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The end of the Year Sale! June 30 fiscal year and for the IT novice
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Start time 2018-12-28T06:38:59+09:00
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Seller position Ikeda-machi, Gifu Prefecture

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Thank you for seeing.
April 30 in Gifu Prefecture 揖斐郡池田町 to harvest it.
One in the same brown rice in a state of 30 kg rice and we want to help..
Please successful bid after commercial rice milling machine, in order to
Normally white rice in the state 27kg degree will.
8 minutes, the ordinary white rice,上白,
Rice milling methods, please specify the. Rice costs only the price.
Recently small portions to inquire about a lot of
Smaller bags will cover the cost of Ask for and more..
5kg to 1 40 yen
10kg or 1 piece 50 yen
元袋 other use
5kg divided in 5 pieces for 200 yen
10kg small portions and 2 pieces of 100 yen
Shipping costs added to the settlement fees..
This is normally cultivated in.
Grown water source is domestic wastewater almost no place from
Pull, and more..
I will send it out by Sagawa Express.
Shipping is
Kansai・Tokai・Hokuriku is 950 yen
Shin-Etsu, Kanto is 1050 yen
Shikoku・China 1100 yen
Tohoku(Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima) is 1300 yen
Tohoku(Aomori, Iwate, Akita)is 1400 yen
Hokkaido 1700 yen
Kyushu 1400 yen
Okinawa is 2510 yen (Yu-pack)
Bear thank you. Time of day, the date of delivery of the specified it.. In the morning・12 PM-14 PM・14 PM-16 PM・16 PM-18 PM
18 when~20 time・19 when ~ 21 when
Please let us know if you want to use. Payment is not payment,domestic money transfer to Japan Post Bank, thank you.
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