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Junk multi-changer(for a 2: 1 or 1:2) in the service SW-C21N used
Auction ends over
Current price ¥180 $2
Start price ¥180 $2
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wakayama_kenmin_club +266
Condition Used
Start time 2019-05-21T13:24:02+09:00
End time 2019-05-27T21:23:47+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u136621452
Seller position Wakayama Prefecture

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Junk multi-changer(for a 2: 1 or 1:2) in the service SW-C21N
□ Product Details
【Product name】multi-changer(for a 2: 1 or 1:2) in the service SW-C21N
Model: SW-C21N
Manufacturer: the service
Product page⇒https://www.sanwa.co.jp/product/syohin.asp?code=SW-C21N[Specification]
Interface Specification/
Centronics company compliant Amphenol specification
The connector shape/Centronics 36Pin female x 3 pieces
Many of the above products please refer to the pages. [Accessories] none
1 picture in the eyes of all. [Condition] secondhand
The issue with the use of angle of attack and small etc
Visually you can see they even
Our tolerance of scratches, even to the senses because of differences among individuals
Fine that will bid to withhold hope. ※When you can share the document regarding the exhibition during the image display time.. ・Remove before use, but
The status quo is the behavior unconfirmed and junk handling and we will. ・Cables and other accessories are not. It is an exhibition of only the main body. A connector fastened to one form of the device there is no. (※From the original with some unknown)
・Dirt, sunburn, and horns etc to you. ・Machine there is no guarantee. Please note. [Note]
The above information, installation, etc. for your own decisions and you can only
Bid please. We install, etc. support and
Other than the above if you have any questions about the product I cannot meet.
□ Payment details
※Settlement fee will please bear. ※2018.03 more Yahoo of specification changes in the
Settlement method settlement as the only. Specifically ⇒https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/special/html/shiharaikanri/
□ dispatch details
Letter pack 510(510 yen・guaranteed no・tracking available) shipping and. Cash on delivery(Yamato Transport・60 size) shipping is also possible
The trading navigation will be addressed. ※ Please bear the carriage. ※Our exhibited commodity several the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,
Shipping is from there..
□ notes
I need your help by a no claim no return. ★Not trading(beta) in the exhibit can
After the end of the auction is the highest bidder, please contact us.
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