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■ artificial foliage plant artificial flower 60cm pakira tree interior interior green fashionable photocatalyst over the effect pakira handsome interior
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Current price ¥7,980 $76
Start price ¥7,980 $76
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Seller koutayuuma +930
Condition New
Start time 2018-12-10T22:58:59+09:00
End time 2018-12-12T22:58:59+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number s585790225
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Artificial foliage plant artificial flower 60 cm pakira tree indoor interior green fashionable photocatalyst beyond effect Pakira handsome interior
Product Details
[Product information]
Artificial decorative plant 60 cm Pakira tree indoor interior green deodorant effect over green photocatalyst
■ Size: Height 60cm
■ Vase size: Width 15.5 cm × depth 15.5 cm × height 14 cm
■ CT catalyst processed
■ Feng Shui effect of Pakira: "Luck and business prosperity" "Business luck / study luck" "Harmony"
■ About CT catalyst (light-free catalyst)
While the photocatalyst requires light, the CT catalyst does not require any light or moisture,
Deodorizing effect of the room Tobacco odor, pet smell, life odor etc,
It removes various unpleasant odors in the room. It is effective 24 hours,
It also lasts almost permanently. In addition, antibacterial / antiviral Escherichia coli and MRSA,
It also prevents breeding of various bacteria and viruses in the room,
We also remove harmful chemical substances in the room such as sick house countermeasures formaldehyde.
Shipment details
I will send it out by Sagawa Express. (Otherwise it is not possible to correspond)
[Honshu uniform 1,680 yen / Hokkaido 2,880 yen / remote island · Okinawa 4,680 yen]
■ Because there are multiple managed locations of products, the same packing will be impossible. * There are occasions when a relay charge is separately required depending on the location. In that case we will quote separately. ※ Sending out weekends and holidays is not possible. ※ Please be assured we are taking everything into packing.
Payment details
■ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ The payment amount will be the bid amount + shipping fee.
※Please be sure to read it. ■ Since the same packing of goods can not be done, please be careful
  (Because there are multiple product management sites)
■ After contact of the transfer amount etc. from here,
   Only those who can receive money within 3 days, please bid. # After the bidding successfully, 3 day within message. Not person. Cancel treatment and
   Let me do it. In that case, the evaluation from Yahoo! automatically,
   Please note that it is very bad. ■ Even in the case of a new item, there may be a thread and scratches on the outer box. Please refrain from the tender of nervous one. ■ I need your help by a no claim or a no return. ■ I am checking, but I can not say that there is no detailed oversight. Should there be overlooks, such as small dirt, by any chance to say from cheap exhibition
Only those who can approve please make a successful bid. ■ Because it is an amateur, perfectionist and those who seem to be injured from evaluation,
We refuse nervous people who are concerned about small details. ■ Eyewear may vary depending on the monitor environment of each PC. ■ Receipt can not be issued. The same packing of goods can not be done. * Please tender only those who have been approved by the above contents.出品中の商品はこちら
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