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◆ comes with regular product key × 5 cars + the installation DVD + Win10 ID of the UP for installation DVD + Office2016 and PW 5 cars of Win7 ◇
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▼ details ▼
- laptop or your own PC, including from the Win7 perform "new installation". And type of existing OS (Vista also OK) in the case of a new installation is unquestioned. And purchase themselves so you install, you can deal with at the time the situation can understand problems. After installing · Win7, it is completed to install the Windows10 and Office2016. InstallationguidebookSince there is, to complete If we click along the handbook. Existing within PC to OS (Win7, Win8.1) when there is, there is also If it is possible to overwrite installation of Win10. In search of the manufacturer site and model number, it is safe and should examine whether it is possible to update. · In addition, also described in the handbook how to create a system image (recovery) area. Once you have created a system image, because it is peace of mind it can be done resurrection from the time of failure.
▼ Windows10 system requirements ▼It can not be installed on Apple-based Mac computer ※. be careful.· CPU: 1GHz, memory: 2GB or more, graphics: Direct9 more
Installation of the OS when the memory is 2GB is recommended 32bit version. Manufacturers in the part of the personal computer products that are limited to "Win10 Home" located on the Kiwamare. You have a personal computer
Or correspond to the Pro or 64bit, it is safe person to be examined described the Manufacturer's part number in the search site. And old PC HDD / SDD is the recognition rate of the person who was attached initialized with other PC storage will UP. Installation required time will take the Win7 + Win10 = 2 hours position. (Varies with comprehensive capabilities of PC)
- We are"Repair Industry"is. Question in the range to understand is we will answer. And after-sales follow-up period is 2 weeks. Thank you for the completion of the installation / certification within a period. For inquiries in many cases, I can not reply to the question of being postponed the installation. Please acknowledge. Follow-up will be carefully made to correspond. To install, such as the optical drive is not
Please feel free to ask a question also unknown point of regarding.
▼ other exhibition site ▼
- Even In addition it has sent. Please visit us if you're. We will wait.
▼ guarantee ▼
- Since the key issue is not There, but on top of the consultation, politely I will respond. (Win7 of the key is also when the phone authentication to Kiwamare. )
▼ payment method ▼
· Yahoo will be easy settlement only of prepaid. Since it is not, the issue of a receipt to, please use the transfer details, etc. ·within 24 hoursPlease give me the progress in dealings Navi. And a successful bidTwo days laterUntil, if there is no contact will be "deletion by successful bidder convenience.". In addition, even after the end of the auction the case of an erroneous bid will be "deletion by successful bidder convenience". On the auction system, Please note that evaluation is attached "very bad" in Auto. Please pardon the evaluation of retaliation at that time.
▼ dealing ▼
And trading is automatic progress of the transaction Navigation (Beta). Along the dealings Navi thank you to the payment. We do not contact other than a business navigator.CallPlease note that support is not done in.
▼ delivery method ▼
- Yafuneko! It becomes Nekoposu (225 yen anonymous delivery).
·The end of the year / beginning of the year of delivery = the end of the year / beginning of the year is there is a possibility that delayed delivery significantly in the shipment congestion of the post office. - We will be posting the post the next day of purchase, but this point thank you like you will acknowledge.
♯ ◇ ♭ ◇ Thank you will ♪ visit. ♯ ◇ ♭ ◇ ♪
▼ product ▼
· Windows7 and in addition to the installation DVD of the latest Windows10, download version Office2016 of (365)ID and password / 5 carsComes with.3 cars also exhibitPlease use from the bottom of the site and since they are already in. After a clean install to Windows7, do the updates to Windows10. (5 units In possible)
Existing OS (Win7, Win8.1) updates to Win10 from is possible. (Some non-models)

▼ packaging product ▼
1, Windows7 Professional 64bit product key 5 cars / DVD 1 sheet media. 2, Windows10 1 sheet installation DVD media of Professional 64bit.32bit versionThe post if you wish the successful bid, please specify in dealings Navi. 3, "ID and Password" of Office2016 (365) 5 cars. Download version / free permanent use version. Download version / regular authentication assurance of both Microsoft official site. 4, of about 40 pages describing the many years of installation data PDF"Installation handbook"Comes with.Repair IndustryIt will be in the installation handbook prepared by the Company based on many years accumulated data. The unknown point of installation using the image and the number of reference data, it is clearly explained in detail.
(May 2 days 21 hours 41 minutes additional 2019)※ The shop will be on holiday from May 3 to 7 days. Shipping will be after May 8 days. Please acknowledge.(May 2 days 21 hours 41 minutes additional 2019)※ The shop will be on holiday from May 3 to 7 days. Shipping will be after May 8 days. Please acknowledge.
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