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Outdoor table Leisure table Folding Light weight load carrying capacity 80 Kg L Blue storage camping camp BBQ event sports day _ 86 226 /
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Seller net_jam_com +37745
Leader u*R*S***
Condition New
Start time 2018-06-04T16:12:51+09:00
End time 2018-06-06T16:12:13+09:00
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Lot number u188210774
Seller position Yamaguchi-shi

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Product name Folding table / large / blue _86226
Product code 86226
Description of item
Product name Super lightweight collapsible outdoor table / load capacity 80 kg / L size / blue outdoor / camping / fishing / gardening
Table / table / desk Folding table finished in super lightweight using 1680 d nylon with excellent quality aluminum material and heat resistance, wear resistance

Description of item

It is a table for outdoor folding which finished ultra-lightweight with high quality aluminum material and high strength nylon. It can be used for events such as barbecue etc from 980 g and lightweight full-fledged camp. When assembled, the height is 54 cm, the table surface becomes 74 cm × 53 cm and one person can of course use it even with four people. The frame is rust-proof 6061 aluminum with high strength. It is lightweight and high strength material which is also used for building materials. The seat part is made of 1680 d nylon and is excellent in heat resistance and abrasion resistance, so it can be cleaned easily as it can be wiped away immediately even if it is dirty. Half mesh case with no stain of other luggage when carrying.
Product content ■ Folding type outdoor table L size × 1
Product Details ■ Product Size: at the time of folding / 76 cm × 8 cm, height at the time of assembly 54 cm × table surface 74 cm × 53 cm
Weight: 980 g
■ 6061 Aluminum frame · Color anodized finish
■ 1680 d nylon seat
■ Heat resistant specification (maximum 130 ℃)
■ Dedicated half mesh carrying case included
■ Color: Blue


■ This product is designed for temporary use such as outdoor use. It is not suitable for always-used applications at home etc.. ■ Please check each part before use to check whether there is damage. ■ Load capacity is about 80 kg. ■ Please use it on a stable flat as it will cause falls etc.. ■ Nylon will melt when heated cookware or near direct flame. ■ If dirt adheres, rinse with water, please dry in the shade. ■ There is a case of discoloring when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. ■ When deformation, damage, etc. are seen in the frame etc, please discontinue use. ■ Please do not use for purposes other than purpose of product design. ■ Please use this product at your own risk. ■ We are not responsible for accidents or damage in case there are no defects in the product. ■ There are times when there are threads and scratches on the outer box for imported goods.
Warranty availability ■ There is no product warranty. ■ We will correspond within 7 days after product arrival only the initial malfunction of product. ■ Please bear the postage, other fees, returned goods at customer convenience.
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