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Kyosho EGG micro pleasure boat speed marine Speed ​​Marine blue infrared indoor use only
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Seller riceplant0101 +549
Condition New
Start time 2018-01-22T21:49:59+09:00
End time 2018-01-23T21:49:59+09:00
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Lot number t550878619
Seller position Ibaraki Prefecture

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Kyosho EGG micro pleasure boat speed marine Speed ​​Marine blue infrared indoor use only
□ Product Details
The world's smallest size micro pleasure boat which can play even in a small place newly appeared
(Total length approximately 77 mm)!
It looks real and it's preeminent fun!
It is a powerful twin screw motor and runs even in small bodies!
Let's run off running water!
Furthermore, by pressing the "TORNADE" button of the transmitter, it is possible to perform a tornado navigation (rolling left two turns / rolling fisting) while moving forward!
With the attached dedicated USB charging cable it is possible to run for about 8 minutes with charging for about 40 minutes!
You can enjoy powerful driving!
Switching the A / B band of the transmitter allows up to two boats at the same time!
An incandescent water battle is also possible!
※ Please use this product in fresh water.
Please do not use with hot water, sea water, sewage, chemical water of 40 degrees or more because it will cause breakdown.
※ Because it causes accidents and breakdowns, please pay attention to the transmitter as much as possible so that water will not hang
(The transmitter has been processed equivalent to life waterproofing).
※ This product is for indoor use only using infrared transmission.
Please note that you can not play outdoors.
[set content]
Boat body,Transmitter, dedicated USB charging cable, instruction manual x 1 pcs
Batteries used: Transmitter: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
Battery used: Body: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (included)
Charging time: about 40 minutes
Traveling time: about 8 minutes (continuous running)
Transmission distance: approx. 5 m
Frequency: Infrared (AB switching type)
Simultaneous travel: Up to two boats
Body size: 7.7 × 32.5 × 3.5 cm, 21 g
Age: 6 years old and over
Battery type: Batteries are sold separately, so please purchase separately.
□ Payment details
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