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TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Aquaracer chronograph AIR-K1 (CAJ2113.FT6023) Kei Nishikori players collaboration watches self-winding SS / rubber
Auction ends 4 days
Current price ¥166,500 $1,660
Start price ¥166,500 $1,660
Buy-now ¥166,500 $1,660
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller shigihara_auc +302
Condition Used
Start time 2019-09-16T21:44:20+09:00
End time 2019-09-23T21:44:20+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number s677888608
Seller position Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

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■ Please see before bidding ■
・ We are an auction store,Consumption tax is separately added to the winning bid price.Please bid after confirming the amount. ・ Please note that the color of the actual image may differ slightly depending on your monitor. ・ Answer to your question will be handled during business hours. Please note that the answer to questions on holidays will be the next business day. ・ Bidders with a high percentage of bad evaluations may cancel bids and advance rights after a successful bid at our discretion. ・ New bidders will refuse payment by COD to prevent mischief. ・ For payment by cash on delivery, it will be an item up to 150,000 yen. -For high-priced products exceeding 300,000 yen, only Yu-Pack will be shipped for security reasons.
■ Aquaracer chronograph AIR-K1 (CAJ2113.FT6023) ■
Product Details
TAG Heuer Men's watch, is the aqua racer used article of the chronograph AIR-K1 (CAJ2113.FT6023). In Kei Nishikori players and collaboration with the Japanese limited, quantity is also 300 limited edition and valuable watches. There are scratches caused by use, scratches on the bezel, the case side of the wound will glimpses by the degree of light. There is a less obvious scratches on the belt of rubber.
degree Case: AB
Belt: A
Material Case: SS
Belts: Rubber
Case size Diameter of about 44mm
Belt length About 18cm
Other Self-winding
500M waterproof
Date display
Day difference The dial: +1 seconds
Crown under: +7 seconds
accessories None (it will put the service box)
payment method
・ Japan Net Bank
・ Yahoo! easy settlement
If you can not confirm payment within 5 days after it makes a successful bid, it will be "cancellation by the highest bidder convenience"
Shipping cost
Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Shinetsu Tokai Hokuriku
800 yen 700 yen 700 yen 700 yen 800 yen 800 yen
Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture
900 yen 1000 yen 1000 yen 1200 yen 1300 yen 600 yen
shipping method
It will be shipped by Yu-Pack, Sagawa Express.
■ Flow after successful bid ■
1. goods successful bidIf you make a successful bid for the item, you will receive a [Successful bid notification email] from Yahoo!. If you are using a mobile phone / smartphone email address, you may not receive an email with the "Receive (Reject) Setting". Please check the settings.2. Please enterClick on the “Order Form” link in the email and enter your information at the link. (Please enter thank you within three days) In addition, the unnecessary evaluation of customers from our shop Please enter that to the demand column. After entering the customer information, the confirmation screen “Store Auction Order Form Confirmed” will be displayed. Please note that order form entry is not complete if not displayed.3. paymentAfter entering the order form, you will receive an email from Yahoo!. In the case of bank transfer, please pay in the account listed in the email. If you wish to make a Yahoo! easy settlement, please click the link for easy settlement and pay.In addition, if you can not confirm payment within 5 days after a successful bid, it will be "cancellation due to the convenience of the highest bidder". In the case of "cancellation by the highest bidder convenience", please understand that "very bad" evaluation will be automatically attached to the highest bidder from Yahoo!. 4. dispatchIf you use bank transfer, Yahoo! simple settlement, we will ship the item after confirming payment. We do not provide shipping services on closed days. It will be shipped the next business day. After shipping the product, we will inform you of the tracking number by email from the store.
User guide
■ Please check your email settings
If you are using a mobile phone / smartphone email address, you may not receive an email due to the spam prevention function. Check the reception settings. If you do not receive an email due to some problem, please contact us on the bulletin board.
■ About payment
・ Japan Net Bank
・ Yahoo! simple settlement
Transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder. Also, because our store is an auction store, a consumption tax will be added to the winning bid. Payment amount will be "successful bid amount + consumption tax + postage".
■ State and degree explanation
The degree notation of our shop is as follows.
N New or unused
S Used goods that are thought to be used a few times
A Used goods with good quality
B Used goods with a feeling of use and many scratches
C Second-hand goods that feel a great feeling of use
D Used products with many fatal scratches or problems in use
■ About inventory
Most of the products sold are limited to one item. Other than Yahoo! Auctions, it is sold on our website and actual stores, so depending on the timing of your order, it may be sold elsewhere. In that case, please note that we will withdraw the listing.
■ About security
Watches with a sales price of 50,000 yen or more are covered by a one-year warranty. In the unlikely event of failure during normal use, we will repair the product free of charge in accordance with the warranty regulations. However, only the machine part (movement) is covered by the warranty. Failure or damage of the case, belt, windshield, crown etc exterior parts will be out of warranty. Also, please understand that failure and damage due to customer's carelessness or inappropriate handling, such as submersion, falling, will be out of warranty. During the repair, (watch: case, dial, hands, glass, same band, etc. and other mechanical products) there is a thing be allowed to use some alternative Please note. Depending on the product in parts replacement and repair, overseas parts may be procured or repaired overseas. In that case, please note that it may take a considerable number of days (usually 3 months or more).
■ About returned goods
In the case of our cause such as product or product defect or defect significantly different from the photo or description, we will accept returns. Please contact us within 7 days after delivery. In addition, please note that we do not accept returns due to customer convenience, such as products that I do not like or bought other things.
Kashihara quality store
1-1 Ninyajaya, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, 984-0046, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL 022-791-1030
Regular holiday Sundays, holidays, New Year holidays, Bon Festival
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