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[Prompt decision] Detail up parts metal pins 40 pieces sed
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Current price ¥500 $5
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Seller keepenter530 +327
Condition New
Start time 2018-08-29T18:59:10+09:00
End time 2018-08-30T03:21:40+09:00
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Lot number v541784795
Seller position Kyoto

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■ [prompt decision]Detail Up Parts 40 Metal Pins
【Description of item】
Detail Up Parts Metal Pin "40 pieces set" will be.
· It is a useful item for detailed up of plastic models etc..
· Especially it is used for the Gundam Model, etc. Even if it is used for 1/100 or 1/144 size, it does not feel uncomfortable
    It is easy to do detail improvement, it is very useful.
· On the outside is "shining shining silver"Inside "dull glowing gold" metal
Because it is being used, it can demonstrate a different effect than just pipes etc..
- It is attached to the foundation of plastic originallyWe can use it as we will pick out the pin and will ship it. (It is also an experiential story, because the installation is quite severe and hard
   It takes a lot of trouble if people who are not used are removed
   Sometimes a thin part bends or the worst damage is done. )
■ How to use
  · With a 1.5 mm pin tip, just drill a hole in the place you want to install!
     (It is a feeling that the whole is buried if it is pin tip of 2.0 mm. )
     * Particularly 2.0 mm is required to fix with instantaneous adhesive.
■ Example of use
  · Thruster and Vernier's injection port
  · Saber · beam launch port · tip of muzzle etc.
  · As a rivet · socket (mounting port)
【shipping method】It is "82 yen" if it is fixed form mail.
(Please understand that there is no guarantee in case of theft, loss, accident etc.. )
Also, please contact us so we will accept other methods · enclosed.
■■■ no claim no return, please ■■■
 Those who are new and those with bad evaluation are sorry to trouble you, but please contact me at "question". We will only ship to in Japan. (Sorry, Japanese only.)
 Only those who can contact you within 48 hours and make payment within 72 hours after it makes a successful bid
 I will limit it to bidding.
Thank you.
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