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Thanksgiving ● Fugu is delicious! Domestic tiger fug full celebration full course! !
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Seller sankin2277 +139883
Condition New
Start time 2018-07-15T14:00:01+09:00
End time 2018-07-17T23:25:48+09:00
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Lot number s593878670
Seller position Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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【Product number: lma00281】
Nagasaki Prefecture Tiger Trafuku (cultured) 100% use! Luxury Tiger Fug "celebration full course"
From December 31 to January 7, due to the circumstances of processing operations, we may not be able to deliver. We will offer domestic Turafu cheaply!
Please cook after ordering
The taste is exceptional! Please enjoy the taste of the trawling preeminent freshness. ☆ - Tiger Fug "celebration full course" set contents - ☆Precious crisp! "Fukutetsuri" filled with plenty of umami ※ Vegetables, etc., the other ingredients do not. It is a delicious season of a pot · · · Please go to hot pot cooking that warms both your mind and your body. Enjoy the puffy texture unique to Fugu, tastefully condensed umami!
Dashi overflowing from Domestic Tulling will give deep taste to all ingredients. The rice cooking to taste at the end of the pot is exactly the taste that brings "Fuku"!
In order to have more delicious, we will add special ponzu.Transparent beautiful body, elastic texture and taste full enough to chew "Fukugi" The pattern of the dish is sliced ​​enough to show through, a beautiful body of fugu transparently
Still feel the elastic texture, please enjoy the taste full enough to chew. Together with fresh cut green onion, if you enjoy it, even more
The flesh's elastic texture and umami will increase.Collagen plenty Rice crumbled texture "Fuku skin" Please enjoy the richness of "marine collagen" which includes plenty of richness. Together with ponzu sauce with green onion · · · The unique texture which made it crunchy is innocent!Because I will deliver it by frozen mail,
Please refrain from bundling products that can not be delivered by frozen.

Item Number lma00281
raw materials Standard Japanese name Tugurugu
Producing area Nagasaki Prefecture
Internal capacity Put our(all our) ... 200g
Fugu The of the (the) ... 17cm
Fugu skin (as made) ... 50g
Manufacturer Ltd. or to your shops
Preservation method Store at -18 ° C or below
Cooking method Please thaw it and enjoy it.
Shipping method It will be delivered by frozen flights.
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