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Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S6■i3-3G/2G/146GB【servers】#10
Auction ends over
Current price ¥17,000 $168
Start price ¥17,000 $168
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller used_pc_shop2000 +16740
Condition Used
Start time 2019-01-20T22:43:58+09:00
End time 2019-01-22T22:43:58+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number p420417671
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


~ Product Details ~
【Main Product Features】
Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S6
■ CPU:intel Corei3 540 3.0 GHz
■ Memory:2048MB
■ Hard disk:146GB (SAS 10000rpm)
■ Display output:MiniD-sub 15pin
■ Interface:USB2. 0/serial
■ LAN:10/100/1000 BASE-T LAN x2
■ RAID 0, 1, 5 support
【The status quo here, check the main condition]
●Our ULTRA-X Ltd.QuickTech 3RWe are using the operation confirmation inspection so you can use it with confidence. ●Body exterior to scratches and discoloration. Other small scratches and dirt is there used to be please forgive me. ●The hard disk is formatted state. [Accessories]
■ Fujitsu SAS-RAID controller(D2507-D11)
(The accessories listed and no one is not attached. Only the attached items are stated. )
● Things not reflected in the photograph and things without description are not includedThere is some person who can offer such as "I thought that ○ ○ is attached but not attached" after the arrival of goods, please bid it after confirming well at the time of bidding.● In the case of precision instruments, please consider in advance that there may be failures due to shocks and aging deterioration during transportation even when checking the operationAfter the arrival of the failure, such as warranty, etc. (junk excluding)the use by the start of the arrears is not responsible for any.
【Preferred option】
power cable + \ 200
Those that are not described as "new article" will be used goods.
Simultaneous purchase of the following options is possible for the winning bidder as a privilege. We have set as a "preferential price" feeling of gratitude to the person who made a successful bid so please use it by all means.
Remote island
Shipping fee (yen) 3000 2200 2200 2200 2100 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2100 2200 2500
※From customer transport company of specified,non-standard-size mail shipping,shipping delivery, etc., and avoid not. Moreover, please acknowledge that the auction successful bid goods do not correspond to the delivery at the shop front etc. (It is different from sales at shop front, correspondence)
~ Transaction details ~ (You can bid only if you agree with the following matters in order to obtain a pleasant purchase to avoid troubles after bidding in advance by accepting the following matters in advance)
About dealings
After it makes a successful bid, I will input form from order form. Because it becomes an automatic response, we can not answer any demand on case by case after it makes a successful bid. For that reason you should read the notes carefully and bid it after consenting. Please understand that we conceptually offer products at reasonably low cost without omitting excessive service and treatment.
About the flow of dealings after a successful bid
We use the order form displayed on the successful bid page after it makes a successful bid, we are conducting the transaction procedure using order form.
Enter order form from the successful bid page Order form screen and the transfer destination such as the display of Please transfer We confirm payment and ship Item arrival
Please be sure to check beforehand whether the registration address of the auction is a valid address. Please be aware that if you use e-mails whose registration address is not available, you will be unable to receive e-mails and will be in trouble.
About total amount charged
Bank transfer The highest bid (special consumption tax) + postage (tax included) + preferential option charge (necessary one only tax included)※The transfer fee will be borne by the customer. ※ It will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
Regarding delivery
The shipping companyOur designated shipping companyWe will use. ※From customer transport company of specified,non-standard-size mail shipping,shipping delivery, etc., and avoid not. Moreover, please acknowledge that the auction successful bid goods do not correspond to the delivery at the shop front etc. (It is different from sales at shop front, correspondence)
About packing
We are avoiding excessive packaging and packaging by promoting recycling through reduction of delivery costs borne by the winning bidder and purchasing and selling reused products, emphasizing conservation of the global environment and conservation of resources. Therefore the packaging material is reused products and recycled paper cushioning material, etc. using the normal carriage of freight handling and to withstand only for the purpose of equipment damage is not one-way delivery suitable for packing all. Excessive packaging, etc. is not therefore please acknowledge.
About bundled sending out at two or more successful bids
In case of making a bid for multiple items under our auction, the shipping fee will be charged for each item for each shipping fee. We are using automatic dispatch system, so please understand that enclosed dispatch can not correspond at all.
About stock and delivery date
Basically, it exhibits in owned stock, and we post a spot photograph. Regarding shipping in the morning Regarding the payment for our company, we arrange the system of shipment on almost the same day (limited to business days. Please note that weekends will pick up closed days), although we try to arrive early to the highest bidder as much as possible, but we may delay due to natural disaster or force majeure, transportation circumstances so please use it for items you hurry Thank you like you please.
About issue of receipt
If you need a receipt, we do not issue it. Please use your transfer by yourself in such a way that you make bank transfer from ATM etc. ※ You can use without problems on tax. Please cooperate with non-conforming goods due to indirect cost reduction, cheaper offering.
About guarantee
Operation failure in case of less than 3 days after goods arrival will correspond. However, please understand that it is not possible to deal with the appearance state and matters that do not interfere with the operation. * Except Junk and expressly-sold items with no guarantee
Regarding junk items, we are stating as much as possible about the faults found here. However, since the junk item is a product with a breakdown, a product with a problem to use, because it is a product that can not be guaranteed by our company, even if there was a problem other than the description, we can not do any correspondence. Please note this point.
In the case of new articles and second-hand goods with guarantee, the effectiveness of the manufacturer warranty will be valid. Even if we ask you for guarantee correspondence, we will only carry out surrogate transportation from our company to the manufacturer. Therefore, the period of keeping is increased than by direct request to the manufacturer, the transfer distance also increases, so the damage to the product will also increase. Even if we are asked for such reasons there is no merit of the highest bidder. For the above reasons we do not correspond with the warranty card accessory. * Marked no warranty if the resale to make of 為当 trust assets in view of the imprint is not guaranteed. (Please be assured we have warranty validity)
Regarding second hand goods, we will basically repair it, but when repair requires a long period (about 10 days or more) or if the repair cost exceeds the price for the item, there is a case I will consider it as refund compliant. (We can not specify from customers, please understand we will judge here)
Cash on delivery can be used only for our designated flights when returning for warranty correspondence. ※ If shipping by our designated flight is difficult, in case it is impossible, please be aware that you will bear the actual cost of shipping fee at the customer.
Cases outside the scope of warranty
With junk items and description. Compatibility, Software defects, Consumables defects, Liquid crystal dot missing, delicate color unevenness, remodeling or cases where we are not deemed defective. Customer Support review the mistakes or the nature of the product return / replacement etc No you can't.
When you can not make the transaction progress promptly after a successful bid
If you can not contact within 3 days including the item bid date, please acknowledge that it will be treated as cancellation by the highest bidder convenience Also if the payment can not be confirmed within one week from the item successful bid date will be the same Please understand(Please be careful as bad evaluations will automatically be attached to the highest bidder)
About cancellation
In principle, the bid after cancellation and by the circumstances of the customer cancellation, return, etc., we will not accept any and not. Please pay the latest attention to the bid and have no trouble. We are executing "deleting the highest bidder convenience" when we are forced to cancel YAHOO auction manners and guidelines for their own sake. Please note that "very bad" evaluation is attached.
About cancellation of exhibition
Auctioned items are also sold at stores and on our own website. When the auctioned product (when there is no bid) is sold at the storefront and its own site, the listing is canceled sequentially. Please bid early in case you need it. Loneliness of the heart is harassing and we are "declaring violation products" every day to our exhibited products. Since there are no violation products of our exhibit, there is no exhibition deletion etc from Yahoo auction, but once again we have dropped out on our side due to the above reason.

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