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★ Celica repair manual (ST165, ST185 etc), reference manual, wiring diagram, handling manual CD vol.3 ★ Service manual
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Seller oguniwara113 +7090
Condition New
Start time 2018-10-28T21:00:06+09:00
End time 2018-10-29T13:36:13+09:00
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Lot number r227831811
Seller position Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture

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"Description of item"It is Celica vol. 3 of the unopened new toyota service manual CD in the regular edition, a new model of Celica (Coupe · Liftback LB · Double X XX) of the era (1983 to 1991 - 2 years) stated in the CD jacket Reference book · repair manual · wiring diagram collection · handling document is covered in PDF format. Of course, this CD is a regular edition issued by Toyota, it is a CD which becomes the original of an illegal pirated edition (copied version) which has been exhibited a lot in auction. In our memory when similar items were viewed before, the contents of the CD are the ones at the time of the minor change of the 60 series Celica of the year 1983 8, and when the six-cylinder model Celica XX system finally carried out some improvement Of January 1985, etc.. Furthermore, the 160 series Celica after August 1985 which Celica was fully remodeled and GT-FOUR of ST 165 series additionally released in October 1986. Furthermore, it was fully remodeled in September 1989 and Celica becomes 18 # series. ST185 Series Celica GT-FOUR released at the same time, and ST185H series GT-FOUR RC released as a rally exclusive model in October 1991, followed by the August 1992 model which improved the synchronization mechanism, Celica All formats of new model cars, repair books, wiring drawing collections, and handling forms of the new model are covered in PDF files. Although the contents of the CD is described mainly about GT-FOUR, of course, Active World of Crica of 18 # series and convertible etc are covered. In addition, the content of CD of the product is very enormous, so I stated itSince the explanation of the recorded contents traces the memory of self-knowledge, it also describes "subjectivity and impression", so it may be different from the screen content of actual CD, in case of "reprint" by others in the same industry etc. Please be especially carefulOn the back of the CD case(← See the second picture), Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher is necessary for viewing. Operating environment · OS: Windows 95/98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP · CPU: Pentium 100 MHz or higher (Pentium II 300 MHz or higher is recommended) · Memory: 32 MB or more (64 MB or more is recommended) · CD drive:. The copyright of this CD-ROM belongs to Toyota Motor Corporation. Copying, copying, reprinting, screening, public transmission, rental, translation, adaptation or modification without the permission of the copyright owner of the whole or a part of this CD-ROM is forbidden. All or part of this CD-ROMIn case of duplication etc without permission, compensation for damages may be requestedThere is description such as. In the brochure integrated with the blue CD jacket, the repair manual / reference manual / wiring diagram / manual of the handling document / classification (separate from the first edition / supplementary version) · Model of the vehicle · Issued date It is being done. And on the back of CD jacket · Since this CD-ROM is scanned as it is original PDF, the clarity may be different depending on the preservation state of the original, so please note in advance, etc."Please, attention" New IDTowardsBid / successful bid is not acceptedI will doNew ID personFor trouble preventionEven if bid / awarded, I delete itSo, please be forewarned. * Please refrain from the tender even if you can not contact the shipping destination etc within 24 hours after it makes a successful bid. * If you are able to complete the transaction even if you are a new ID (if you have a willingness to purchase securely) please tell that from the question column, depending on the content you may accept bids as-is,The direction of the new ID deletes it even if it is bid / awarded without a questionSo, please understand."Shipping method and shipping fee"Shipping fee is charged to the highest bidder.Letter pack plus Letter pack light Click post "Display relating to Specified Commercial Transactions Law"Although I posted it, this is
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