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EPSON / Epson Carrario Inkjet Multifunction Printer EP-804A Wired / Wireless LAN Standard Compatible Smartphone Print Compatible With Ink Cartridge
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Current price ¥5,500 $55
Start price ¥5,500 $55
Buy-now ¥5,500 $55
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller gastar_hh +153
Leader 4*D*A***
Start time 2019-06-09T23:03:45+09:00
End time 2019-06-14T06:04:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number t646096473
Seller position Aichi-ken

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Inkjet MFP Wired / wireless LAN compatible smartphone print compatible
■ Maker
·EPSON / Epson
# Product number
■ State
・ There were minor scratches associated with use, but there were no noticeable scratches..
・ I think that the paper feed roller is slightly dirty (we did a simple maintenance)
·With ink cartridge (not new, there may be variations in the remaining amount)
・ In the attached picture, the color of the body looks black, but I think that the actual item is close to purple.
The contents of the exhibition are all images.
Please check the attached image for equipment.
I am doing the simple cleaning of the product.
We may use wax that was in the material to protect the surface of the product.
The inside of the product may not be cleaned as it may cause a failure..
Operation check
・ We turned on electricity.
・ Can print.
・ Scanner was read.
・ The front panel opened automatically without any problem when the power was turned on..
-The LCD panel also worked without problems.
■ Product Details
As ink cartridge is attached, we think that we can do proof printing as soon as we arrive.
Since printing is also working well, I think it can still be used.
There are various other exhibits, so please take a look.
■ About shipment
・ If payment is confirmed by 9:00 AM on weekdays (Mon-Fri), it can be shipped on the same day.
· For Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it may be shipped the next Monday or the next day.
・ It is also possible to bundle it with other products being exhibited.
· Shipping is scheduled Yamato (Cash on delivery).
· If you have specified the date and time, please be sure to inform in dealings Nabis.
・ Even if it is a brand new unused product, it will be treated as used goods because we once owned it.
-Please give me goods by second-hand, no return for second-hand.
・ Please refrain from bidding if you are looking for a perfect product in terms of used goods.
・ In the case of product packing, we use recycling cardboard.
・ The cardboard may be deformed to prevent failure during transportation..
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