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Pesticides・chemical fertilizers and 8% of the! 29 years of terraced rice 10㎏. Wash free rice helps allowed. Free shipping
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Current price ¥3,800 $37
Start price ¥3,800 $37
Buy-now ¥3,900 $38
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kome_no_oukoku +936
Condition New (Reduce pesticides>Safety rice)
Start time 2018-03-19T22:40:41+09:00
End time 2018-03-21T22:40:41+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number r234994026
Seller position Shiga Prefecture is surrounded by mountains, rice terraces

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29 annual novice courseBrock 100%A small mountain farmers directReduced pesticide cultivation. Brown rice 10㎏X1 bag!
White rice,wash free rice helps too..
【Description of item】
■ Small mountain farmersThe family has taken time and effort to hang cultivationThis year also 8 months than harvesting,special cultivation rice farmers in direct sales
"Without pesticides", aimed at planting rice beforeHerbicides 1 timesAnd then unused.Before harvest of the American system for agricultural chemicals(Impact on the human body avoid)Helicopter spraying without,
Mowing devoted. ・ This nurturedRice or sweet ingredients has,the taste value 91 points"exceptional"measuresDelicious and
Cooperatives and 米問屋 in it.

■ For example the same brand name in other production areas and taste the difference
Every day to eat"the rice", itDelicious rice want to eatGood soilThe temperature difference between day and nightGood water·University, Faculty of Agriculture,agricultural technology center-moreDelicious rice(Taste is good)Conditions have a greater relationship with.Near the 1000m class of 鈴鹿山脈 located in the Western part of the,The slope of the mountain using rice1・ ItThe valley to the abundant snowmelt(Fresh water→root absorption of oxygen=grow=
Trace elements,nutrients including mineral water) is collected in the basins. 2・ summerDuring the day is not hot and at night the futon is neededNo temperature difference is characterized by. Temperature difference is,During the day to grow at night to protect them, the rice itself is trainedSay
The process of repetition the rice is growing. Temperature difference of Niigata Prefecture, the mountains as well as the absolute requirement. 3・ buttom which is the proof of theHeavy clay soils are rich(of soil nutrition balance,
Moisture and nutrient accumulation nature of) the land, the old good from rice
It is said that. This climate is3 conditions(and crush, not only, the only)meetSo,A small mountain farmersRice is deliciousShari or rice is in sushi and Japanese restaurants other,to the elderly in a deep-rooted popularity. Every day to eat rice, so,Allergy-Constitution, who preferred the safeIn
This is not only a delicious rice deliver.Brand Name origin is from the Edo period,"most"of the region, Kyoto, Chiba, Kaga and around, move,
One place not determined. After the war, the"best"of Yamagata,and the"Niigata uonuma koshihikari"
In the first place by the sale of land days come from?? By the way
20 the fiscal year of the Japan grain inspection of the taste rankings in most other prefectures were.
【Four of the】
It's one of theThe "rice of the water"This
Storage resistance, the moisture is low and good. 14% of the rice,the taste is bad. Paddy and theBrown rice 15. 0% moisture managementAnd properly finish it.. The two"Large rice"ThisAnd rice grain large grain rice,米問屋 shipments and agricultural shipments the same as the rice will. The three"Rice"This
Before eating, rice is milled, the oxidation rather delicious.After ordering at low temperatures,the stone pulling out riceI will do. White rice(standard rice),wash free rice helps also accepting. The four"Shipping to"This
Cash on delivery order. Or,after confirmation of payment to the rice, and as soon as possible ship them.. Arrival at a specified date and time are also available.
【Deals・shipping contents]
■ Brown rice plus 1 bag, included with packaging added,10kg to3, 000Circle(After a successful bid,dealings Navi more). Also, after a successful bid, direct orders to the cheaper materials.. ・1 bag unit shipment. (For example,⇒brown rice 10kg+white rice 9kg+wash free rice helps 8. 5kg)
・ White rice,wash free rice helps if you brown rice 10㌔for 150 yen will be charged to the customer materials.. However, the content amount of 1% is white rice,1 assigned 5 minutes of wash free rice helps rice bran minutes weight loss. Brown rice, 10kg of rice, then -→ white rice is 9kg,wash free rice helps is 8. 5kg finish. ·Small"10kg pack is 1 bag"for freeRice milling time is 1 割前 after weight loss. The freshness will last longer that the laminate on the pack, Kraft bag packing. ・ Sushi shops or restaurants,individuals, etc. in order to ship, and more.. YourOrder shippingOnce the bid is successful,the food we like will handle the case. ■free shippingHowever, following some of the local fare will be added.. Fare chart
[ Gyeongsangbuk-do ] 600 yen (Hokkaido)
[ Tohoku ] 300 yen (Aomori,Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Miyagi,Fukushima)
[ Okinawa ] 600 yen (Okinawa)
【Payment Method】
■ Bank transfer・Rakuten・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ・Japan net■ Yucho Bank・Post Bank from Japan Post Bank transfer fee is free■ Cash on delivery・The transfer is uneasy,please use. Cash On Delivery Fee=370 yen■ Yahoo! Settlement
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