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Aprica (Aprica) paper diaper processing pot and without support deodorization type exclusive color set of 3 pack 09124 "deodorant"・"
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Current price ¥2,473 $24
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Seller masafumi0913business +571
Condition New
Start time 2018-07-22T09:28:45+09:00
End time 2018-07-22T13:50:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number v566243281
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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Aprica (Aprica) paper diaper processing pot and without support deodorization type exclusive color set of 3 pack 09124 "deodorant"・"
Description of item
Mom's daily routine as changing diapers,used diapers of size measures in the paper diaper processing pot is a big success!!
[Body size] H13 × φ18. 2 (cm)
[Country of manufacture] people's Republic of China
[Material] cassette film:polyethylene other, 多積 layer film / cassette body:polypropylene
●8 pieces carton size:W37. 1 × D37. 1 ×H29. 1 (cm) in cartons weight 4. 58kg
●This product has the following applications can be used. ・From a baby to an adult using the paper diaper processing
・Women's sanitary napkins of the process
・Pet diapers and sheets processing
●Diapers or stool to the toilet to throw away from the small and. ●Carrying capacity guideline:baby diapers flat type 32 sheets / pan type M size 24 sheets, L size, 21 sheets
●Economic cost:for paper diaper use,to cut the film before the throw away side and less film in an amount to be processed. Aprica (Aprica) paper diaper processing pot and without support deodorization type exclusive color set of 3 pack 09124 "deodorant"・"antibacterial"・"deodorizing"allowed
Color: unscented type
Size: 3 pieces pack
Brand: Apple category
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