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【BSJD】large natural green zircon 5. 263ct install the oval cut center gem Institute of real
Auction ends 15 hours
Current price ¥7,742 $79
Start price ¥7,742 $79
Buy-now ¥9,280 $94
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller jewelry_buysela +5819
Condition Other (Loose)
Start time 2019-08-17T23:55:34+09:00
End time 2019-08-24T23:55:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number s377980592
Seller position Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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【BSJD】natural green zircon 5.263 ct system in the treasure Oval mix
Description of item
Size: 10.54 mm-9.07 mm×5.39 mm
Carat:5.263 ct
Validating institution: Central gem laboratory
Accessories: cleaning(Central gem laboratory)
Large natural green zircon install introduce. Loupe the level of the surface somewhat there,sparkling and shining high clarity,very beautiful natural green Zircon is. The color tone slightly differs from the actual product by computer monitor. For prevention of image difference, we recommend that you actually confirm the product at Omotesando head office. Our shop is by appointment only you can visit only the date and time in advance stores (info@buysela-japan.com)or please contact us by email. If you do not have a reservation you may not be able to see the item. We also accept the production of semi-order jewelry. (Omotesando main office only)【Details are here】How about collection, original jewelry.セミオーダージュエリー作成 This auction is scheduled to end after 23:00.※ For inquiries about products from the question column thank you. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.
Please carefully check the important explanation items described below, please bid
About Condition Notation
N rank It is a state of completely new article shortly after purchase.
S rank It is an unopened or unused item.
SA rank There are almost no scratches and dirt, and it is an extremely beautiful product. There are occasions when minute scratches remain that can not be removed even after new finish is completed.
A rank It is a beautiful item with less frequency of use.
AB rank I feel a feeling of use such as small scratches, but it is a relatively clean product.
Rank B It is a condition of medium and small scratches, color burns, and dirt accompanying normal use. It is USED for normal use without major faults.
Rank C There are relatively conspicuous scratches, color burns, dirt, feeling of use. There is no problem with functionality regarding use.
D rank Difficult. (See item description for details)
JUNK Junk treatment. (See item description for details)
Flow of dealings
◇ STEP 1Automatically transmitted from "Yahoo! Auction!" After the end of the auction 【bid notification mail】 In sentences,【Message of guide of dealings】Please check well as it is listed. ※ When using virus software, customers of mobile phone mail address may not receive [successful bid notification mail] normally due to the setting environment so please be careful.◇ STEP 2We will provide you with necessary information such as 【Name】 【Contact】 【Payment method】,【Order Form】Please enter it. ※ Please indicate to the remarks column when you enter 【Order form】 input, such as delivery by visitor, leaving and enclosure, wrapping (jewelry only) etc.◇ STEP 3[Order form] input, after confirming payment, we will ship the item promptly.
About sending
送料全国一律 ¥700(税込)
Indeed without permission, it is not possible to designate the shipper. Please acknowledge being not able to receive the hope of the delivery method beforehand. (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Yu-pack, etc. it will be shipped)
Please successful bid after the time specified dates is available on the shipping carrier use the special requests box when booking to advise the hotel that you will be. ※ If the item you bid successfully can be bundled, the shipping fee will be only 1 piece. ※ In case of receipt at Omotesando Main Store, the shipping fee is free. (Please pay attention to the payment method of the item you bid successfully at the auction only cash and credit cards can not be used. )
【Delivery Delivery of Packages】
Delays in delivery may occur due to weather defects such as typhoons and heavy snow, accidents, etc.
About payment method
The available payment methods are as follows. ◆ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
·Credit cards and financial institutions available·Commission list
◆ Bank transfer
· Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
· Japan Post Bank (transfer service)
◆ Receive on arrival (Omotesando main store only)
* Please note that payment methods of products awarded at the auction will be cash only, credit cards can not be used.※ Other payment methods can not be specified Please note. * Indeed without permission, payment of the item price within one week thank you.
Payment amount
About returned goods / cancellation
About returned goods ※
Returned goods / exchange of bid items will be impossible. However, please contact me within one week from delivery if applicable. · If the item you sent is different from the item you bid successfully
· If the machine malfunctions, such as the watch's machine does not operate at all, we will repair it
· When the item description of our company and the item you bid successfully differ markedly
(Please understand the difference in condition notation, some error of size. )
For reasons other than those mentioned above, if you fall under the item, please understand beforehand because it will not be subject to return. ・Customer's negligence, willful misconduct by first-time product delivery at the state of the different
・Other companies in processing due to failure, breakage, etc.
