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High taste 87 points! Our low pesticide 1 rice 29 years Kochi South Korea Koshihikari brown rice 30 kg
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Current price ¥8,600 $85
Start price ¥8,600 $85
Buy-now ¥10,000 $99
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ma_horoba +749
Leader J*o*6***
Condition New
Start time 2018-03-14T22:46:29+09:00
End time 2018-03-17T22:44:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q200595582
Seller position Kochi prefecture Nankoku city

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[Mahoroba] Koshihikari for harvesting / consumption (appearance quality: rating A = 1 rice in the United States) grown in beautiful water of the upper stream of the Kokubium river (Terukawa River inhabiting the salamanders) near the Kininuo castle ruins of Nankoku Tosa. (It is located in the northern part of Tonkoku-shi, Kochi Plain, the difference in temperature between day and night is large, and the taste of rice, especially in Kochi prefecture, is particularly well-known. )
Herbicide at rice planting and harvesting 1 month before harvesting (half of usual) Rice grown in low pesticide once, grown in fertile soil by organic fertilizer and rice bran, without residual pesticide, eat deliciously and securely It is for Heisei FY2009 for self-consumption which I have sent, so I had a little margin so I sent it. Beginning with the unpolished rice diet, the colors, luster, taste and stickiness that made it into white rice are also very popular with acquaintances who have bought directly and popular Japanese restaurants, and are very pleased.
Like last year, this year as well last year, it became very delicious rice with foliar application of electrolyzed hydrogen water (reduced water) and enzyme on the body, and in the palatometer (Shizuoka Machine GS - 2000)87 pointsRecorded. ("Taste value"Was calculated from data of sensual sensory tests actually tasted and the internal analysis of rice and is a numerical value of" degree of taste best suited to Japanese tongue ". Koshihikari is as good as the nationwide average, 70 to 80, more than 80 is delicious "good", more than 85 is "superb". Even though the production area and area are the same, the taste value greatly differs depending on the growing method and management of producers. )
Unlike rice which is packaged in the name of production area after inspection (appearance) (grade), unlike rice which is in general distribution (wholesale or retail store), it is self-consuming rice, so it is unnecessary to blend with old rice and other varieties to taste, It is tasty in this year 100% Koshihikari 【Tropical Mahoroba rice】 Come, please relish once. We will keep delivering the taste of the new rice at the cold storage warehouse.
About retention period _ In the cool dark place, at least 6 months for unpolished rice and 2 months for white rice, there is almost no decline in taste. About polished rice ___ If you wish, we will make rice milling with ¥ 300 (we will get about 27 kg). (There is rarely a worm-eared spot rice _ but it is mostly removed if it is milled with a professional high-performance rice mill. Still please remove those who are worried when washing rice. )
To the brown rice food ___ Because rice husk [rice] or pebbles may be rarely mixed, those who are troublesome to remove are highly nutritious [1 minute 搗 き] (slightly different from brown rice) Also recommended.
Total price = winning bid price + shipping fee + milled rice (only hope) fee* Shipping fee: Hokkaido · Okinawa: ¥ 1600, Tohoku: ¥ 1300,
Kanto, Shinetsu, Chubu, Hokuriku, Tokai: ¥ 1100,
Kansai · China · Kyushu: ¥ 1000, Shikoku: ¥ 800
* Precision rice: ¥ 300 Addition (white rice (standard) - 7 minutes - 5 minutes - 3 minutes - 1 minute 搗 き, 無 寿 米)
* Subdivision: ¥ 300 additional (10 kg bag x 3)
* Cash on delivery fee: ¥ 420 addition
* Consumption tax: unnecessary
* Packaging: ribbon box in a cardboard box (for eco, reuse items)
* Courier service: only for us* Those who were awarded must contact us confirming delivery information and trading availability (such as brown rice or white rice designation) in dealings Navi. New rice 10 kg, 20 kg is here! (Listing List) (Added 23:11 on August 27, 2017)※ This year there are occasions when "rice (fir)" covered with rice husk is rarely mixed in brown rice than usual. Rice milling (to white rice) is not problematic at all, but those of brown rice cuisine recommend a one minute beverage equal in nutritional value to brown rice (as described above).
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