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Unopened)Kaiyodo figure collection of Sakamoto Ryoma
Auction ends over
Current price ¥50 $1
Start price ¥50 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller elceo_owner +283
Condition Other (Unopened goods)
Start time 2018-08-20T17:35:08+09:00
End time 2018-08-27T17:34:35+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t578287172
Seller position Otaru City, Hokkaido

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♪♪Unopened)Kaiyodo figure collection Sakamoto Ryoma♪♪
♪ Product Description ♪
What of the novelties from lost(sweat
All 7 types of
6) Kyoto Ryoma 落命 land
Sakamoto Ryoma is dashing and Shinsengumi and meet your
1 piece only
Didn't have those
Sakamoto Ryoma Rice of three degrees more like you
On this occasion how about you??
♪ notes ♪
★★ Be sure to check
Tender to---
Make sure the notes and shipping details and to read to the end you
Your understanding and consent for tender of judgment to you.Bid the target company who are not bid for the inconvenience in any prohibited ----Product notes---- It is an amateur custody It becomes present condition delivery --------------My supplier is not
You can also auction to enjoy the basic premise
System on the exchange without trading in is also possible
Communication is important and I would like to make them come true.
Agreeable and trading not only can
Messages sure to make people
And transactions want
Nervous・system in the transactions of the people who could not
Bid to refrain you.
And transaction history to feel uneasy if you
Contact without the cancellation of the tender to carry out there.
After a successful bid, is also untenable if it is determined
The highest bidder convenience cancellation of the other.
Successful bid amount + postage etc. total amount of the bid decision, please
After a successful bid shipping is---it is said that there
It clicks if you die bid will be refused
Weekdays during the day and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays contact slow to
For those in a hurry, please bid withhold please.You point and if you have any requestYour before bidding questions, etc., should be taken as
Thank you
After a successful bid for packing,Shipping inquiries can not answer
After a successful bid, promptly please contact us. thanks! Rarely competed after a successful bid, but contact us how is more.Transaction to feel anxious or if you're one of those people, you're probably thinking, bid will refuse
If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, feel free to first contact after
The highest bidder more than 24 hours of the message reply when there is no
This regret will
The highest bidder convenience cancellation of the other.
Receipt・cash on Delivery shipping is do not go【important】Yu-pack bringing in discount factors will not
Shipping the difference between the occurrence of increase or decrease in the liquidation will not
Please understand, thank you
All on your note no claim no return in
Tender make in.Bid how you wantAll I already acceptedAs
Will handle the software
Shipment details
Warranty・claims-no postage 150 yen
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