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Limited ① Base ★ King Jim Mill Path PW 10
Auction ends over
Current price ¥3,593 $37
Start price ¥3,593 $37
Buy-now ¥3,611 $37
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller hotdenka7 +1308
Condition New («With secure manufacturer warranty»)
Start time 2018-02-19T21:36:01+09:00
End time 2018-02-21T21:36:01+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o224197546
Seller position Tokyo

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◆ ◇ Millpath PW10 electronic notepad◇ ◆
Description of item
Product name Millpath PW 10
Maker King Jim
Maker home page http://www.kingjim.co.jp/news/release/detail/_id_17497 * Detailed specifications can be confirmed by clicking on the manufacturer homepage.
King Jim Password Manager Mill Path PW 10 Black
Liquid crystal: 2.5 inches reflective STN liquid crystal, monochrome display
Touch panel: Resistive film type touch panel
Number of registrations: 200 accounts (ID and password)
Battery life: Approximately 6 months with use of 3 minutes a day
Accessory 1: Dedicated touch pen (main body storage), lithium coin battery CR 2025 × 2
Accessory 2: microUSB cable, instruction manual (with warranty)
Supported OS: Windows XP (32 bit · 64 bit)
Supported OS: WindowsVista (32bit · 64bit),
Supported OS: Windows 7 (32bit · 64bit) ※ MacOS is not supported
From now on, only one password to remember! If you remember the master password required when starting the MillPass, you can manage up to 200 accounts (ID and password). There is also a setting to erase data if erroneous input continues, so you can further enhance security. In addition to being able to manage IDs and passwords, you can also group and group notes. It is easy to browse and there is no need to forget detailed information. If it is dedicated PC software, it is possible to edit data registered in Mispas. You can also input kanji that can not be entered on the mispass body. From now on I will remember only one password! The MillPass is a terminal dedicated to information management for recording information such as passwords and IDs, and if you remember the master password required at startup, you can manage up to 200 accounts. Even if you have a lot of passwords, you remember that one master password is sufficient, you can use a small password management terminal that you can carry around at any time and see it when you need it. If you use the dedicated PC software, you can also enter the troublesome password input work on PC with copy / paste. 【Product Features】 · Only one password to remember! You can manage up to 200 accounts (IDs and passwords) by remembering the master password required when starting the Millpass. · Enhancement of Security Since it is necessary to input a password for startup, there is nothing to be seen by anyone, and there is also a setting to erase data if erroneous input continues, so further strengthening of security is possible. · Easy touch input Easy input of complex character strings such as passwords by touch operation. With exclusive touch pen. · Use conveniently on PC with dedicated PC software If you download from manufacturer HP to PC, you can copy and paste for password input easily to backup of the main body, editing of account, website and so on. 【How to use】 · In the Mill Pass to register, you can register "subject" "ID (user name)" "password" "group" "memo" when registering one password. By registering a group, it is possible to display for each group such as Web service and bank when many cases are registered. Also, when creating a new password, there is also a password creation aiding function that MillPass makes random high-security character strings. · Passwords registered with MillPass to view are displayed in alphabetical order from the subject. By checking the subject line you can view ID and password. · Using PC software exclusive for MillPass If you use PC software exclusive for MillPass, you can register passwords more easily from the main body by using PC keyboard. When entering the password on the Web site, since the PC software supports copying and pasting, it is possible to enter the password without inputting with the keyboard. 【Main specifications of PC software dedicated to MillPass】 · File browsing Mill pass body data can be viewed with PC software. In the PC software, it is possible to sort by "account name" "ID (user name)" "password" "group" "memo", so it is easy to search for the desired account. · Because you can copy cited browsing data to another application, you can copy and paste it on the homepage login screen. · New registration · Edit registration · New registration · Edit · Deletion possible. You can also register kanji, so you can edit it more easily. However, Kanji can not be entered on the Millpass body, only Kanji can be displayed. · Backup creation It is possible to create a backup file of the main unit. Even if you lose the main unit by chance or erase the data, you can transfer the backup data back to the main unit again. Security is also safe because it is encrypted and saved in the backup file and it is necessary to apply a password.
