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C = w 858 Marilyn Monroe Sanwa Holdings Quoccard
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,000 $20
Start price ¥2,000 $20
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller asds94_c +2240
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-11T21:23:28+09:00
End time 2019-05-12T01:15:53+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q273296777
Seller position Saitama

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★ About the product
State RankBunused· Items not described specifically in "Item Title" will be 500 yen face value all. · For non-face value other than 500 yen, it will be described in "Product title". (For the book card NEXT, the following additional explanation available)
Before bidding ourSelf introduction columnPlease be sure to check the supplemental items described in.
★ Additional explanation when the exhibited item is the library card NEXT
· The book card NEXT not specifically described in "Item Title" is 500 yen face value not scraping the back side. · If you do not cut back, you can not check whether it is unused, but since it is a collection item it has sent without cutting. If it should be unused, we will compensate the amount used. (If the back has already been scraped at the time of the exhibition, we will check the balance and will say "Backed balance confirmed" etc.)
★ About condition rank
SExtremely beautiful item. Very stateful as well as new.ARegular beauty goods. Especially there is no problem, but those who stick to the state extremely should not bid.BSmall drawback. Thin wounds etc. It is hard to understand at a glance. Depending on the seller, there seems to be something written as a beauty item even in this state.CMedium difficulty. A slightly wide scratch etc. will find it at a glance.DGreat difficulty. Very conspicuous scratch. Deep wounds. Extensive threads etc. It is a condition that anyone can look bad for seeing. If there are additional information on other conditions, it will be listed at the end of the product title.
★ About procedure after it makes a successful bid
·Procedure start deadline is 2 days after auction 2 days remittance deadline is 1 weekIt will be. Please be sure to contact us if you are late. · If there is nothing in particular, a transaction message is unnecessary. Please complete the procedure and wait for shipping contact. · In case of two or more successful bids, please send the message to only one of the business navigators as much as possible. · Even if you do not do summary procedure, we will bundle them all. · Cash vouchers are easy settlement based on the Yahoo! Auction policyCredit payment is impossibleAnd we are.
★ About shipping fee
·Ordinary postal 82 yen (no compensation),Specific record 242 yen (no compensation),Simple registered mail 392 yen (with compensation)There is no change in shipping fee even if bundled.· Even if a mail accident happens, you can not refund the price so if compensation is necessary please select simple registered mail with compensation by post office.
★ About payment
· The payment amount is "Total contract price + shipping fee (1 piece)"Will be. · When you make a successful bid, you will be collective remittance or individual remittance. Please ask if the amount is unknown. ◆Collective remittance◆ Easy payment Please rewrite the shipping fee as necessary before remittance and adjust the amount and send money. In this case the procedure of other products is unnecessary. (In the case of simple settlement expiration of other products or shipping setting error etc., the correct amount of money can be transferred in this way)
Individual money transfer◆ All successful bid products Please make remittance remittance and single item remittance. If the simple settlement becomes more than two please rewrite the postage to 0 yen after the second one and remittance. One example In case of ordinary mail by making a bid for the item of 1000 yen, the item of 500 yen and the item of 300 yen
The payment amount will be 1,000 + 500 + 300 + 82 = 1882 yen. In the case of collective remittance → rewrite the shipping fee of the item of 1000 yen to 882 yen and make a total of 1882 yen and remit. We do not process other two items. In the case of individual remittance → Select an ordinary mail of 82 yen with goods of 1000 yen, remit 1082 yen, products of 500 yen and 300 yen rewrite shipping fee to 0 yen and remit.
★ About shipment and evaluation
· After remittance we will ship from the post office window approximately 0 to 2 business days. (Ordinary mails are sending out by post posting on holidays)
· Products will be protected with cardboard and tracer etc. · Since we will press the shipping button by the day of shipping or the next day please push the receipt button after arrival. · If the transaction is complete without problemsReturn only if you receive evaluationI will do. Therefore, it is unnecessary to contact the evaluation necessary / evaluation unnecessary.
★ About placement and bundling
- Basically all will be bundled. We enclose as much as possible even if there is no bundle request. There is no change in shipping fee even if bundled. · The placementOne week from the first successful bidIt will be. In order to avoid confusion please remittance as much as possible after all products auction ends. · If it is before shipment contact, you can bundle the item that was awarded for additional after remittance.
★ About cancellation · deadline
· Returned goods can not be refunded, cancellation of the highest bidder convenience. If you make a mistake by making a bid, please consult immediately. · In the case of exhibitor's convenience (incomplete not stated in the item description), we will refund returned, we will cancel. Please contact me within one week after arrival. Sometimes we can not respond after one week. · If there is no remittance by the deadline (usually one week after the successful bid), it will be bid prohibited after it becomes bidder convenience cancellation (automatically bad appreciates on the Yahoo! Auction system). · We will charge you if the remittance amount is insufficient. The deadline is one week after requesting. Please be sure to inform us in case of delay. · If you can not contact or remit with unavoidable reasons and you canceled, please let us know how late it is. There is a thing that can resume trading.
★ Other
· We do not ship internationally. For overseas please use bid agency. · We do not negotiate price cuts. Even if you contact us in the question column we will not reply. ・ Because you pay by bank transfer in the case of simple settlement remittance is impossible such as expiration and postage setting mistake, please consult us. · When shortage occurs, it will be shipped after the insufficient money remittance. · If you would like to dare separately ship by bid agency, please be sure to contact us beforehand. · When it exceeds the compensation limit amount of simple registered mail, it will change to registered mail and Yu Pack. (It does not cost additional shipping cost)
· There is a case that ordinary mail is changed to specific record by seller's decision. (It does not cost additional shipping cost)
It is under exhibition with each ID. Dealings are possible at once.asds94 asds94no2 asds94no3 asds94no4 asds94no5 asds94no6 asds94no7 asds94no8 asds94no9 asds94no0 asds94_a asds94_b asds94_c asds94_d
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