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Sale! June 30 fiscal year and for the IT novice
Auction ends 3 days
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Seller georgette66fr +340
Condition New
Start time 2018-11-20T23:03:01+09:00
End time 2018-11-23T23:02:49+09:00
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Seller position Ikeda-machi, Gifu Prefecture

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Thank you for seeing.
April 30 in Gifu Prefecture 揖斐郡池田町 to harvest it.
One in the same brown rice in a state of 30 kg rice and we want to help..
For making a rice mill for business after a successful bid
It becomes about 27 kg in ordinary white rice state.
Eight minutes, ordinary white rice, upper white,
Please specify the rice milling method. It is the price of rice including expenses
Recently I have many inquiries about subdivision
We are asking you to pay the actual expenses for the subdivision.
5 kg per sheet 40 yen
10 kg is 50 yen per sheet
Because I use the original bag directly
If it is 5 kg, it is 200 yen for 5 sheets
If it is a 10kg subdivision it costs 100 yen for 2 pieces
Please give me a payment by adding it to the shipping fee.
This is normal cultivation.
From the place where there is hardly any domestic wastewater from the source of the cultivation
I'm drawing in.
I will send it out by Sagawa Express.
Shipping is
Kansai・Tokai・Hokuriku is 950 yen
Shin-Etsu, Kanto is 1050 yen
Shikoku・China 1100 yen
Tohoku(Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima) is 1300 yen
Tohoku(Aomori, Iwate, Akita)is 1400 yen
Hokkaido 1700 yen
Kyushu 1400 yen
Okinawa is 2510 yen (Yu-pack)
Bear thank you. You can specify the time zone and the delivery date. Morning · 12 o'clock - 14 o'clock · 14 o'clock - 16 o'clock · 16 o'clock - 18 o'clock
18: 00-20: 19: 21
Please use it by all means. As for payment, I need your help by simple settlement, transfer to Yucho Bank.
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