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MacFan beginner's collection 2007 / daily communications
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Leader 5*N*n***
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Start time 2018-05-24T19:00:13+09:00
End time 2018-05-27T19:00:13+09:00
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Lot number p529499141
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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MacFan beginner's collection 2007 / daily communications
Description of item Thank you very much for seeing it. + Your item description + ++++-289-page book [with confidence this is second-hand, but still available, since your bid you can. ◆ About the condition Please judge in the image or if you can ask any questions you care about, we will reply. - Since we do not correspond to cancellation of our bid, we ask that you bid with responsibility. ◆ Exhibits will be all with things in the image, we ask you to bid well after confirmation. ◆ Anyway, but purchased a total of 500 yen less than g burden of packaging and materials costs 36 Yen thank you. I am sorry but it is sorry, but please only bid those who can agree on acknowledging after reading the above item description · delivery method · notes below ·.
Notes ◆ We are going to let you explain exactly but please understand beforehand because we can not respond even if there is a difference between the person who bid and the subjectivity · opinion · value view. - The worse one of evaluation, the newer one, and the more nervous one refuse a bid because there are times when it becomes trouble at the time of dealings. Even if bid / awarded, we will cancel (without cancellation) without notice. <> If you do not contact within 48 hours for dealings Navi from us to send after it makes a successful bid, I will consider it as the end of the transaction. In that case, the evaluation is "very bad". ◆ Please pay within 7 business days from the first contact from us. (If there is no payment within 7 business days, it is deemed that there is no intention of dealings "I cancel transactions due to the highest bidder convenience" I will. In that case, regardless of the will of the East, Yahoo will automatically evaluate "very bad". )
◆ In the second-hand goods of the exhibit, years have passed since manufacture. There are times when it is inferior to the performance / function at the time of brand new, and I do not know when the trouble will come out. There may be times when trouble comes out after arrival, but we can not respond at all. In any case, I will consider it as a no claim no return no cancellation. - Since goods which are not specified as new are not new, there are abrasions, dirt, discoloration etc. Please read the photograph and explanation carefully and judge the state. ◆ Because it is amateur inspection, there are times when oversights such as scratches and dirt in fine parts appear. For this reason, nervous one should refrain from bidding. • Status please determine at. Please understand beforehand that there may be some differences between the photograph and the real thing due to shooting conditions and PC environment such as outdoor, lighting, flash etc. ◆ When the delivery method without compensation is selected, the exhibitor can not assume the responsibility even if an accident occurs during delivery, by any chance. please note that. ◆ For trouble prevention, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question. • Will not answer questions after the auction due to potential, the question always ago bidding to make sure. ◆ Cancellation of returned goods, exchange, refunds due to the convenience of the highest bidder is not received. In that case, regardless of the will of the East, Yahoo will automatically evaluate "very bad". ◆ In art / antiques / antiques, we have not received appraisal by professional institution about writer's name · era · state. According to the inscription and style, we have sent based on personal understanding and judgment at the present moment. After shipping products, if you are asked by an appraisal institution regardless of public or private, we can not bear any appraisal fee no matter what the result, please be forewarned. ◆ If the buy it now price is not speedy is not possible please. ◆ We do not issue receipts, so please understand in advance. *** and more understanding, acknowledgment can receive person only, please tender ◆ ◆ ◆
Shipment details Yu-Mail460 Yen ◆ our designated agent (Japan post and Pack Yamato Japan and Seino transportation) by will be shipped. Due to the convenience of the pickup of the carrier cannot. ◆ We specify another shipping method, shipping, Poste restante ships, directly handing over not. ◆ The shipping date is Mizuki Fri Saturday and Sunday, please let me assume. Due to the circumstances of work, the shipping date may also be off. ◆ After payment is confirmed, shipping within 3 business days is kept in mind, but please understand beforehand because it may be less than one week due to work circumstances. ◆ cash on delivery (commodity cash on delivery) - correspondence is not possible. ◆ It will be shipped by simple packaging. ◆ due to our packaging is shipped on more than one auction and we accept. ◆ Packing materials may use recycled items. (Dan ball air cap-bags etc) ◆ no refund of excess and deficiency, charged both exchanged if the difference between the actual cost of shipping the error conditions, such as packaging, measurement, metrology, procedures, etc.. ◆ may use competitors FedEx and Seino transportation due to us, we use the Yu-Pack price list.
Payment Method Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts Bank transferMitsui Sumitomo, Resona, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ
This item's guide is "♦ @ sale-Kun 4.40 ♦It was created with.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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