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★ How to become able to write "name" in 13 days Takahashi Genichiro / Best seller "A novel class for 130 million people" Examination classroom decision edition
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Information of products How can I become able to write my own sentences? In response to the hot feelings of the students, Professor Takahashi made breakthrough lessons. "Impression sentence" does not matter with 5 points. It's much fun not to introduce myself to "self-introduction". What is the best way to write a "love letter"? What do you see when you read "Nippon Constitution Preamble" and Kafka's "Transformation" together ... .... Also full of students' actual example sentences. To become easy to read, a fun writing classroom that you want to join without thinking!
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The Best Selling "Novel Classroom for 130 Million People" Exaggerated the 21st Century Writing Classroom Decision Version. Legendary lecture, finally to type. (From product database)
title:How to become able to write "name" in 13 daysthe publisher:Asahi Shimbun Publishingprice:¥ 1,944Author:Takahashi Genichiro (Author)page:396 pagessize:18.6 x 13.2 x 2.8 cm
Product status band:It is with an obi.Cover (cover):It is generally good.Small mouth:Although there is some feeling of use, it is generally good.page:It is generally good.
shipping method This product weighs about 399 g. Including the weight of the packaging material, the total weight is expected to be about 429 g. Possible shipping methods are as follows. (If you list more than one, you can choose one)● ゆ う mail: 300 yen Packing method will be air packing + envelope. It is the most common way to ship books. Depending on the location, the number of arrival days will differ, but we will arrive in approximately 1 to 3 days. For books of a size that can not be posted to posts, absence tables of post office enters, you can specify the date and re-deliver. ● Click post: 164 yen It is service by post office which is similar to Yamato Transport's mail service (service ended at the end of March 2015). Packing method will be clear vinyl + envelope. (We have made this packing because there is thickness restriction)
We will inform you of "your inquiry number" of your package at the time of shipping completion contact. This has the merit of tracking luggage.
● Letter pack light: 360 yen Packing method will be a special vinyl envelope for clear vinyl + letter pack. (We have made this packing because there is thickness restriction)
Because it is delivered by express postal service at the post office, it is characterized by a faster arrival than ordinary mail. We will inform you of "your inquiry number" of your package at the time of shipping completion contact. This has the merit of tracking luggage.
※ Our list of exhibited products,HereYou can also refer to from the page of. (Please note that the link destination page is large in size, so those who are concerned with packet rates by browsing from mobile will open it. )* If there is an irregular schedule such as New Year's holidays and extraordinary holidays,HereWe will notify you in the page of the self-introduction column or in the self-introduction column. Those who hurry please check to make sure just before bidding. ※ The amount you pay after a successful bid,Your bid amount+Shipping cost(It will be the amount displayed above). We do not have other fees or consumption tax etc. ※ About the state of the product
We try to check the state as accurately as possible. We assume that writing does not exist as a rule, and if it exists, we will be listed on this page as much as possible. However, it can not be said that no oversight due to eye check. Because it becomes a product of USED except for the item which is specified as a new article, those who are fond of nervousness in too fine details regarding the state want to withhold a bid. Even if you have a favorite point, we will do our best as much as possible, so that we can not immediately put bad evaluations etc, please contact us by e-mail. About ※ shipping fee
The shipping cost is estimated to be about from the total weight with the weight of the book presuming that the weight of the packaging material is uniformly 30 g. Therefore, in a subtle case where the weight of the product may become another price zone of the postage, it may be slightly different between the actual shipping cost and the postage we are displaying. However, even if you go back and forth, refunds can not be made, so I would like to acknowledge this in advance. On the contrary, even if the actual shipping fee has become higher than the postage you are allowed to show, do not charge for excess fee etc, so please be relief. ※ About the guarantee at the time of delivery
If you choose a delivery method with no warranty, if you are encountered in a mailing accident etc, such as lost by any chance, as long as we can not be compensated unless there are special circumstances, please be aware of that point in advance I will. If you are worried, we recommend using a guaranteed delivery method. ※ For people who are considering bulk buying
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In principle, if you contact us or transfer by 13 o'clock, we will ship the same day, the transfer after 13 o'clock will become the next day's shipment. Those who hurry to the extreme in order to avoid troubles, please inquire before a successful bid just in case. Also, since Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be closed as a rule, shipping will be accepted in advance. ※ About the evaluation
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