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Loose Salopette Pants Crimson Long Gaucho that does not wrinkle All-in-One / All Season / Black / ML
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Current price ¥609 $7
Start price ¥1 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xmfrg195 +10306
Leader u*P*P***
Condition New
Start time 2019-05-16T21:16:44+09:00
End time 2019-05-22T23:21:12+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number u277936098
Seller position Kochi Prefecture

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This item will be exhibited in "Easy Trading". Since simple dealings do not have contact from us, please start trading from the [Start trading] button after a successful bid and proceed to the payment procedure. We will contact you only after shipping is completed, but we will reply if you post in the transaction message. We also receive bundled shipping. Please contact us from the transaction message if you wish. I will inform you of the shipping fee included in the package.. * Please start trading within two days after the end of the auction.. The payment deadline is one week.. If you wish to leave, please contact us from the transaction message.. With regard to product shipment, if payment is received by 14:00 from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), it will be possible to ship on that day.. After that, it will be shipped the next business day. (Sorry for inconvenience, but please note that we cannot contact or ship on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.. )
If you have any other questions or requests, please contact us from the question column.. Thank you m (_ _) m
+ --- ♪ Thank you for watching ♪ --- +(c)point
····*** Description of item ***···· Loose comfortable ♪ Loose long salopette pants / gaucho / all-in / black / M ~ L
[Size] (Loose) M size
* Flat measuring size *
Length (from shoulder) 125cm Width (width of one side of armpit) 46cm Hip (width of one side of flat place) 65cm Inseam 52cm
* The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted.. [Material]
polyester 95%, polyurethane 5%
★ If you contact & deposit by 14:00 on Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), we will ship the same day ★
◆ It is a new product with RtoM tag ◆
◆ Long salopette pants with a cute loose silhouette. ◆ Comfortable and comfortable with elastic material ♪
◆ Since it has a wrinkled texture like chirimen, it is not easy to wrinkle.. ◆ Even a single piece with moderately thick fabric can be worn all season without worrying about sheer skin and per touch. ◆ Because you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap, you can enjoy a different atmosphere by changing the length to your liking. ◆ The color is black. * If you like the item, click here to register for alerts. You will receive a notification email when you make a new listing (^-^)
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····*** shipping method ***···· ・ Letter pack light (uniform nationwide) 360 yen
・ Non-standard-size ¥ 500 (uniform nationwide)
・ Letter pack plus 510 yen (uniform nationwide)
* Yu-Pack version (80 sizes)
* All ships from Kochi Prefecture. * In addition, Yu-Pack, Kuroneko Yamato, shipping COD shipping etc. are also available so please contact us if you wish.
····*** Payment Method ***···· ■ Yahoo! Simple settlement
Convenience store settlement
Bank transfer (Japan Post, Shinsei, Shikoku Bank)
* Since it is an individual exhibition, consumption tax, exhibition fee etc. are not received. Pay only for successful bid price + postage.
・ ・ ・ ・ *** Comment (Please read) *** ■ We are trying to inspect carefully, but if there are defective parts not listed, we will exchange or refund, so please contact us within one week. * Please note that the following items cannot be returned.. ・ Returns with different images, colors and sizes. ・ Products already used, washed, and cleaned by customers. Untagged product. ・ Products that are more than 8 days old. ・ Products returned without contact. ■ Color and image of the actual product and image may differ depending on the lighting and personal computer environment at the time of shooting. ■ Even with new products, wrinkles and peculiarities may occur during storage and delivery.. ■ Overseas products may have poor sewing, uneven color, lack of color, dirt, etc.. Also, depending on the product, there may be a smell of skin or dye. Please bid only for those who can understand. (Those who care about quality etc., nervous one should refrain from bidding. )
■ Basically, cancellation after bidding / bidding is not accepted. Please do not make a bid mistake. ■ Please refrain from product claims from evaluation. ■ Regarding shipping costs, there may be cases where excess or deficiency may occur from the listed amount, but we do not accept additional requests or refunds.. ■ If you have any questions, please ask questions from the question column before bidding. ■ If you have other requests, such as delivery method, payment method, bundling, leaving, etc. I would like to follow as much as possible so please do not hesitate ♪ We will respond sincerely. Thank you very much for seeing to the end. = Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law =
* Responsible person Akiko Hirose
* Kochi Prefecture
* Email address: kikusui_a@ybb.ne.jp
* Payment method
* Payment fee Price for successful bid + shipping + transfer fee (listed in shipping description)
* Product delivery Payments made until 14:00 on weekdays will be shipped the same day, and will be shipped the next day.. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
* Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
* If you take a holiday other than regular holidays, it will be listed in the self-introduction column or auction page. * In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, the personal information we have obtained will be used only when dealing with e-mails and shipping products.. We will never transfer or leak personal information to a third party..
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