basic specifications
Screen size 2.5 inch
Battery type Lithium battery (CR2025) × 2 Driving time About 6 months
Body interface microUSB
Input interface Touch panel
Size / Weight
Width x Height x Length 83 x 50 x 9 mm weight 50 g
About payment method
◆ About payment amount ◆ Payment total = successful bid price + consumption tax (5%) + shipping fee (tax included) ※ Bank transfer, Yahoo! The simple settlement fee will be borne by the highest bidder. * In the case of an auction store, separately from "Yahoo", a separate "consumption tax" will be charged to the winning bid, due to the relationship that regulation is permitted separately. Humbly thank you for your understanding.◆ Bank transfer ◆(Please choose from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Japan Net Bank / Japan Post Bank / Rakuten Bank / Other Regional Bank)
After order form input, we will inform you our transfer account specified, so please transfer the purchase amount there. ※ We will charge the transfer fee to the customer. ◆ Yahoo! simple settlement (prepayment) *
※ Payment by credit card, please use the credit card in the name of the purchaser in order to prevent unauthorized use.
※ Please note that this item [cash on delivery] can not be used.
About sending
※ Shipping anywhere in Japan uniform 840 yen (including packing fee) ※ Okinawa except for isolated islands We will ship from our designated shipping agent. (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Yu-Pack, others etc.)
※ Please understand that delivery companies can not choose. ※ We will inform you of tracking number of shipping company and luggage after completion of shipment. * When designating the date and time, when entering order form, please describe and let us know. (Please specify on delivery date after 3 business days counting from the next day of payment date)
Flow and notes after a successful bid
◆ At this shop Order Form We are using transactions ◆ 1) Automatic notification mail arrives from Yahoo after a successful bidCustomerYou have registered for Yahoo! 【E-mail address】It will be delivered to. Please contact us about dealingsOrder FormThe input explanation of it is stated.※ The entrance to the order form also enters from the top of the product screen you bid successfully. 2) At customerInput to order form Order FormInto Within 3 daysPlease enter customer information such as addressees.※ Customers in Okinawa · Remote Island area will be changed 【Shipping fee】 Please be sure to let us know. 3) At customerTransfer of goods priceAfter inputting, Yahoo will automatically deliver mail for order form input acceptance. After checking the contents,Within 2 daysTransferThank you. (Consumption tax, shipping fee etc are reflected at the time of this mail. )
4) Shipping of goodsAs soon as we can confirm the transfer of the item price, we will enter the shipping procedure. ※ Shipment is usually scheduled around 1-2 business days. * We are trying to update the inventory in real time as much as possible, but due to the relationship selling also in other stores, it may be ordered very rarely. Those in a hurry please bid it from the "question column" beforehand after checking the inventory. ※ Please understand beforehand that shipping and arrival may be delayed from regular holiday period including holidays, year-end / New Year holidays · Golden week · Bon festival than usual. ※ When the product shipment is completed, please rest assured we will contact you by e-mail.※Caution※
Please understand that correspondence will be delayed when input of order form is delayed. Depending on the mobile phone and the browser, there is a thing that can not access the order form. If you do not receive a successful bid notification mail, or mail from our company, please check to see if it is sorted into spam folder etc, but if you have not received it yet, sorry to trouble you,magicalfoot7@yahoo.co.jpOr from the message board, please let us know.
If there is no reply of order form within 3 days, if transfer can not be confirmed within 2 days, I will delete it by saying the convenience of the highest bidder. At that time, since bad evaluation is sent automatically to Yahoo as a successful bidder, please understand.◆ About warranty ◆The warranty period is one year from purchase. * When describing "2 year warranty" and "3 year warranty" on item description and manufacturer page, it is a product subject to long-term warranty. Repair will be made to all manufacturers including initial malfunction.◆ About returned goods · successful bid cancellationIn our shop, we do not accept returns, cancellations due to customer convenience after purchase. Products purchased through mail order will be excluded from cooling off (unconditional cancellation) stipulated by the Specified Commercial Transactions Law. Cancellation after it makes a successful bid will proceed to Yahoo at 【cancellation by the circumstances of the highest bidder】. If you receive a different product from the order, very sorry to trouble you, but please contact within one week from the arrival of the item. Please be forewarned that returns / exchanges can not be made after more than one week has elapsed. Specification information can not be guaranteed perfect. Please confirm the precise specification in advance on the maker homepage.
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