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Both pesticides and chemical fertilizers are reduced by 80%! Terraced rice 10 kg of 29 years. No wash rice possible. Free shipping
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Current price ¥3,800 $38
Start price ¥3,800 $38
Buy-now ¥3,900 $39
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kome_no_oukoku +868
Condition New (Reduced pesticide> Safe and safe rice)
Start time 2018-03-19T22:40:41+09:00
End time 2018-03-21T22:40:41+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number r234994026
Seller position Shiga Prefecture Rice terraces surrounded by mountains

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29 Annual production of new rice KosiHikari 100%Small mountain farmhouse direct deliveryReduced pesticide cultivation. Brown rice 10 ㎏ X 1 bag!
White rice, there is no rinse.
【Description of item】
■ A small mountain farmhouseFamilies spending time cultivatingFrom August this year, also harvested, farmers direct sales of special cultivated rice
Aiming for "pesticide-free", before rice planting1 herbicide, Then unused.Agricultural chemicals for bugs before harvesting(Avoid the influence on the human body)He did not spray the helicopter,
I concentrate on mowing. · This nurturedRice has a sweetness component and measures "best" with a taste value of 91 pointsIf delicious
It is done in agricultural cooperatives and wholesale shops!
In case
■ For example, even with the same brand, the taste is different with other production areas,
"Rice" to eat everyday, if you wishI want to eat delicious riceGood soilDaily temperature differenceGood water·University Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Technology CenterDelicious rice(Good taste)Condition is greatly related.Located in the west part of the 1000 m level Suzuka Mountains nearby,Making rice using mountain slopes1 · ThatAbundant snow melting water in the valley(Fresh water → roots absorb oxygen = well growing =
Trace elements, mineral water containing nutrients) gathered basin. 2 · During summerIt's infinitely hot during the day and a futon is needed at nightIt is characterized by the difference in temperature and temperature. When there is a difference in temperature and temperature,It grows during the day, protects herself at night, herself is trainedSay that
Repetitive process rice growth. As for the mountainous area in Niigata prefecture, the difference of temperature difference is absolute condition. 3 · It becomes a proof of the lake bottomHeavy clay soil is abundant (soil nutrition balance,
It has the property of storing moisture and nutrients) Land has good rice
It is said. This climateFulfill the three conditions (greasy, amomi, umami)SoA small mountain farmerThe taste of riceShari and white rice are recommended, and other than sushi shops and restaurants, deep-rooted popularity. Because it is rice to eat everyday,Allergy - Also preferred for constitutional relief, safetyso
Continually committed, delivery delicious rice.From the Edo period, the birthplace has moved from Kyoto, Chiba and Kaga to "the best"
It is not decided in one place. After the war "the best" Yamagata, eventually "Uonuma from Niigata"
Will it be the day to give the leader the lead? What? Incidentally
The food quality ranking of Japanese grain test in FY 2008 was the most prefecture.
【Four commitments】
One"Water of rice"Commitment
Storage performance improves when moisture is low. 14% or less of rice has poor taste. With rice15.0% moisture management of brown rice, It finished properly. Two"Large grain rice"CommitmentOne rice grain is a large grain rice, It will be the same rice as shipment of rice wholesale or agricultural cooperation shipment. That one"Mill Rice"Commitment
Before eating rice, it is delicious without oxidation.After ordering low temperature, stone-free milled riceI will do. White rice (standard polished rice), no washing rice is also being accepted. Four"To shipment"Commitment
Cash on delivery order. Or, we will polish after payment is confirmed and ship as soon as possible. Arrival appointment date and time are also available.
【Deals, shipping content】
■ Brown rice Another bag, the same packing addition,10 kg3,000Circle(After a successful bid, from dealings Nabis). Also, we will receive direct orders at a discount after a successful bid. · Shipment per bag unit is possible. (Example = brown rice 10 kg + white rice 9 kg + rice free rice 8.5 kg)
· In the case of white rice, no rinse, we will receive it at the burden of 150 yen per 10 kg of brown rice. However, the amount of content is 10% for white rice, 10% for 5 minutes for rice bran is rice-free. After rice milling of unpolished rice 10 kg -> 9 kg of white rice and 8.5 kg of rinse-free rice. ·Subdivision "10 kg bagged 1 bag" Free, About 10% when polishing rice Weight loss. On top of the laminate pack with freshness lasting, packed with craft rice bag. · We are shipping orders to sushi shop or restaurant, individual etc. YourOrder deliveryOnce you bid successfully, eat it, correspond to the case you like. ■free shippingHowever, the fare is added in some areas below. Fare table
[North Road] 600 yen (Hokkaido)
[Tohoku] 300 yen (Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima)
[Okinawa] 600 yen (Okinawa)
【Payment Method】
■ Bank transfer· Rakuten · Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ · Japan Net■ Japan Post Bank· Yucho Bank to Yucho Bank transfer fee free■ COD· If you are unsure of the transfer, please use. COD fee = 370 yen■ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
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