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●44 million yen●rare●classy●Knoll●Nord Ltd.●Kvadrat company fabric●Warren program toner●armchairs●wire chair●a
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Current price ¥73,149 $712
Start price ¥73,149 $712
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller fbmjnb +2403
Leader e*Y*4***
Condition Used (See below condition)
Start time 2018-04-24T23:31:08+09:00
End time 2018-04-26T23:31:08+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q203880644
Seller position Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi-shi

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The second and subsequent pictures may not be viewable on the mobile phone screen. Since we have posted many pictures for telling product damage,
Please be sure to check in the PC environment.There are many people in need of amulets that do not deal with the deal deadlines stated in the exhibition explanation. With [Order form transmission] within 24 hours after it makes a successful bid
Those who can not protect [payment procedure] within 3 days after a successful bid should withhold their participation.
Before bidding, please read the following sentences in full text,
I will carry out dealings as what you understand.
Product explanation · Condition etc
Thank you for seeing. Warren Platner(Warren Pratt) is a design of classic chair, plastic designer armchair in. Works of art like a beautiful wire chairs, and a term representing the work. Cheap products products in the market, by Knoll Ltd. of genuine it.. Without distortion can be lined with wire, precise welding, the seat of the back Knoll of the initials"K"motif, such as a logo please check. Frame materials are several types available, the polished Nickel of the model.. Paste the land of Denmark, luxury fabric manufacturer"Kvadrat company Hallingdal65"in.. Color number is"103". Light gray and Express I think..http://kvadrat.jp/collection/detail/uid/1000-0103In May,luxury apartment model room have been installed, it
Individuals with long-term use of your overall degree is also good. Use the period even shorter,the storage state is also good, the
Wire services such as the beautiful luster remains. Cushion of TO for and big feel,of the fabric to keep the dirt without feeling well used. The bottom surface of the cushioning material(transparent tube) and a slight play there,
Other damage and tell you so, not
New purchase the and you to in.. Brand new price is expensive, let go of those who are less for
Used can rarely think.. How will this opportunity.
Product spec
●Collection/10 stages in 9. 5 degree
●Manufacturer/Knoll[Nord / Nord]
●Reference price/442,800 yen (tax included)
●Size/W740mm×D530mm×H755mm×SH480mm degree (measured value)
The number is the product of the state to provide a reference for the value is subjective based on the rating of the.Other listingsPlease also judge the numerical value after seeing the condition of. Please make sure to check the size, specifications, list price etc for yourself just in case.
Shipping method and shipping fee
Shipping is Saitama Prefecture from Yamato home convenience ofEasy household goods flight C rank[Postage prepayment]We will deliver in. We have chosen the shipping company, taking into consideration transportation cost, handling of goods at the time of transportation, guarantee system at emergency transport accident etc.Sorry, but please do not specify the shipping company.As the service includes carrying in to your designated place in your home and bringing back packing materials, please make full use of it. Shipping fee will vary depending on the addressee,This price list [Place origin for Saitama prefecture]Please check with. Specification of the delivery date can be specified. We will arrive at your hand in about 3 to 4 days after shipment except for some areas,
Please specify the schedule with clearance. The time zone can be selected from the categories "Morning / 12 to 15 o'clock / 15 to 18 o'clock / 18 to 21 o'clock".There is a part "Area which can not be specified time", and we apologize for any inconvenience.On the Yamato Home Convenience websiteAreas where time can be specifiedHas been stated. Sorry for your inconvenience but please confirm before joining.
Advance reservation is required for pickup, so product shipping on payment date can not be done.Usually, we pick up a pick-up reservation on the payment date and we ship the next day, but rarely we will receive your time until two days later. We ship items at shipment at the responsibility of the shipping company. In order to prevent the product from being soiled at the time of delivery, we carry out curing or simple packing at this store and hand it over to the shipping company. Because you can not accept returns for reasons such as being unable to bring in large size,
Please adequately confirm the loading route to the installation site. If accidents caused by the shipping company occurred such as product damage during transportation,
We will apply transport insurance which we will conclude with the shipping company at this store
. Regarding the storage period of the product, we would like to respond to your request as much as possible, but because we keep products in a small place,We would like to ship items within 3 days or so, thank you for your cooperationTo.Kawaguchi city, Saitama Prefecture exhibition from it.. Although there are restrictions on the date and time,
If there is a person near you, we will also correspond directly to pick up. Correspondence possible date and time of receipt,Excluding weekends and holidays [12 to 20 on weekdays]So we need a reservation in advance. We will welcome direct receipt, but because there are problems with the storage location,After auction ends, if possible, please pick up within 3 days, up to 1 week within. Those who have a delivery date of your choice a week or more ahead of time by moving or traveling,
Please contact us in advance from the question column. We can not accept consultation of the storage period after it makes a successful bid.
Please note that it may not be possible to respond to requests for storage depending on the size of the product.
With regard to store exhibition, we keep a consumption tax against the winning bid price.Consumption tax + shipping cost = total amount of money for winning bid + winning bid price.

