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BIG MODEL 1/144 Thunderbird TB-2 HG / 2
Auction ends over
Current price ¥7,960 $76
Start price ¥1 $1
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller toys_h1 +74004
Leader E*x*q***
Condition Other (second hand)
Start time 2018-08-19T18:43:00+09:00
End time 2018-08-21T23:05:48+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o256777544
Seller position Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City

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I changed the specification of order form. The new order form isHereWill be.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
BIG MODEL 1/144 Thunderbird TB-2 HG / 2
Product Details
【Manufacturer】 BIG MODEL
【Series】 Thunderbird
【Product name】 TB-2 HG
【Scale】 1/144
[Goods state]
● Dirt, scratches, etc. of the main body are small overall. It is a relatively good condition product. ● What is reflected in the image is all of the product. ● There is dirt, scratches on the outer box.
This item will be shipping costs over 60 sizes.
Shipment details
store information
Store name: Toys King Namiki store 【toys_h1】 (We do not sell over-the-counter. )
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 17: 30
Phone number: 052-446-6658
e-mail: toys_h1@yahoo.co.jp
Address: 1-307-1 Namiki Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture 453-0856
About flow after it makes a successful bid
Winning bid
Please bid / successful bid after reading the item explanation and notes well.
Please enter it to order form. About order form filling
After a successful bid, e-mail reaches for order form input at around 15 minutes. Please proceed from the mail there.
Please pay the total bid amount and consumption tax (8%), the total of shipping fee.
We will arrange shipment when payment can be confirmed.
Shipping fee and payment amount
Shipping cost 【By Region / Size】
■ In Aichi Prefecture
Within 60 sizes: 690 yen
More than 60 size: 900 yen
Outside Aichi prefecture
Within 60 sizes: ¥ 740
More than 60 size: 970 yen
■ Hokkaido · Okinawa
¥ 1,100※ It will be shipped by Yu Pack advance payment from Aichi Prefecture.

payment You will pay the winning bid, consumption tax (8% of winning bid price), shipping fee.
About enclosed dispatch
If the winning bid on the same day shipping fee is one piece!If it is a successful bid on the same day, no matter how many points you make a successful bid, "Shipping fee will be delivered in one minute" will be delivered!
For those who are awarded a lot, it is a very profitable bundling service. "The following is out of scope"
● If the addressee is different
● In case of bundled items not included
● Sagawa delivery, Yamato delivery and other large items
● Items accepted at stores
● When successful bid days are different
When the successful bid date has carried forward 0 o'clock of the next day by automatic extension, it becomes a successful bid on the same day and you can bundle it. Successful bid products other than automatic extension become separate packages and new shipping fee will be required. Example) July 2 0 o'clock end → July 1 bid
July 2 23 o'clock end → July 2 th bid
● There are products that can not be handled by other product contents.
About bidding
Please acknowledge your understanding and carefully bid it. After bidding, cancellation · returned goods · refund after it makes a successful bid can not respond. * There is a case where I am allowed to cancel the bid of the worse one of evaluation or new one.
About handled items
· All products handled will be second hand goods. · Depending on the content of your question you may not be able to answer. · The thing in the image becomes all. · In our shop, we do not make prompt decision · early termination. We can not respond even if you contact us by question. · When there is a serious mistake in the product information, there is a case to terminate the auction, cancel without a notice. · When sweets etc. are contained, please do not make it to your mouth. · Depending on the storage condition, smell may be attached.
About sending
Shipping will be "after payment is confirmed. " Usually we ship in 1 ~ 3 days. (※ There is no particular procedure required for receipt contact. )
About deadline of transaction
Order form input includes successful bid day "Within 4 daysThank you. Payment is made from the bid date "Within 1 week (until the end on the last day of the deadline)Thank you. In the case of store receiptFrom the bid date "within 1 week (within our opening hours)"Please visit us at.We will cancel the successful bid by "successful bidder convenience" when there is no registration and payment to the order form within the period. At that time, Yahoo! Auction! On the system of, automatically "bad" will be attached to customer's evaluation.
Please check before bidding >>
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