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【Happy】Kodansha modern world encyclopedia important classic full 16 volume set
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,800 $18
Start price ¥1,800 $18
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller happy241207 +1376
Start time 2019-04-19T12:33:02+09:00
End time 2019-04-22T12:33:02+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u160664559
Seller position Ibusuki city, Kagoshima prefecture

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Product information
Manufacture name Kodansha Model year Showa 49, circa
Product name The modern world encyclopedia care encyclopedia color
Model number security
State description
Pre-owned(rank B)
Product features
Kodansha Grand Napoleon ENCYCLOPEDIA WORLD NOW
Engineering or a person from history,a broad term that can examine
Kodansha's"modern world encyclopedia the cherished classic"all 16 Vol set. Showa 47 years of the issuance encyclopedia,Showa 48 years to 49 years 2 to 3 printing there.. Volume 16 in the index have been examined and. ① Up--location ② location key--on Shu ③ audio show--the cut
④ Key to the--the Application Process ⑤ Application Round--the ⑥ sub--system, and Key ⑦ System key software applications--style Chu
⑧ Check out the content--data as a system of Application Control ⑨ Data Sheet application tips--the level ⑩ Step One--List ⑪ night--half off
⑫ High fashion--the software system ⑬ the line--products _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and my service--a system application ⑮ new type of city--wide
⑯ Service online--guidebooks
③ Spine and contents a little off there.. Period, the overall tan and the cover of such damage there.. A little before this era, sentences and books or photos, etc all from.

About second-hand rank
Rank S Though it is unused, what is used second hand by state of year · appearance etc
Rank A Things that are used less frequently · Damages are less and very good condition
Rank B Good feeling and damage but good condition
Rank C Those that have damage but there are no problems in use
Rank D Damage is very strong and there are difficulties

Shipping cost(Consumption tax included)
size Hokkaido Northeast North South northeast Kanto Shinetsu Central part Hokuriku Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Chiba ken
Kanagawa Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Mie Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Osaka prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Nara Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture
Hyōgo Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Tottori prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Ehime Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Kagoshima prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture
60 1836 1404 1404 1188 1188 972 972 864 756 864 756 1188
80 2052 1620 1620 1404 1404 1188 1188 1080 972 1080 972 1728
100 2268 1836 1836 1620 1620 1404 1404 1296 1188 1296 1188 2268
120 2484 2052 2052 1836 1836 1620 1620 1512 1404 1512 1404 2808
140 2700 2268 2268 2052 2052 1836 1836 1728 1620 1728 1620 3348
160 2916 2484 2484 2268 2268 2052 2052 1944 1836 1944 1836 3888

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Delivery method
※ Packing boxes reuse cardboard boxes and empty boxes of other products. Please note.Yamato Transport【160 size】We will ship within 3 business days
Please make sure there is no size mistake. If you make a mistake we will fix it so please contact us. Also, if the amount on the order form is different from the above price list, please contact us before depositing.

payment method
① "Japan Net Bank"
② "Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts"
* If payment of payment or communication is not made within 7 days from the successful bid day, we will treat it as cancellation due to the circumstances of the highest bidder. In that case, the winning bidder will be evaluated as "bad".

Return / Cancel
We do not accept returns / exchanges etc due to customer convenience at all.If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us in the question column or by phone. The item is checked in our shop, but if there is any defect or damage not listed in the item description, from the item arrivalWithin 7 daysPlease contact our shop. We will respond promptly. Please acknowledge being not able to correspond at all for the contact after 7 days have elapsed. Accidents on transport are handled by the shipping company.

Flow of transaction after bidding
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About mail reception setting
Depending on the e-mail being used by the customer, it is automatically judged as junk e-mail, and it may be sorted into junk mail folder or trash box. Sorry to trouble you, but if there is no contact from our store please check whether the mail has arrived in the above folder.

store information
company name Corporation
Store name Recycle Store Happy
Street address 〒 851-0311 Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima Prefecture West Ibusuki City 2077-1
phone number 0993-27-9400
mail address happy.recycle@beach.ocn.ne.jp
homepage http://happy-recycle.jp/
business hours 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 (except regular holiday)
Regular holiday Every Wednesday · New Year's Holiday
Map · Access Here
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