※ The transfer fee will be borne by the customer. * If you deposit the amount without consumption tax first, please note that we will charge a consumption tax again.

please note
Unless otherwise stated, the item is not a new item but a used item. Those who have resistance to second - hand goods, those who do not understand, those who are worried about use feeling,
Also, please refrain from participation if you are overly nervous. New purchase that comes with the package type in the box, etc.] or User Manual,warranty card etc,as long as not attached.The one that is reflected in the image becomes all.Regarding condition and color, stand in the position of participants,
Although I am paying attention to accurately tell you, there may be differences in the recognition of both sides. Please note that it will be the current status priority. Regarding "odor" that we can not tell by dealings on the Internet,
Staff of 2 to 3 at all times regularly inspect each phase at the time of arrival, cleaning, shooting, packing. Basically stated unless cigarettes and perfume, material deterioration, such as unpleasant odor not think for peace of mind, please join us. However, since there are individual differences regarding how to feel odor,
Those who are extremely sensitive should refrain from participating. In addition, when you unpacked the product that was in a sealed condition for a long time due to the packaging material,
Although there may be those who feel slight odor peculiar to second hand goods,
I think that you think that it disappears while using it.From the viewpoint of trouble prevention, we refuse the bid of the worse one of evaluation.Looking at past dealings, those with many "bad" evaluations, those with many cancellation history,
I will delete the bid of those with big trouble by this judgment.* We will not reply to early termination or prompt decision hope questions. * We will not reply to questions with e-mail addresses listed. I will not send you a message directly. * Since it becomes the origin of trouble, if there is a question before bidding thank you. * Please refrain from the question after the end of the auction and the confirmation of the condition etc. * We answer all questions you can answer, but we will not reply to questions you did not answer even after a successful bid. * Since I can not answer your question just before the end of the auction, please ask a question as soon as possible. *After the end of the auction and bargaining, such as information and can not meet. * Please note that returns and complaints can not be accepted basically.In addition, if there is something to worry about, please ask in advance in advance, please join after being fully understood and understood. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that you can deal with each other pleasantly.
Flow of dealings
Yahoo store system of the successful bid Navi introduction and. On the auction store system,Dealings using dealings Navi can not be done.We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.Yahoo! Auction help "When you make a successful bid from the auction store"If you bid on the item, we will send it to the e-mail address registered by the customer for the auction,
A successful bid notification mail arrives by automatic transmission from Yahoo!. In the successful bid notification mail "Message from the exhibitor"
Please read the greetings from the person in charge and how to use 【order form】 is stated.As a start of dealings, first of all we have used [order form] from customers,
You need to enter the information necessary for dealings → Send it.
After we send you [order form], we will send you a message from our store,
We will arrive at the e-mail address registered by the customer for the auction. Transactions during the period, the store's email address [auction@monotonos.net from messages to be received by,Please check your email application settings. Also, please keep in mind the setting of junk e-mail filter. From message arrival"Within 24 hours at the latest"Please send us [order form] to thank you.

In addition, many are under exhibition. Please have a look, if very well.
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