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C030 CATC External Interface Breakout Board
Auction ends 22 hours
Current price ¥8,990 $88
Start price ¥8,990 $88
Buy-now ¥12,990 $127
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller sunshineshop2014 +767
Condition Used
Start time 2019-03-22T21:39:22+09:00
End time 2019-03-23T21:39:22+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q114275798
Seller position Tokyo

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C030 CATC External Interface Breakout Board
Description of item External Interface Breakout Board REV. 1.0
For CATC? USB Chief? Bus & Protocol Analyzer
■ Status
Although it is unused, it works as junk because it has not been confirmed.. The exterior is as shown in the picture. ■ Delivered items
It is only the main body as shown in the picture. There is no other accessory. There are no other accessories.
Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
About notes & page contents
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
This exhibition is all treated as junk and parts removal goods. If there is any deterioration or deterioration of the material, such as scratches, we will not be disclaimed at all. Regardless of the reason, refund and return can not be done, please understand. When bid on this item, we will assume that you agree with all the items stated on the exhibition page. Please see the item description by the end before bidding successfully. Please acknowledge that we can not accept any claims after it makes a successful bid. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
After the end of the auction
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About evaluation after trading
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
I will withhold evaluation. However, we will evaluate customers who have been evaluated. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
If you do not receive a message
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
If there is no reply within 24 hours after a successful bid, we will contact you from here. If there is no reply within 2 days after contact, transactions will be canceled. please note that. About transactions
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About transfer amount
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
The transfer amount will be the winning bid price + shipping fee. If there is a shortage even if 1 yen in the amount of money to transfer, please note that you can not ship until you receive the shortfall. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About payment method
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Payment method is limited to simple settlement, or bank transfer. ※ Easy payment fee, please bear the transfer fee at the customer's share. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About handling bank
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
The handling bank is Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About cancellation
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
We will refuse any cancellation after it makes a successful bid. In case it was canceled by the highest bidder convenience automatically from Yahoo will automatically enter the evaluation of "very bad" to the successful bidder Please note. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About bid cancellation
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
The one with remarkably bad evaluation may cancel the bid by our judgment. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About product image
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Since the color of the image differs from the monitor, it is slightly different from the actual color, so please understand it. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
About the junk item (Troubles handled), the item subject to repair, parts removal article, scratch item
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
We will not do any compensation on our side. We do not accept refunds and returns. # Operation not yet verification, not yet cleaning. We do not check the product state in detail. We can not check details in detail. Please give me a bid for an understanding about some omissions, such as a goods state and a shortage of parts. Surface is deteriorated, there are scratches. Please note that there may be scratches, dirt, paint bald, seal marks, or protective rubber missing parts, deterioration, screws missing parts, etc. Warranty liability shall be exempted at all. Because quality can not be guaranteed, thank you in junk treatment. It is a complete no claim no return. ■ Because it seems that there is a thing that may be a different opinion depending on the person viewing the photograph, please give me a thought on the reference level of bidding. Items that can be delivered (exhibits) 物 Those that appear in the image, Accessories, etc. Items that can be delivered please check in the image. The image is only an image. Please understand that there are occasions when the appearance is slightly different from the actual product. ■ There is a risk of defective products. In the event that it becomes unusable thing, I will not refund the price. We do not accept return of goods. In addition, I also refuse the bad evaluation in that case. If you make a bad evaluation, there is also a retaliation evaluation, so please understand. # The highest bid + postage = payment total. I can not answer questions about the breakdown of shipping costs. There is a difference with the actual shipping fee that the size setting of luggage is set a little, but refund of the difference of the shipping fee of this product and the actual shipping fee will be refused. Please do not bid for those who do not agree.
Shipment details The postage is ¥ 990 yen. Shipping is LP. There is a difference with the actual shipping fee that the size setting of luggage is set a little, but refund of the difference of the shipping fee of this product and the actual shipping fee will be refused. Do not bid those who do not consent to the shipping cost to avoid troubles after the bidding and the disadvantages of both sides. After the bidding successfully, we will refuse negotiation for discount concerning shipping.
Payment Method Bank transfer Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale kun 4.30 ■It was created with.
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