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【1 yen start】〈EPSON〉EP-704A ink jet printer energizing check paper clogging junk
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1 $1
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Buy-now ¥980 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller mat104rin +65
Start time 2019-06-10T09:02:35+09:00
End time 2019-06-16T21:59:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o316560016
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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At the time of purchase,5 million for.
However, the other day, and suddenly,paper jam, and removed, even if there are no errors and no.
Turn it on again, the gas channel and noise(ink head is moving-stopping), and
Of a paper jam display.
Print no need to occupy it..
A few days ago of the ink clogging was not there(4th photo)
Junk in, etc etc.
Power cord included..
(In 2019 5 February 9 at 17 o'clock 43 minutes added)
Specification summary
Model name EP-704A
Printing method/highest resolution MACH system/5760×1440dpi (note 1)
Control code system ESC/P raster (command private), ESC/P-R
The nozzle array black 90 nozzle
Color 450 nozzles (each 90 nozzle×5 colors)
Ink 6 color independent type ink
Interface Hi-Speed USB(Note 2)×2 (for PC Connection×1〈back〉,external device connection and PictBridge for×1〈front〉), IrDA(Ver. 1. 3 accordance with IrSimple compatible)
Paper Cut sheet paper (ASF) size Card,L,2L, KG, high-definition, six off, A6 vertical-A4 vertical
thickness Plain paper/0.08~0.11 mm,our stock printer paper/maximum 0. 30mm
Envelopes(Note 3) You envelope No. 1~No. 4(Note 4), the envelope No. 3/No. 4(Note 4) (Note 5)
Postcard(Note 6) Mail a postcard(Note 7), cards(ink jet paper)(Note 7), cards (glossy inkjet paper)(Note 7), the postal round-trip postcard(Note 4) (Note 7), stock postcards
(Note) the necessary margin Please note
Required margin (Note 8) The four sides borderless printing
Possible paper size
Card/L/2L/KG/postcard/HDTV/six cut/A4: Up-Down-Left-Right 0mm(Note 9)
Other paper size margin of Left and right 3mm or more, envelopes:up and down 3 mm the left and right 5mm
Feeding capacity (ASF) (Note 10) A4: maximum 100 sheets(75g/m2), postcards: up to 50 sheets
Blu-ray/CD/DVD printing tray The front-loading method (hand)
Power consumption Approx 14W (standalone copying)
Power-supply voltage AC100V±10%
Dimensions (body only:W×D×H) storage time 451×386×195(mm)
Mass (note 11) About 8. 5kg
For setup
Cartridge(each 1 piece) (note 12)
Black, cyan, Magenta, yellow, light cyan, light Magenta
Manual/software User manual,software CD-ROM
Other Blu-ray/DVD/CD tray,Blu-ray/8cmDVD/CD attachment for the power cable, warranty card
Print speed (standard) About 1 minutes 29 seconds (A4・photo paper〈gloss〉)
Free repair period 1 year(carry-in repair)
  • Note 1:a minimum of 1/5760-inch spacing between dots in printing.
  • Note 2:Hi-Speed USB is used at personal computer side in the Hi-Speed USB must correspond to the. Or Hi-Speed USB USB fully upward compatible,USB as available.
  • Note 3: the length of the envelope flap(the lid of the back part) open state of the print please. Applications advanced you may need to.
  • Note 4: PC Connection is only available when the. Pre logo, such as printed envelopes, printing may not be.
  • Note 5:only Windows compatible.
  • Note 6:a photo of and picture postcards, such as thick postcards, proper feeding of paper may not be possible at this time..
  • Note 7:Postal Service Co., Ltd..
  • Note 8:application more..
  • Note 9: digital camera external memory card when using the selected paper type/layout, also with a personal computer depends on the application time..
  • Note 10: the number of the paper more..
  • Note 11: ink cartridge, power cable not included.
  • Note 12:immediately after purchase the ink of initial filling, the print head nozzles (ink discharge holes) of the tip portions of the ink meets the paper can be, so the ink consumption.. And for the first time 2 time attached to the ink cartridge than the printable number of sheets that will be.
  • Note: Hi-Speed USB is the conventional notation for USB2. 0 appropriate USB traditional signage USB1. 1 corresponds to.
  • Note: from the computer to print and scan at the same time cannot be used.
  • Note: the four sides borderless printing on supported paper sizes,theThe four sides borderless printing correspondence tablePlease verify.
  • Note: the four sides borderless copy, four edges borderless printing,copy scripts, or software created in a paper size slightly more than an enlarged print. Therefore, the paper part is not printed. Production of printing before trying to print we recommend.
  • Note: IrSimple is the Infrared Data Association's trademark..
(2019 Years 5 months 30 days 17 hours, 37 minutes and add) Blu-ray/DVD/CD tray is not included.
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