidder regarding the use. Also, since we can not take any responsibility for any failure, malfunction, accident, etc. that occurred in relation to use, we appreciate your understanding and consent..
◆ We may not be able to circulate due to the suspension of the WEB site etc, so we recommend saving and printing the necessary parts. (We can not assume responsibility)
◆ Supported model is overseas model year, so it may be slightly different from Japan, and there may be minor changes depending on the year.
◆ Please understand that there may be parts that can not recognize fine figures or letters or parts that are not published.
◆ Please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to obtain products that you have not sent (year · format).
◆ Exhibits are information provision fees that teach WEB pages that can be viewed.
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