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4UPJ- 50167865] Lexus · RX 450h (GYL 16 W) driver's side air bag used
Auction ends over
Current price ¥47,870 $482
Start price ¥47,870 $482
Buy-now ¥47,870 $482
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller upjpn00 +7404
Condition Used (Please be sure to check the image.)
Start time 2019-03-20T07:06:21+09:00
End time 2019-03-22T07:06:21+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number s650620977
Seller position Aichi Prefecture Toyokawa City

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·Other parts of this "Lexus RX450h"Search for. ·Stock list of "Lexus RX450h"Search for.(The model year, model, grade etc may differ, so please check the vehicle details and product details on the exhibition table. )
※ Please refrain from posting vehicle information to the question column. Please acknowledge not being able to answer when the body number and the thing that can identify the individual are stated.
Products & Vehicle Details
Product name Driver's side airbag Part maker name
Product number 1 Part Number 2
Product information Various operation switches: No / used scratches, dirt
Remarks This product will be second - hand goods. Although we are keeping in mind sufficient inspections, there may be defects in hidden places or there may be overlooks. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
※ The above item names and product titles describe the component names interpreted in a broad sense. Since it may differ from the exact part name of each manufacturer [Be sure to match the item title and the image】Please confirm. ※ Although there is a setting of the function itself as it is described as "missing item", it means that the function is removed and not attached. * Products with TEMS have "Adjustable formula" and description.
Model designation number 16228 Classification division number 0021
Full model DAA-GYL16W-AWXGK (L) Model DAA-GYL16W
Manufacture name Lexus Car name Lexus RX 450h
grade Version L Air Suspension
Engine model 2 GR-FXE Engine classification Hybrid
Engine No 340171 Mission classification CVT
Displacement 3456 cc Fuel classification gasoline
Drive section 4WD Handle division right
Power steering classification electric Model year October 2010
Mileage 51252 Km Color No 212
Trim No LA20 Transformer No P313
Axle No 02A Mission No.
X number.
Mission type
Absence of ABS Present
Vehicle remarks
※ This is the information on the vehicle from which this product was removed, so please understand that it is not a thing to confirm the information of this item. * The item "Unknown" is an item whose details are unknown according to the presence or absence of the vehicle, the state of parts, engraving etc. Even if you contact us, in principle, we can not answer.
about shipping cost
· The shipping address is corporate, business owner, individual
· In either case of Seino Transportation Designated Branch
900 yenWill be.
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About purchasing electrical equipment
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It may not be able to correctly function or trouble which is currently occurring can not be resolved. Regarding electrical parts, we will strongly recommend you to confirm with dealer etc before bidding because it will be special field for each manufacturer.
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