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National National TH-14C2 color TV Showa retro antique design
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,650 $16
Start price ¥1,650 $16
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller goyokiki_ac +351
Condition Other (junk)
Start time 2018-07-27T13:57:09+09:00
End time 2018-07-31T22:56:45+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number o244711485
Seller position Tsu city Mie prefecture

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National National TH-14C2 color TV Showa retro antique design
It becomes second - hand goods.
Scratches, stains, such as many who.
Energizing confirmed to you..
This item is the operating unconfirmed because of the junk there..
Since it becomes a used article to the last, those who are seeking a working item should withhold a bid.
Cost Repair, Parts removal etc, please consider.
Specialty store so answer to the question will
So thank you for your understanding.
We are planning shipping by YAMATO TRANSPORT.
Contact us,contact us etc are weekdays 10 am to 17 in a half can.
17 after half past one the next business day your contact will be.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays will be closed.
It is between the contact and ship to you the following business day..
5 mid-May than in TSU, mie Prefecture from Shipping and.
Please be sure to read the following and offer a bid.
1. Payment amount The total amount of《the highest bid》+《excise》+《carriage》, and more..
Sorry to have you charge the transfer fee please.
2. Bid after 3 business days deserves,within 1 week payment possible person bid for it.
We will inform you of mailing cost by e-mail from our company after registering customer information to order form.
Those who can not receive e-mails will be able to contact the contact bulletin board.
3. Within the period of trading if you can not,"successful bidder circumstances cancel"and we will delete it.
Thank you for your convenience, we will end early termination or cancellation of auction.
4. In a no claim no return Thank you.
5. Goods in advance to check the condition and dirt, such as overlooked may.
6. Accessories, box, etc. because of aging dirty or damaged may not..
7. Photofinish in judgment of you.
It is the Onza い ま す that the color tone looks slightly different depending on the environment setting etc.
Since it becomes self-measurements, some errors may occur.
8. The size is not fit,so as the highest bidder by the convenience of return・cancellation is accepted we do not.
9. Used if you used and aged by dirt・tan・small scratches・dust as may.
We are easy to drop, etc. simple cleaning only please send,if the stain remains because there.
Please note the state of dirt etc, those who care about finely.
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