・Remodeling and faulty adjustment of parts, replacement of
・Purchase of brands(manufacturers)have a manufacturing defect and if not dealt with
・The returned goods and accessories on the shortages of if
・Purchase goods and customer's use environment and configuration, compatibility problems caused by・failure
・Colors and sizes may not fit, etc., by the customer image of the difference if
・Once used
・Purchase of accessories and boxes, etc. directly into the return for the document, you can copy and paste the returned
・Our shop is sent for packaging(watch box, jewelry cases, etc.) other than using the back of the case
・Your bid after 1 week after
※About cancellationAfter the auction ends,In [bid notification mail] which is automatically transmitted from "Yahoo auction!", [Message of guidance of dealings] is stated in. you have to【Order Form】Please enter your name.After cancellation, in case of cancellation before dealings or even if 48 hours passed since the bidding successfully you can not contactCancellation by successful bidder convenienceWe deem it, we will delete.In this case, due to the convenience of the Yahoo! Auction system, regardless of the will of the seller automatically【Very bad】Please be forewarned that evaluation will be applied. ※ About leaving
The number of days for reserveWithin 1 weekI will assume it. Please inform me of the hope of reserving the reserve in the [customer requested] column and the auction ID of the item you would like to leave, when you enter the necessary information into 【Order Form】 after a successful bid for the first item. As much as possible, we will deliver it in the mouth as a whole, but depending on the size of the product, the score may be more than 2 mouths.* In case you bid successfully for multiple itemsWhen there is a successful bid product of two or more points on the same successful bid day, very troublesome it is Onza い ま す,Enter all [order form] of all productsPlease contact me to inform you of two or more successful bids.
■ After the auction, automatic messages will be sent from "Yahoo! Auction!" Please check the contents carefully. If you can not receive automatic messages, there is a possibility that it is sorted in the spam folder or deleted by mail setting. Please pay particular attention when using mobile address or virus software. ※ Access procedure to order form~ Yahoo auc! Help ~ 【Yahoo! Top Page】 → 【【Yahoo! Auction! 】 → 【Myoku】 → 【Bidding Part】 → → 【Auction page you bid successfully】 → 【Order Form】■ Since the troubles which become unsatisfactory after a successful bid of goods are sequentialPlease refrain from the tender of the person whose evaluation is [new].Those who wish to bid newly please contact us from the question column before bidding. ■ Please understand beforehand that it is not possible to cancel the auction business department regular holiday · outside the business hours shipping items, e-mail correspondence, answers to questions, bidding. ■ Items without accessories will be shipped by simple packaging. For wrapping service, please do not hesitate to contact us at 【question column】. ■ All accessories of the USED item have some scratches and dirt. ■ If you would like to fix the size of the ring please contact [desired size] [【question column]] before bidding. (Up to plus / minus about 2)
We will inform you of repairable price, possible sizing by design.※ We do not accept size re-sizing of brand jewelry.■ The ring size indicates the numerical value of the inner engraved mark, or the numerical value at the bottom of the ring when put in the size bar (Japan size). ■ All products will be delivered under the current condition. ■ There is no guarantee period of goods. We can not assume any responsibility in any case about breakdown, trouble after the period described in [* about returned goods] above. ■ Except for the item "Overhauled", we do not grasp the internal state of the machine. Overhaul history, time of next overhaul will be unknown Please acknowledge it beforehand. ■ "New finish" is a work that polish (polishing work) on the metal surface part of USED goods, removes fine scratches and rejuvenates gloss. ■ The item stated "Battery replaced" is carrying out battery exchange at the time of exhibition. Some time has elapsed before you arrive at the customer's hand and the remaining battery level is unclear so please think as a battery for monitoring to the last. ■ Please understand that items that are described as "new items" also refer to products that once passed to people's hands. It is opening for shooting and it is not a complete new state like immediately after purchase. ■ Except for products with "new item" icon, it will be all USED items. If there is no description of the purchase date, the date of purchase will be unknown. Please offer a bid after understanding the USED article. ■ All products have published images of the actual products, we are trying to be able to reproduce the color close to the real thing, but how it looks slightly different from the actual product may be different depending on the monitor of the PC. Please note. ■ All products are sold simultaneously at real stores. When it is sold at the shop frontWe will cancel the auction without noticePlease note it beforehand. ■ When there is an uncertain point in the product, please be sure to obtain an inquiry to the question column and bid on agreeing to the answer. ■Store informationPlease also check. ■ Inquiries by phone are not received. For inquiries about products, or those who wish to make a prompt decision, specify the relevant auction item ID, desired prompt decision price clearly, directly to the auction divisionEmail(auction@buysela-japan.com)Please contact us.
Please agree to all the above, please bid it
About inquiries
Even if you get a call at the purchasing center (store), such as questions about auction itemsBecause the auction division and the department are different, we can not respond.Item page Question column orEmailPlease contact us at.Contact after goods bidding successfully, in order to leave the history of the contents · evidenceEmail(auction@buysela-japan.com)Please contact us at.
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