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Acacia natural wood slim dining garden furniture/slim table width 55cm/folding/finished product/terrace veranda/natural/special a3
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Current price ¥8,612 $84
Start price ¥8,612 $84
Buy-now ¥8,612 $84
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller netshop_zero +1605
Condition New
Start time 2018-05-27T17:05:41+09:00
End time 2018-05-29T17:05:41+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number u199686773
Seller position Aichi prefecture other

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Please check the stock status at item description
Please check the stock status at item description

Please check the stock status at item description

ショッピングでお得に購入 Thank you for seeing this page. Please tender after seeing it to the end. Please be sure to check stock status. (For those viewing from mobile, please contact us for inventory check) I check frequently, but it is not in real time.We will also check stock, so please contact us by e-mail to the seller. In the case of e-mailProduct management number or auction IDPlease fill in. At the bottom of the page: You can check inventory even in the course of dealings. Acacia natural wood slim dining garden furniture
Cyrielle system El
Table slim type W55
Product Management number: T500024527 net_shop_zero net_shop_zero_500024527
Items you can purchase with this listingAcacia natural wood slim dining garden furniture
Cyrielle system ElTable slim type W55
is. Thanking you in advance.
☆ Series item list ☆
set 3 Piece Set(table+chair 2 legs) slim table W55
3 Piece Set(table+chair 2 legs) round table W60
Single item Table slim type W55
Table round type W60
Garden chair 2 leg pairs
Flow of dealingsIt is a little under. ↓ ↓ ↓
Catalog spec

Width 55 x depth 75 x height 72. 5cm
When folded:width 55×depth 6. 5 x height 104cm
[Material] solid Acacia finishing:oil finish
【Color】 Acacia natural
【Product Weight】 4kg
【Packing number】 1
【Packing size/Weight】 99×56×9cm/6.5 kg
【Country of origin】 Vietnam
【Finished goods】 delivered immediately you can use.[Note]
・Size and weight are approximate. ・This item is a natural wood product, one point one point grain varies. ・Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Payment details
■ Payment method
◎ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
◎ Bank transfer
Rakuten bank
● Japan Net Bank
● Japan Post Bank
● Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ● This item does not correspond to cash on delivery.Payment amount
In caseSuccessful bid price(tax included)+ Postage(The transfer fee is borne by the customer)
* I will inform you of the total payment after it makes a successful bid. Please check the total amount after you settlement.
Delivery details
- CarriageExcept for Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islandsNationally flat free(We do not ship to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands. If you wish additional shipping materials.. Hokkaido: 2,000 yen,Okinawa:3,400 yen,Outlying Islands:5,100 yen (all tax excluded) a remote island or a bridge if applicable. )■ ShippingIt will be shipped after confirming payment. principle,Shipped on the next business day after payment dateI will do, please pardon about 3 ~ 5 business days before shipping.Delivery methodSagawa Express, Yamato Transport etc, we will use our designated carrier. We can not accept designation of carrier. Partly undeliverable areas are available. Please acknowledge it beforehand.● We accept and receive designation of delivery date / delivery time.(We may not be able to meet your expectations due to delivery areas, traffic conditions, etc. )
Date of delivery:payment on the last business day shipping,From the second day of shipment, within two weeksThank you. Delivery time zone:Unspecified
About return
● Cancellation due to circumstances of purchasers after ordering, returns, exchanges are not accepted. ● Initial failure・wrong shipment, such as our responsibility to have the goods arrive within 7 days after contacting us,
Our expense,the provision by way of exchange. In addition, if exchange is impossible, return processing is done, payment that the customer paid + transfer fee
We will refund your account. ● Since defective parts will be confirmed in the image, please offer by email attachment. We can not respond if we can not confirm the defective part. ● We will consign to the carrier specified by our company for delivery of goods. If it is not received within the storage deadline of the carrier, it will be returned and the returned item will be disposed of. You can not refund the price you paid. ● In any case, we can not do security for payment exceeding the payment + transfer fee paid by the customer. We will only guarantee the items you purchased.
● About product inventory
For all products we have strict inventory control, but we also sell it on other sites,
On the system, there are occasions when it is rarely missing items. After a successful bid, we may ask you to cancel the next arrival of goods · change color etc · cancel. Please note. ● Undeliverable date
This item isSaturdays, Sundays, and holidays can not be shipped.
Flow of dealings
1. Bid you and the Yahoo! Auctions than successful bid notification you will receive. [Step 2] Please access the item details page thank you for input of order form from [Step 1]. ※ Order Form will be sent, you will receive "Automatically Sent Mail" sent "Contents sent to the store". 2. System Check within 24 hours after order confirmation(transaction details)of the email to our shop and we will send. If you do not receive the e-mail after 24 hours have passed, it is possible that you are unpredictable due to some trouble. Please flee, but please contact this shop by contact bulletin board / e-mail. (The junk e-mail folder・settings, etc. check please.)
3. The above mail in the payment amount, etc. and all,transfer of case and follow it.. 4. Payment confirmation of the email address associated with your account and we will email you instructions to. 5. Shipping after the completion,and let you know. (Other, we will contact you as necessary)
I check frequently, but it is not in real time.We will also check stock, so please contact us by e-mail to the seller. It is described in the top of the item descriptionProduct management number or auction IDPlease fill in. (In the case of mail)★ Contact by e-mail ★
★ Thank you for seeing to the end ★
Thank you for your consideration.
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