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Foot odor · Kayumi · Casakasa measures athlete's feet Nail Athlete's measures also × 2
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥6,069 $59
Start price ¥6,069 $59
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Seller taishoumobikkuri +42780
Condition New
Start time 2018-11-20T15:45:45+09:00
End time 2018-11-23T15:45:45+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number v392648819
Seller position Shizuoka Prefecture

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FC foot care × 2 pieces Foot odor · Kayumi · Casakasa measures against athlete's foot nail Attacks athlete's foot ... Challenge to the spore shoot down operation of athlete's foot

Thank you for seeing. It is an exhibition of FC foot care × 2 pieces. I will go by including postage. (Kangaroo mail order service. Please pay 400 yen except Honshu. ※ Okinawa Prefecture, and remote islands bear the cost of shipping charges separately. )
Please continue your favors toward bidding. I have otherwise sent. Please have a look, if very well. (Description of item)
The liquid containing the tree extract and natural herbal extract,
Just one time (90 minutes) Just wearing the attached sock and let it soak. Easy to clean your feet,
It is a foot peeling item. Peeling off with polo-polo as old horny horn surprised,
It will be reborn as a new foot in about 10 days. It is slippery and it leads to a clean foot. ● If you challenge the spores shoot down operation of athlete's foot,
Athlete's foot nail athlete's foot
Commercially available athlete's foot medication works well. (For nail athlete's foot, Taisho Pharmaceutical Damarin Ace solution penetrates through the nail is superior in permeability. For details please consult with a pharmacy.. )
FC foot care 90 minutes
Foot odor · Kayumi · rustling athlete's feet Nail athlete's foot
Let's challenge the strategy. Challenge the operation of killing spores of athlete's foot. . ● This product is not a pharmaceutical product. For treatment purposes, be sure to treat athlete's foot and nail athlete's foot medicine at a pharmacy etc.
Please consult with a pharmacist, registered seller, etc., please use athlete's foot medication. set content
● Socks cover · · · 1 pair
● Socks · · · 1 pair
● Liquid · · · 45 ml * 2 bottles
● Rubber · · · 2 pieces
How to use
1. To wear socks. 2. Put feet in sock cover. 3. Sprinkle all the liquid. Four. Tighten the mouth of the sock cover and wait for 90 minutes. Five. Rinse with water after use. component
Tree extract, mugwort extract, Doc mint extract, muge extract
Source Forestry Research Institute
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